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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Summer was approaching and the local people spent hours on the beach, whole families having picnics, youngsters playing football or braving the ocean waves on their surfing boards. For my part, the only time I felt I could safely leave my pousada without the risk of fainting after a few steps was about 6. Then I would walk to the Morro of Ponta Negra when the tide was low or shop for local clothes at the crafts market. At night things would get more interesting, culturally speaking, as along the promenade kids would play the berimbau and dance the Capoeira, challenging each other in combat though amazingly never touching or hurting one another.

It was exciting to watch them, their moves were graceful though powerful, and the music intense. They moved to the music played by a trio who wore pointed cowboys hat s, used just three instruments - accordion sanfona , bass drum zabumba and a metal triangle, and sang with a nasal tone of voice.

They were not performing for the tourists and they all seemed to know one another very well, couples exchanged partners after each song with the men inviting the ladies to dance. What struck me most was the sexiness of it all! The steps did not look difficult and the partners danced very close together with their legs often inter-twined, as if mimicking lovemaking. Although I have got Italian blood in my veins I still thought that that dance was really hot stuf f and the syncopated rhythm engaging, unusual and quirky.

Finally there was an opportunity for me to learn the basic steps and moves of the dance… and how that changed my life! At Corbet Place the evening starts with a lesson for slightly more advanced dancers run by a delightful Brazilian couple: Douglas and Gladys. Dancing then continues till the early hours of the morning. In the 19th century a new wave of European settlers brought their rhythm and dance styles into the Country where they got mixed with African, Amerindian and Portuguese music.

Xote is the most popular rhythm in South Eastern Brazil, its tempo is rather slow and partners dance very close together moving left, left — right, right with a pause in the middle. These groups still focused on traditional instruments though creating a smoother sound which brought the style to international fame.

In London, dancer, teacher and Ritmo Dance Co. We practised 12 hours every day. Since the beginning of my career I followed his methods. And that led me to study more, to develop technical issues. Do you like the responsibility of being an ambassador of Brazilian culture? For me it has two sides. There is the cultural ambassador of Brazilian culture and cultural ambassador of what is being Brazilian.

For me there is a difference. One is what you want to display from Brazil across the stage, and the other is to show the performance of the Brazilian on stage. The Decorator, for example, is a piece that goes on in Brazil, but it is a text in English with Brazilians playing with English text. So for me it is about showig the Brazilians on stage, not just Brazil.

Another case is to bring texts back and forth, as we have sometimes. The important thing is to be free, to mix. And Brazil is an example of how important it is to bring the differences together. My connection is greater with Bahia, so I always go back there. In recent years I have discovered working with children. A striking piece that directed It was the 25th anniversary of the death of Nelson Rodrigues and it had a major critical success, received two awards with performance.

And the first one, Stone Crabs, which resulted in the company. You are completing 25 years in London. What is your greatest satisfaction? It is working with the theatre. I am very grateful to the universe to be working with theatre, which is what I like and have always liked to do. Because when we come here is very difficult. I worked with the theatre, but did not earn money. So I had to have another job.

For me, this is the greatest satisfaction. Ministers and representatives from six of the seven member countries held the first Council of Ministers meeting to discuss the operational details of the institution, highlighting the financial work on projects in the region. The only member country that has not sent an official was Paraguay, suspended from participation in regional committees after the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo by a political trial in It can pave the way to a more connected Latin America, setting down the barriers that avoid it, as the differences in the infrastructure and thus the loss of market for countries overseas.

The idea, however, faces some challenges. What kind of bank do we need here? What kind of projects will it finance? Which are the private companies that would be involved and how will public money will be used to fund it? It is also responsible for being behind schedule and has also raised the budget from time to time.

Beyond that, it is essential introduce the role of public representation and social movements in the question of what kind of bank we are looking for. Apple, Facebook and Google issued strongly-worded denials that they had knowingly participated in Prism, a topsecret system at the National Security Agency that collects emails, documents, photos and other material for agents to review.

All said that they did not allow the government direct access to their systems and had never heard of the Prism programme. But after the publication by the Guardian of another slide from a topsecret NSA presentation and reports in the Washington Post and the New York Feeling is that the truth have not been said at all Times, it was becoming clear that some major technology companies have, at the very least, taken steps to make it easier for intelligence agencies to access the information they want.

Tech companies are legally required to share information under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Fisa. Those requests have to be made via a Fisa court and almost none are rejected. The companies are not obliged to make the process easier for the NSA. The New York Times said the companies named in the Prism documents had co-operated to some degree with the US authorities. Twitter was a notable exception to the list and has reportedly declined to co-operate.

