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Bravado sports bra

And it actually fits! And I will mention it looks good under everything I wear perfect support! I didn't mention that I could never find my size because I was a DDD before I got pregnant so you can imagine how much bigger I am now.

Thank you bravado!!! Reviewed by S. San Antonio, TX , Nursing a newborn I had three of these bras with my first child who just turned 4, and the sizing seems to be slightly smaller now. I'm wearing this as a maternity bra for now but expect it to work just as well for breastfeeding this time around. It was the only bra that fit well for the first mo.

Since it's cotton, it breathes so well in the summer heat! Reviewed by J. Austin, TX , 8 months pregnant Absolutely fantastic. I could not be happier after months of searching and struggling to find a decent feeding bra. Super comfy yet very supportive. Perfect fit with room to comfortably stretch further when nursing. Intend on buying more.

Best I've ever found and most highly recommended. Reviewed by T. Brisbane, Queensland , 8. I am a 38G and have had one heck of a time finding nursing bras that worked for me. This one is great. Only complaint is the band that goes around the rib cage is little rough at first. After a few washes though it was better. Reviewed by C. Mifflinville, PA I have the bravado tank and have been living in them since my baby was born in April.

Photo: Michelle McSwain Bras designed to be unclasped instead of pulled aside for nursing either come with a sling along the inside of the cup or have A-frame-shaped cups. Photo: Michelle McSwain Some styles of nursing bra are better suited to postpartum bodies than others. Their fabric can accommodate a wider range of sizes than a band-and-cup-sized bra. If you prefer to continue using a bra you already own, you might consider getting a bra extender or converting your bra to a nursing bra, either by taking it to a tailor or to Nordstrom check first that the service is available at that location or doing it yourself.

Your breasts will decrease in the weeks that follow once your milk supply stabilizes and then your impulse purchase will be saggy and sad. After a couple of weeks, you can expect smaller fluctuations in breast size throughout the day. This is a good time to purchase several nursing bras some specialty bra stores will provide a fitting. Types of nursing bras include seamless far left and far right , underwire middle and top right , and wireless top left. Photo: Michelle McSwain In general, we found that there are five types of nursing bras: Seamless: The most popular type for nursing moms according to our poll , seamless bras are generally made of synthetic material that stretches to accommodate breast size fluctuation.

They provide more support than bras made for sleeping, but not as much as underwire or wireless bras. Many come with removable cups for masking nipples and hook-and-eye-closures for getting a snug fit, and have latches where the band meets the strap for easy nursing access. Underwire: Sized by band and cup, underwire nursing bras are similar to regular underwire bras except that they have clasps where the cup meets the bra strap, and may have more hook-and-eye points of attachment.

A good underwire nursing bra should have wire that curves in more gently toward the armpit compared with that of a traditional underwire bra, and the best ones have flexible wire to allow for the size fluctuations that accompany nursing. Lactation consultant and baby-store owner Jenn Sullivan recommends spending a little more in this category.

Many moms we talked to said they felt comfortable moving into underwire nursing bras around nine months postpartum, when they were nursing only a few times a day. Wireless: Wireless bras provide support through fabric, shaping, and seams, and are sized by band and cup, like underwire bras. These bras also have clasps at the straps, and many have extra hook-and-eye closures. Crossover style: These simple, hardware-free bras use fabrics ranging from synthetics to cotton and are generally the best and most comfortable for sleeping.

Lactation consultant Jenn Sullivan says she often sees women who have clogs from these because the built-in bra is too tight. How we picked Photo: Michelle McSwain I started by polling a variety of Facebook groups for moms—including nursing-specific groups with thousands of members—on their preferred nursing bras and why they liked them. Once we had an initial list of popular brands, models, and feedback to work from, we polled the Facebook group members again, this time on which style of bra they wore as their everyday nursing bra, to help figure out where we should focus our attention.

The options we presented were seamless, underwire, wireless, crossover, or other with the ability to explain. Responses from our poll-takers leaned heavily toward seamless bras 45 percent wear these every day , followed by underwire 27 percent , wireless 24 percent and, finally, crossover style 4 percent , with a handful of comments about nursing tanks, sports bras, and going braless.

A delightful New Yorker essay provides some further arguments for embracing the possible joy of not wearing a bra. All of our research told us that above all else a nursing bra must be comfortable. To be comfortable for a wide range of people we found that a great nursing bra must offer: Support: Moms we polled concurred that support is non-negotiable in a nursing bra, because lactating breasts can become very heavy.

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I wear a 40C and got the medium. I wore it several days in a row and started to have breast pain and a low grade fever, so I think it was actually constricting a duct. If you want to try this bra, I recommend sizing up. Especially if pregnancy has made your breasts unmanageably huge, as has happened to me. It is my favorite one of all tried 8 different ones! This bra is super comfy, gives good support I am bigger busted and wears well whether during the day or at night for sleeping.

Launders beautifully gentle wash cold and hang dry. Very easy access for nursing and easy to close - do need two hands usually to get a good "latch" though. I also appreciated the size ranges. Pre pregnancy I was a 34A and the XS fits me just right.

I had been using nursing tanks before then and it annoying to wear an extra shirt under another shirt. Also the clasps on this bra are sturdy yet easy to snap on and off. I'm so glad I found this bra! Bravado Designs has also reduced the waste in their packaging and uses recyclable boxes for their bras.

They are also trying to reduce the number of returns by adding more sizing tools. Finally, they are reducing their carbon footprint with more energy-efficient product transportation methods, encouraging remote work, and avoiding employee air travel whenever possible. Bravado Nursing Bra Ballet Bra: an average of 4.

I am so happy with the fit, support and shape it gives me. I am wearing it on the largest clasp currently and will be able to go tighter as my body changes. This currently sits at 4. Has been game-changing with my second one now giving me the freedom to putter around while pumping and not worry about holding the pump.

Are you tired of frumpy nursing bras that are confining and uncomfortable? The brand have created sustainable, comfortable, thoughtful bras designed to be affordable and work for women through both pregnancy and nursing, and even beyond. There are also bundles available, such as the Seamless Bra or Panty Bundle, where you can buy multiple items for a discount. Bravado Nursing Bras is currently owned by Medela, a breast pump and breastfeeding accessories company that acquired the brand in Does Bravado Nursing Bra ship internationally?

Standard shipping delivers within 4 — 10 business days, depending on location. Return shipping is free.

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