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Buy ethereum classic investment trust

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Barry Silbert, Charles Hoskinson and their associated companies are committed to the success of Ethereum Classic. They are developing the tools and interest that are required for the successful adoption of any cryptoasset, and Ethereum Classic is a significant beneficiary of their hard work. Ethereum Classic Supply One of the key factors to consider when looking to invest in any cryptocurrency is the monetary policy which belies it.

Such a scheme is expected to fix the supply of Ethereum Classic at roughly M — M coins. This is not too dissimilar to Ethereum, where the difficulty bomb and move to a proof of stake algorithm is expected to fix supply at roughly M tokens. Many investors have steered clear of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic due to their perceived inflation, however as noted above, the idea that these two blockchains will have a perpetually increasing token supply is a falsehood.

As with any consensus-driven blockchain, these monetary rules can be changed in the future. However, in the case of Ethereum Classic, the team wish to position its token as an investment vehicle and for that reason maintaining consensus around a fixed and deflationary currency supply is key.

Read More Ethereum Classic Demand and Scaling As we have seen with both Bitcoin and Ethereum, strong demand will ultimately require scaling solutions which increase network throughput by many orders of magnitude. The number of transactions that can be processed on the Ethereum Classic blockchain currently stands at roughly 15 transactions per second. Sharding is the concept of running software in parallel across multiple databases shards , something which has been applied to traditional computer science problems in the past.

It was not until Ethereum proposed blockchain sharding as a means to increase transaction throughput that it became a highly researched topic. These fragments are much smaller in size than the original blockchain and transactions can be validated much more quickly whilst retaining the security required for a public blockchain to function effectively. The details of how sharding will be applied to the Ethereum Classic blockchain are minimal at this stage, however it is likely to follow similar techniques to those outlined by the Ethereum Foundation.

How does Ethereum Classic differ from Ethereum? As it may now be clear, despite Ethereum and Ethereum Classic being incompatible with one another, they do provide very similar technology with an aligned roadmap for development. The point at which these two blockchains diverge will be through the introduction of the Casper consensus mechanism expected to launch in on Ethereum.

This consensus mechanism moves Ethereum from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake — the latter ensures transactions are validated by those who make a financial stake in Ether as opposed to those who mine new tokens with their GPUs and ASICs specialized mining chips. Ethereum Classic has so far shown no interest in using a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and may indeed find that many existing Ethereum miners move to Ethereum Classic when their hash power is made redundant.

Ethereum Classic Wallets As mentioned, the incompatible nature between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic means that an Ethereum wallet cannot receive Ethereum Classic tokens. It is important that users looking to purchase Ethereum Classic do so through a specified ETC wallet. There are several of these wallets available to users today, including Classic Ether Wallet which runs through open source code and is widely regarded as one of the most secure ways to store ETC.

Other Ethereum Classic wallets are available including Jaxx. As with any cryptocurrency, storing tokens on your hard drive can result in loss of funds if the private keys are not backed up and the hard drive fails. The benefits are exposure to crypto via the traditional stock market so you can use your k to buy this asset for example and the potential for massive gains, while the drawbacks are the risks that come along with crypto, fees, and premiums.

In short, if you know what you are getting into, ETCG could be the score of a lifetime, however there are serious risks to consider here. What is a trust? A trust an investment trust is a company that owns a fixed amount of a given asset like gold or bitcoin. Investors pool money and buy shares of the trust, owning contracts that represent ownership of the asset held by the trust.

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How to Buy Ethereum Classic Token (ETC) Using PancakeSwap On Trust Wallet OR MetaMask Wallet

Jul 11,  · The Ethereum Classic Investment Trust (ETCG) is an investment product by Grayscale which gives investors and traders exposure to Ethereum Classic (ETC). ETCG is . Jun 05,  · How to Buy Ethereum Classic Look for an exchange or trading platform that supports Ethereum Classic (ETC) – we recommend eToro, which is regulated by the FCA, . The fund, which is listed under the ticker symbol ETCG, is a creation of Grayscale Investments, who purchases “physical” ethereum classic tokens and manages custody on its clients’ .