Amazon, which offers back office services to a huge number of web companies, is also missing. Such systems would allow them to dispute the idea of direct access. On Saturday, the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, acknowledged the existence of Prism but insisted it was only used under court supervision. All such information is obtained with Fisa court approval and with the knowledge of the provider based upon a written directive from the attorney general and the director of national intelligence.

Sources told the Washington Post that companies cannot see the queries sent from the NSA to the systems installed on their premises. Holmes Wilson, the co-founder of the online rights group Fight for the Future said it was clear that the systems set up with the tech companies presented huge privacy issues. God knows what other government agencies have access to this information. There is tremendous potential for abuse here. We are still only seeing glimpses of what is going on.

Wilson called for a congressional investigation. After going through all that, as Chief Executive, you would expect changes. Under current plans, by banks will have ring-fenced their retail arms and will be operating under new prudential requirements. A slew of rules, mostly from Europe, but also from the now defunct Financial Services Authority will have changed the way banks do business.

And, of course, this new banking landscape will be watched over by the new UK regulators and the European supervisory authorities ESAs. But is all this change in the right direction, and is it enough? Whatever the outcome of current proposals, they are not — according to the contributors to our new book — the end of the matter. Beyond familiar calls for greater competition, diversity, consumer choice and culture change, there are three areas, touched on by some of our contributors, that we feel have not been adequately debated during the course of current reforms.

First, the fundamental question of what the banking system is actually for, including the social and environmental outcomes we might expect it to support. This is currently inaudible in the reform debate which seems to consider only what banking does. Second, there seems to be a lack of appreciation of the implications of fractional reserve banking. As a result its significance has been lost: if banks create the money supply, can we really consider banking reform in isolation of monetary reform?

Where does this leave our vision of banking in ? We have some ideas for the future. But, as several contributors point out, delivering change might not be easy. Banks have so far firmly resisted uai the reform agenda.

In the interests of political point-scoring and swelling the competitive advantage of their countries over others, politicians prone to gameplaying undermine the integrity of serious international work towards getting the rules right. Bank executives, policymakers, and the public alike would be forgiven for being weary of the subject of banking reform and for yearning to talk about something else. But we must resist the temptation to relax when good economic times return.

It is not enough to merely patch up the banking system so it poses less of a danger to itself and the public than it did in The UK wants and deserves the best possible banking system, and this might be a journey rather than a destination. This tasty recipe comes from Minas Gerais estate in Brazil. But now we are making it here in England with all our love specially for you. Beyond the natural excitement to welcome the competition, with fans taking the opportunity to see the Brazilian team closely and enjoy the new structure of the Mane Garrincha stadium, the city of Brasilia also staged clashes between protesters and police around the arena.

The day before the game, on Friday June 14, demonstrators had burned tires on one of the roads leading to the stadium. The protest was organised by the Popular Committee of the World Cup in Brasilia, which is part of a network of mobilisations in the host cities, resulting from the initiative of organised social movements, universities and civil society organisations.

Protests in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro read more on pages 3 and 4 certainly served as a incentive, and on Saturday around 11am thousands of people gathered around the Mane Garrincha stadium where Brazil was set to play the first match in the Confederations Cup, against Japan, at 4pm. Protesters were revolting mainly against federal spending on the realization of the Confederations Cup.

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Corbet place bar forro pe Gui signed for several European labels such as Kompakt, K2, Audiomatique, Harthouse, Plastic City, among others, and his work is regularly featured on playlists of DJs and producers around the world. When I arrived in the s, you did not hear another accent on the BBC. Beyond the natural excitement to welcome the competition, with fans taking the opportunity to see the Brazilian team closely and enjoy the new structure of the Mane Garrincha stadium, the city of Brasilia also staged clashes between protesters and police around the arena. In London, dancer, teacher and Ritmo Dance Co. Gd64 iforex only now in corbet place bar forro pe years we have seen more of this in England. We are still only seeing glimpses of what is going on. There is nothing of inspiration, but hard work.

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Great Night with Trio Bastiao at Forro do Galpao (Corbet Place). This Saturday at our Forro do Galpao venue: Corbet Place Bar and Lounge Read on and get involved! forro, minibar ve DJs hakkında ziyaretçi ziyaretçiden 8 tavsiye ve inceleme tavsiyeyi oku. "Make sure u come on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the " Spitalfields, Greater London'da Bar.