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Crypto news litecoin

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The fact that this currency has managed to hold the top spot for over a decade is nothing short of a miracle. And yet, as the market experiences new growing pains and moves in a different direction, Bitcoin is struggling to keep up. Whether it be the energy-consuming proof-of-work mechanism that has bogged down the Bitcoin network or its feeble security, Bitcoin is showing signs of age.

Although not as successful as Bitcoin, this grandpa coin ranks 20th place on CoinMarketPlace. Litecoin also boasts better wealth centralization than Bitcoin BTC. If Bitcoin were to improve on its flaws, Litecoin would fall into irrelevancy. Additionally, many of the same faulty technological problems that plague Bitcoin also plague Litecoin. However, Big Eyes Coin is also so much more than that. This cute cat currency marks a change in the attitudes towards cryptocurrencies themselves.

Already we are seeing how meme coins can become household names. Litecoin has potentially found support at this very trend line. Has Litecoin found a bottom? Much like the USD pair, making a higher high could be a sign of a buy signal. The previous cycle on the ratio followed a similar pattern. The first attempt at breakout out and crossing bullish fails, leading to more downside.

The second attempt was likely subject to similar sentiment as there is now. The merge will improve Ethereum tokenomics toward price appreciation, making the cryptocurrency very attractive by comparison. Can momentum turn even with the Merge on its way?