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Megatrend investing money

I recently spoke to James Whelan, Investment Manager for VFS Group on his views of the major trends in and how to identify them for your portfolio. Thematic investing and megatrends Investing in megatrends is a type of thematic investing.

It involves considering long-term macro trends, such as robotics and automation, and using various screens and information sources to identify the companies or assets which support this trend through infrastructure or services. Thematic investing is sometimes confused with sector investing. To illustrate this, consider the growth trend for technology. While one way to incorporate this might be simply including a sector investment in information technology, a thematic investment might also consider companies outside of this sector classification which also stand to benefit by providing services associated with technology, such as Amazon or Netflix.

Thematic investing has increased in popularity over time due to greater access and grew in popularity in as investors sought investments tapping into the COVID-era, with exchange-traded funds ETFs a particular beneficiary of this interest.

There are some indications this growth will continue and will be the year of the thematic investment. Whereas before, you would have had to try and pick out the stocks. There's now ready-made packages for you that you can look at and actually start to pick apart to do the homework for you.

The abundance of often conflicting media describing trends or opportunities can make it difficult to identify whether something is a fad or a long-term growth pattern. Mr Whelan identifies a megatrend using two particular indicators: demographic shifts and government support.

What do they eat? What changes do they make? What do they buy? What do they like to do on holiday? Sadly, success stories of this kind are more likely to be found in the movies than in real life. Population growth, urbanization and an aging demographic are long-term trends that will have a huge impact on global development in the coming decades, thereby opening up good investment opportunities.

What lies behind the individual megatrends? Population growth — No end in sight World population is growing incessantly. It is expected to rise from 7. While population numbers in the developed world are increasing only slightly, growth remains high in low- and middle-income countries, posing numerous challenges for the global economy and global community.

We have to make sure we can feed all these people. This will require additional resources such as energy, water and commodities. All of which will have to be managed sustainably. In addition, access to healthcare and education will have to be improved. But these factors will also create new business opportunities. Because a growing population means potential clients. In combination with higher incomes, this creates huge additional market potential for companies operating in the fields of security, protection, agriculture and infrastructure.

Especially those in emerging markets. Urbanization — Megatrend as opportunity The world is becoming increasingly urban. At the same time, rural flight is a continuing trend. By , some 60 percent of the world population will live in cities. However, this trend also appears to be causing population densities to increase. As economic hubs and centers of culture and creativity, these urban agglomerations hold a certain attraction.

However, their sheer size presents urban planners, architects, economists and politicians with enormous challenges. Complex development projects are required, along with gigantic investments in traffic, infrastructure and supply and disposal channels in these super-sized cities, new and old, opening up great opportunities for companies in the water supply, rapid transit and waste management sectors.

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Ethereum quantum computing Population growth, urbanization and an aging demographic are long-term trends that will have a huge impact on global development in the coming decades, thereby opening up good investment opportunities. Invests in companies helping to increase crop yields and grow global food production. All of which will have to be managed sustainably. Their investment would have grown to just under 10 billion dollars today. Interesting facts on the topic.
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Austin fc houston dynamo What do they like to do on holiday? Technology, innovation and megatrend investing money are long-term trends, megatrends that will last for decades. The awareness of megatrends in investment processes offers real insights. For most recent month-end performance and standardized performance, click on the fund ticker above. Firstly, small capitalisation companies have shown significant growth in recent times and he views this as backed by economic activity. For example, medicinal marijuana stocks spiked a few years ago without accompanying supportive legislation in Canada or any other country and he is wary of investing in this area without the government backing.

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That's not a megatrend. THESE are megatrends. (And this is how to play them)

Nov 28,  · To play the metaverse megatrend, invest in cryptos. That’s because the creation of the metaverse is about more than virtualizing the real-world – it’s about unlocking a whole . Mar 26,  · A megatrend is a larger-than-life trend, a development that affects millions socially and economically, either now or in the near future. This change may be . Aug 9,  · It’s about humanity in general, and big money is buying it. It’s easy enough to map. ESG ETFs raked in a massive $4 billion in April , and in June they saw $52 million .