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Multi accounting matched betting finder

It keeps all your offers in one place and not clutter up and get lost in your personal email inbox. They often send out similar offers for big sporting events. Bookmakers Run Ongoing Promotional Matched Betting Offers Easy There are many ongoing bookmaker promotions every day, available to all existing customers.

These offers are sometimes good, and also at times not so good. The problem is, how do can you keep up with them all and know which offers are valuable and worthwhile? This is where matched betting sites can help.

I personally use Oddsmonkey. You can read my in-depth review of Oddsmonkey here. As an Oddsmonkey member, you have access to a calendar that is filled with the best available matched betting offers each day. Get familiar with this handy tool, it makes things so much easier. The best of these offers are listed on the daily offer calendar. However, by following the instructions for each offer listed in Oddsmonkey , the odds will be tipped in your favour, rather than the Casino.

Most of these offers are very simple and quick to complete. To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is place a back and lay bet on a football team to win. The key is to make sure the odds between the bookmaker and betting exchange are close. The closer the odds the higher value your bet will be. If the football team you place a back bet on go 2 goals up, the bet will automatically be paid as a winning bet.

This bet was paid out whilst the game was still being played. If your team then goes on to draw or lose the game you will also win your lay bet. Talking part in this strategy is low risk and has the potential for high returns.

It is very quick and easy to set up these bets, although you need to be very patient. I think this is the best matched betting offer around in I created a full guide on the 2up early payout offer here. Extra Place Strategy Medium One of my favourite matched betting offers. This strategy is used for horse racing and golf. The extra place strategy takes advantage of each-way bets and occasions when bookmakers payout on more places than usual. For example, if there were 18 horses in a race, there would usually be 4 places to be paid from an each-way bet.

However, at times bookmakers may offer to pay out on the 5th placed horse also. There are a few ways to take advantage of this offer. The most common method starts by using the Oddsmonkey Extra Place Matcher to find a close odds match on selected events. The Oddsmonkey Extra Place Matcher identifies when a horse or golfer has close odds to the betting exchanges in extra place events.

By placing an each-way bet with the bookmaker and lay bets in the Betfair or other betting exchange win market and place market. If the horse does finish in the extra place, you get paid out from the bookmaker each way bet and your lay bet at Betfair. This type of offer again can be highly lucrative. Particularly at big horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham.

An accumulator is a single bet that links together two or more individual bets and is dependent on all of those bets winning together I hope that made sense! More advanced versions involve placing the bets on multiple bookmakers dutching to avoid the commission charged for using an exchange. Generally, bookmakers incorporate terms by which bettors must first place a bet using their own money in order to qualify for the free bet. For this, a bet is placed on particular results occurring with the bookmaker and a second bet placed on the same result not occurring at the betting exchange.

The latter is required to offset any loss in the event that the result does not occur; for instance, if a team loses. Once the free bet has been qualified, the same process is followed with the exception that a free bet is being used. No matter which result occurs, there will always be a guaranteed profit because the bet was made free of charge.

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While some betting operators may wait until the withdrawal stage to look for similarities in banking details, a much better strategy is to start examining these players at the onboarding stage. When your new user opens an account for the first time, here is what you should do: Gather as much as possible without slowing their journey down too much. Enrich that data with extra information more on that below. Feed the data through risk rules designed to catch multi accounting. Calculate a risk score to let you decide if the signup is suspicious or safe.

But what about the risk rules we mentioned in step number three above? The player will ask their friend or family if they can open an account for them. This gives fraud fighters a great opportunity to spot connections in how several accounts connect to your site. SEON, for instance, will create encrypted identifying strings of letters and numbers called hashes for: The browser used via browser hash : Browser setups are remarkably unique due to the numerous variables such as developer, version, plugins installed, language, system clock, etc… The cookies found via cookie hash : What are the chances that two web visitors share an identical browsing history out of pure coincidence?

The device used via device hash : Similar to browsers, the configuration of software and hardware is a treasure-trove of identifying data. The key to detecting multi accounting is to gather, enrich and combine all these data points and identify hidden connections between users.

If there are similarities, you should definitely flag the accounts as belonging to a potential fraudster. Simply by hiding their data. Luckily, the act of spoofing, removing, or manipulating data also leaves a trace, which you can pick up during your investigation. In the example above, we can see that our user has deactivated cookies and is trying very hard to spoof a legitimate browser. The system has added risk points for this, bringing their total score to Giving them a percentage of the profits makes the arrangement more complicated.

With a monthly fee, things are clearer. Setting up and operating a multiple matched betting accounts Keep in mind that the bookmakers are always on the lookout for irregular activity. Use different addresses and bank accounts Whilst there are plenty of stories of people having opened up accounts at bookmakers in the name of their wives, not all bookies are open to that sort of thing.

You may be asked for proof of address. You also need to use different email addresses. Equally, you want to be using different bank accounts. Again, too much activity coming from one IP address may result in your accounts being flagged. The chat amongst matched betters is that you want to use a different device and connection for each set of accounts.

If that seems a bit much, you could always try getting a decent VPN, which will hide your real IP address when you use the internet. Vary behavior between accounts Here, the advice seems to be to try logging into accounts at different times and varying user behaviour slightly. Read our review here. Not a single bank out there would consent to, or recommend, this arrangement — but people clearly do it. This arrangement has clear risks for both the person whose name is being used, and the person setting up the account.

It may also take quite a bit of explaining over why various payments need to be made. Do they need to pay tax on the money that you might be paying them for this arrangement? Conclusion: Matched Betting using other accounts — is it worth it? Aside from the legal and tax uncertainties, a significant issue is having to explain the idea, and the risks involved to someone else.

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Feb 16,  · Multi accounting is a form of matched betting where a player will sign up for multiple accounts for the same bookie in order to profit from their welcome bonuses such as . AdSign Up For Free to Stay Up to Date on When Our Sports Trading Platform Will Be Available! is Where Sports Meets the Stock Market. Coming to Your State Soon. AdTrack All Receivables and Payables, & Manage Inventory With One Single Software. Sell More. Work Smarter. Grow Faster. There's a Plan for Whatever Your Business Needs.