etheric body magnetixat
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Etheric body magnetixat

Lying on the Mat stimulates chi to help revitalize and regenerate the physical body, calm the emotions and clear the mind. It has a deeply meditative effect that allows one to be more present in the moment, positive, joyful and better able to respond in Love - furthering a more harmlessness in all aspects of life. The 5. Each Mat has four external connection points, one on each side, that connect to the grids inside.

A set of leads is provided to connect the Mat with two Etheric Weavers that can be held in the hand during a meditation or healing treatment for increased benefit. A crystal essence plate is provided so that the healing frequencies of other natural remedies can be applied through the Mat. Figure 2. Michelson Interferometer in three versions.

Notice the triangular longer up-down return path of the light beam compared to the horizontal straight re-tracing path. Zero fringe shift is obvious from equal return paths. In Section 2 we have established the deep significance for physics that we experimentally validate the cosmic space as a stationary energetic tension field. However, since the Casimir Effects have been measured only in the nanometer domains, these experiments cannot assure us of the existence of a stationary ether-like energetic tension field as the very foundation of our emergent universe.

In this section, we take lessons from the limitations of the MMX experiments and propose a simpler new experiment to determine the existence of ether. As mentioned earlier, the generic tendency of light is to choose to travel through the relatively lower tension higher index and lower velocity media. Further, the Poynting vector, orthogonal to the collimated optical beam, preserves its spatial direction, while obeying the basic laws of reflection and refraction.

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The web-like structure of the Etheric Body is in continual motion. Those trained to view the Etheric Body with their physical eyes can see sparkles of bluish light moving along its energy lines. Everything that Exists Has an Etheric Counterpart Everything that exists in our earthly dimensional plane has its own subtle corresponding Etheric Body counterpart.

With this in mind, envision the human etheric body as a constant vibrating web of energy from which our energetic blueprint forms. It vibrates at a slightly higher frequency than the Physical Body. Of vital importance, this subtle body, which carries our strength, is ultimately essential for our well-being.

But, more interestingly, when impacted by shock, trauma, and extensive drug use as well as unresolved issues, the Etheric Body becomes damaged, and thus, so do our levels of vitality. According to some, the Astral Body is an energetic body closely associated with the Etheric Body. Some individuals even claim that the astral body IS the etheric body!

However, this is not the case. I can see why this might happen. The Etheric and Astral bodies play a huge part in how we leave our Physical Body at death and make the transition to the Plane of Spirits. Just know that the Etheric Body stands on its own and is the base subtle body of the seven subtle bodies. Leadbeater, early theosophist see below , claimed to have discovered it through his clairvoyant powers sometime around the early s.

More specifically, at the same time, they altered the definition and details of all the other human components, resulting in terrible confusion for many individuals studying the human aura ever since. Powell, C. Leadbeater, Annie Besant, and other metaphysicians call the Etheric Body various names.

These early Theosophists proposed that the subtle body is less dense than the Physical Body vibrating at a much faster rate of frequency. And, that the subtle body is less dense than the Physical Body vibrating at a much faster rate of frequency.

As mentioned previously, the Etheric subtle body serves as the blueprint for the Physical Body, meaning it provides the physical form and framework for our Physical Body. Again, the Etheric Body is the only subtle body viewable with the physical eyes. As seen, the Etheric Body radiates whitish-blue energy that appears as a tiny pulsating spike of energy surrounding the human form by those trained in viewing the Aura, such as clairvoyants and energy healers.

The energy spikes flare outwards, and just as quickly contract as individuals undergo various emotions. And, as mentioned, this radiant energy increases and decreases in size, and when observed, will periodically flare outwards in response to continual changes in thoughts and emotions. This double is an exact duplicate of our human body right down to the atoms, cells, tissues, muscles, and organs.

Think of the Etheric Body as a photographic negative. Additionally, the first part of the Etheric Body also contains our chakras and countless energy channels called meridians. Secondly, the aura is the next part of the Etheric Body. Every person has an aura. Comprised of moving colors, the aura extends out roughly three feet from the physical body.

The colors of the aura are in constant flux and are continually shaped and reshaped by patterns of thought and feeling. It can reflect our personalities, lifestyles, and physical condition. Likewise, the Aura contains past, present, and even future lifetime data. Thirdly, find out more about how the aura provides this information in our Akashic Records Course at Imagine Spirit.

It is an invisible layer of a few millimeters, which surrounds the physical body like an envelope. The etheric plane is actually visible to those with an etheric sight and presents itself as an Aura of white light. The etheric plane is of fundamental importance because it is he who keeps us alive, across the etheric bridge. The etheric plane captures the source of life, prana, and transmits it to the body. Vitality is fueled by Kama, the desire to live. It is also the invisible membrane that connects the physical body to the higher dimensions.

A healthy and correct lifestyle produces a healthy physical body and a functioning etheric plan. Discover esoteric movies to watch Astral body Above the etheric plane the astral body exists on the astral plane. The astral plane is, on a lower plane, a sensation.

