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Digitex cryptocurrency

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Adam Todd Adam Todd, CEO and founder of zero-fee bitcoin futures exchange Digitex Futures , explains why a cryptocurrency must create utility to stay the distance—and how his exchange's native token DGTX is primed to disrupt the cryptocurrency trading industry. How Digitex Differs From Other Exchanges Just as there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, there are hundreds of exchanges all competing for a user base. This makes for an extremely competitive market in which most exchanges come and go after failing to attract liquidity or offering a significant advantage to hold traders' interest.

Digitex Futures is different from all other exchanges in that it has chosen an entirely unique model—making all trading completely commission-free. Todd explains, "Our main differentiator is that unlike all other exchanges on the market, we don't charge a single fee on any trade.

We can sustain this by the use of our DGTX token which traders must purchase to participate in liquid commission-free markets. We enable traders to execute high-frequency trading strategies such as scalping that have been impossible until now. This simply cannot be done when traders have to pay a commission on every trade. A classic taker fee for example is 0.

This may not seem very much but if a trader is using leverage of x, that equates to 7. This type of commission tears into traders' profits and even turns winning trades into losing ones. All account balances, margins, and trading profits and losses are denominated in DGTX tokens.

So traders must own DGTX to participate in its "scalpers' paradise", thus creating a virtuous circle and a constant demand for the token. This demand allows the exchange to cover its costs by periodically selling a small number of tokens from its Treasury rather than charging volume-based transaction fees. Not only that but DGTX has that real-life, actual utility that all cryptocurrencies need and that makes people want to own it and use it on a daily basis.

The DGTX token is the only vehicle by which traders can engage in fast-paced, ultra short-term trading on a liquid futures market without paying any trading fees. And this makes perfect sense because as demand for the token increases from new traders the price naturally rises with that demand. Todd now says that "all that's left" to do is to "spread the word" to more traders who want to execute short-term scalping trading strategies.

Midas December 31, What is Digitex? Digitex is a crypto-currency futures exchange on bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin against the US dollar. But with a twist! Indeed, there is no commission on this blockchain driven platform. Yes, you read that right: Zero trading fees! Sounds good, right? Because most exchanges charge fees and sometimes hidden fees to deposit finds, trade futures or withdraw funds. But Digitex Futures Exchange offers a new business model, eliminating transaction fees on trades and generating revenue through token issuance.

And the initial supply 1,,, Digitex tokens. Because more tokens will be issued after 2 years of existence to cover the costs of running the exchange. Users must own DGTX tokens to trade bitcoin, ethereum , and litecoin. This is the counterpart to benefit from the commission-free futures exchange.

Indeed, users can also trade the tokens for bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

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Mar 14,  · Cryptocurrency Trading Tools Everyone Can Use There’s a plethora of cryptocurrency trading tools out there and it really depends on your personal tastes and needs as to which you prefer. Many traders use several different tools depending on what they want to know and which metric they’re trying to gauge. Jun 20,  · Digitex Futures • Dave Reiter June 20, has been an amazing year for the cryptocurrency universe. Even the most bullish crypto enthusiast could not have predicted the strength of this current bull market. Even though the vast majority of all digital currencies are extremely overbought, there’s no indication to suspect that the. Oct 24,  · Senators seek details from Meta on efforts to combat cryptocurrency scams. Todd and Digitex Futures are charged with illegally offering digital asset futures, failing to register as a futures commission merchant and comply with the BSA, and attempting to manipulate the price of DGTX, the Digitex Futures native token, through the use of bots.