overbetting the turn
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Overbetting the turn start investing in college

Overbetting the turn

Shutting Out Equity It is all well and good to fold out equity if there are no consequences to doing so. Let's say the overbettor in this hand never has a made hand. Were that the case, the button could simply shove some range of hands on this turn to punish the overbettor. Then the overbettor can make a losing call or fold, and the button always comes away with the best of the pot.

The times he gets caught with little equity — always the case against a range with and on this board — he'll see three buy-ins go up in smoke. In fact, because the action can be reopened with grave consequences after a raise, the opposite will often be true.

If the button calls his entire continuing range against this overbet, he can better control the size of the pot and how much money goes into it on what river cards. This raise opened the door for magic from the out-of-position player's perspective. Also worth noting — by making this reraise-shove possible, the button's raise effectively surrendered that great positional advantage with deep stacks we were discussing before.

The button, who had turned second set with , now was in a putrid situation. After he threw up in his mouth a little, he had no good choices left. That's another sign something has gone wrong — when you've taken a line that results in a choice between bad and worse. Results and Reflections The button did call the shove with his set of sevens and got all that money in with 22 percent equity.

Good thing he wasn't facing pocket eights which would be much worse, just 2 percent equity. Reacting effectively to turn overbets often means simply not overreacting. Players should not be afraid to make decisions on river cards, especially when enjoying positional advantage. That's what poker is all about.

Sometimes they'll get it wrong, but they won't have gotten lost on the way. This strategy article by Gareth Chantler for PokerNews is sponsored by partypoker. Check and take a free card. Option one has some merit because you very well might convince yourself that after your opponent calls two barrels that he is not going to fold on the river. This would likely be due to the fact that he puts us on a club draw and recognizes that so few people bet one pair for three big streets of value especially in large pots.

We also may have incorrectly read his hand and he is actually pot controlling a hand like a king, which he does not intend to fold given our line. Option two also has some merit if you think an opponent is capable of calling the turn and then folding on the river when the board does not change. If you have read my material in other CardPlayer articles you know that I am actually a big fan of calling turn bets and then check folding rivers when the board does not change because the mere fact that our opponent has bet again IS change enough.

I call this the concept of playing "fifth street chicken" on my live training site CrushLivePoker. But this article is about option four. This would basically force our opponent into an all-in or fold situation given the pot size and his stack.

This type of situation becomes somewhat more complex when you have a draw that has enough equity to call an all-in, however. But there can be other scenarios where both players are deep enough your opponent does not really have the option of an all-in. In these types of spots you do not have to worry about getting raised off of your draw as much and the same concept of maximum pressure due to over betting still applies. Log in or register to join the discussion.

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