On a higher floor it creates emotions. The astral aura can be seen by some who have the faculty of clairvoyance, and also with precise scientific methods with special screens, colored cyanine cyan color , as an area around the body of different colors. If the person has many interests, he is superficial, and does not have a clear mission in life, the aura is confused, crossed by hundreds of different colors. If the person is sad, angry or depressed, the aura colors of the astral body are dark and gloomy.

If, on the other hand, the person has put his life in order, the colors are few and bright. Colors represent in the astral plane what words represent in the physical plane: the astral plane constructs concepts through colors. The astral plane is inhabited by many presences and acts as an intermediary between the higher and invisible planes and the physical plane.

It is the dimension we can visit when we sleep. Is also the dimension where ghosts and inside it live entities who have not managed to separate themselves from the physical world of sensations, entities who want to return to have a body to savor the pleasures of the senses again. The lower plane of the astral world is related to Kama, desire.

There live beings and entities still linked to desire. The stronger the link with desire, the more these entities behave in a violent way: many of these beings try to attach themselves on the astral plane to living human beings to derive the pleasure of physical sensations from them. In the astral plane there are human, non-human and artificial beings.

Among human beings there are all the departed at every stage of evolution of consciousness, from the most evil people to those who have dedicated themselves to the service for the betterment of humanity, who build celestial cities in the astral world.

There are, at the limit of the etheric plane, also animals. Animals with a greater astral presence are animals capable of establishing empathic relationships: cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, cats and dogs. Animals that have been killed to be eaten by humans create a large field of negative energy and suffering in the astral, which feeds the karma negativeof the human race. In older cultures, killing an animal to eat it was a special occasion. Today the consumerist business machine is forced to advertise everywhere to dispose of the massive production of meat and sausages.

Among the non-human presences there are the Spirits of nature: they are elemental thoughts generated by creators for the management of nature: in popular tradition they are fairies, gnomes and spirits of the woods. The spirits of nature are very wary of man, this being that kills animals, upsets the landscapes and ecosystems they build.

According to some legends, they take revenge on the man who does not respect nature by causing nightmares during the night through the astral plane. However, these spirits, if properly approached by demonstrating good faith, can dialogue with man to advise him on the management of agriculture and the relationship with nature. And then there are the Devas, the Gods capable of creating nature and living beings.

And if necessary they can also change the course of events and human destinies to bring about what is foreseen. And then there are the artificial which are rejected elemental thoughts: thoughtforms that have been forcefully generated but are now rejected by their creators and retain a life of their own. Mental body Beyond the astral plane, if we can bring order to the world of our emotions, we can access the mental plane through the mental body.

The mental plane processes what is created from the higher plane, the causal plane, through the practical organization of the mind. The entities that populate the mental plane are elementalspiritsand mental: thoughts are not what many people believe, a simple function of the human brain, but they have their own essence and live a life of their own. There are more alive thoughts and less alive thoughts, thoughts that last millennia and thoughts that last only a day. There are concrete thoughts and abstract thoughts.

Their ability is to acquire autonomy and to join other thoughts generated by other living beings. Some thoughts live over time acquiring an incredible power: artistic movements , religions, scientific inventions are examples of ideas and thoughts born from a single person or from a small group of people that have grown and become of enormous importance in the history of humanity.

The mental plane is divided into three levels: the lowest is the level of reasoning, which includes concrete thoughts intended to manage daily actions. The second level is that of memory: through memory we reach information outside of space and time: we can expand our reasoning skills to higher levels through accumulated experience. The highest level is that of theimagination: imaginative thinking allows us to create what does not exist.

The thought-waves are an intention, a reflection before acting and leave a real trail. The energy trail left by thought waves is usually bound to dissolve quickly, but it can also be picked up and empowered if it encounters similar thought waves that strengthen and prolong its existence. Mental thought-forms act with great influence on all lower planes.

On the astral plane they can generate an astral thought form, a positive emotion that strengthens them. The mental thought form works through the most powerful element of the human spirit: the will. When the will that generates a mental thought-form also produces a positive emotion associated with it, as an astral thought-form, its energetic influence becomes particularly powerful.

Mental thought-forms transcend the individual who generated them to become collective mental thought-forms. The collective mental energies are grouped into a single entity. There are mental thought forms that can last for centuries or millennia. The awareness of the mind passes through 5 levels: in the first level there is total unawareness, which corresponds to the random wandering aimlessly from one thought to another: a chain of thoughts that we passively undergo, the mind that dominates us.

In the second level we are in the confusion of the thoughts that cross us, we are vaguely aware of the storm of thoughts and we try to oppose it.

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Etheric body ( KA ) MAGNETIZATION

Etheric lapis Blue stone weaver magnetic and copper. Blessed by the healing transmission of Soul-filled light of Buddha. Great for daily meditation, healing and self-healing. Naturally . The etheric plane captures the source of life, prana, and transmits it to the body. Vitality is fueled by Kama, the desire to live. It is also the invisible membrane that connects the physical body . The etheric body, ether-body, or æther body, is the name given by neo-Theosophy to the subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or lowest layer in the human energy field or aura. The etheric body is said to be in immediate contact with the physical body and to sustain it and connect it See more.