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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Vari lite 1000 tsd forex

From the numbers you can read the protection grade according to the table below. For more information and restrictions, please refer to the respective manufacturers loading tables. Loading figures are only valid for static loads. Loading figures are only valid for single spans with supports at both ends. All static systems, other than single spans, need an individual structural calculation. Please contact a structural engineer for assistance.

Read the manufacturer s manual before assembling, using and loading the truss. All information supplied without guarantee! Angebot und Vertragsschluss 1. Die entsprechende Auftragserteilung des Mieters ist ein bindendes Angebot.

Bei einer Stornierung oder weniger Tage vor Mietbeginn ist der gesamte vereinbarte Mietpreis vom Mieter zu entrichten. Liegt ein nach Abs. Die deutsche Sprache ist Verhandlungs- und Vertragssprache.. The following hire periods and conditions alone shall apply. The terms and conditions of business of a Hirer shall not apply if they differ from these terms and conditions of business. Offer and Conclusion of a contract 1.

The offers made by NicLen are subject to change without notice and non-binding as a matter of principle. Orders placed by the Hirer as well as the order confirmation by NicLen must be made in writing to be legally valid.. The Hirer s corresponding order placement constitutes a binding offer. NicLen may accept this offer in writing up to 10 days before the beginning of the hire, no later however than within 14 days from the receipt of the placed offer.

Even if transport is provided by NicLen, the departure from the stores and the redelivery to the stores shall determine the beginning and end of the hire period respectively. Section Paragraph 1 shall likewise govern the legally valid conclusion of such a contract. Provided that the amount of the fee has not been agreed separately, NicLen shall be entitled to demand the payment of a reasonable fee.

Notice of termination must be served in writing to be legally valid. If cancellation takes place or less days prior to the beginning of the hire period the full rental price agreed shall have to be paid by the Hirer. The receipt of the notice of termination by NicLen shall determine the point in time at which cancellation is made.

The above hire periods and conditions shall also apply with regard to those remunerations and parts thereof which have been agreed for services within the meaning of Section 5, in so far as the Hirer cannot prove that NicLen has not sustained any loss at all or that the loss sustained is significantly less than the corresponding reservation lump sum payable towards the remuneration. Unless other hire periods of payment as in Section Paragraph 1 have been agreed with legal effect for specific services, the whole remuneration shall be payable in full without prompt payment discounts by the agreed beginning of the hire period at the latest payment in advance.

NicLen shall only be obliged to hand over the hired items for use concurrently against the full payment of the remuneration.. It shall be the point in time at which money arrives in particular if a non-cash payment is made too and not when it is sent which shall count. The Hirer shall not be entitled to any offsetting rights and rights of retention, unless his counter claims have been adjudicated or are not contested. Interest is to be paid on the remuneration and all other claims under the contractual relationship during default in accordance with Section 88 II of the German Civil Code [BGB] at 8 percentage points above the base rate section 47 I of the German Civil Code [BGB] as calculated by the Deutsche Bundesbank at the time.

NicLen shall undertake to hand over the hired item from the NicLen stores in Dortmund in a suitable condition for the contractual use for the duration of the agreed hire period. Hired items may only be collected during collection times Monday to Friday from to The Hirer is obliged to inspect the hired items when they are handed over to him and if a defect is noted to inform NicLen of this without undue delay.

If such a defect only comes to light subsequently, notification must be made without undue delay after it has been discovered. If more than one item has been hired, the entire contract can only be terminated on account of one individual item being faulty if hired items have been hired as belonging together and the defects impair the functioning of the hired items assumed in the contract significantly. If the Hirer is partly responsible for the disruption, he shall not be able to serve notice of termination.

If equipment with regard to which NicLen offers and recommends that specialist staff are also hired because the equipment is highly technical or difficult to use, but such equipment is hired by the Hirer without the specialist staff from NicLen, NicLen shall only be responsible for such equipment breaking down if the Hirer can prove that improper handling has not caused or contributed to the defects.

The Hirer s warranty rights, on account of non-fulfilment and defects which arise in the course of the hire period under the custody of the Hirer, in particular compensation claims for damages, regardless of who is responsible, will, argumentum e contrario, not be admitted in accordance with Section d.

Regardless of this, the Renter shall have to notify the Hirer without undue delay if a defect arises or precautionary measures to protect the thing against unforeseen risks become necessary section c of the German Civil Code BGB. The Hirer is obliged to obtain any public-law licences which may possibly be necessary in time in connection with the planned use of the hired items at his own expense.

In so far as assembly is to be carried out by NicLen, upon request the Hirer shall have to prove to NicLen that he has obtained the necessary licences before work commences. NicLen shall not furnish any guarantee that a licence will be granted for the intended use of the hired item. The exclusion of liability shall also apply for all types of consequential damages, lost profit or other pecuniary loss.

Not covered by the above exclusion of liability are those compensation claims, the cause of which is attributable to a grossly negligent or intentional act by NicLen and compensation claims for damages on account of the lack of an express characteristic guaranteed in writing. In so far as the liability of NicLen is not admitted, this shall also apply for the personal liability of the employees of NicLen.

If he fails to fulfil this obligation, he shall have to exempt NicLen from the above compensation claims for damages, in so far as NicLen is not liable to third parties on account of grossly negligent or intentional conduct.

The hired items are to be treated with care and consideration. The Hirer is obliged to service the hired items at his own expense. NicLen is entitled, but not obliged however, to service the hired items during the hire period.. The hired items may only be set up, used and dismantled by trained specialists in compliance with technical regulations. If material is hired without staff, the Hirer has to ensure compliance all the time with all the safety guidelines in force, in particular the accident prevention regulations [UVV] and the guidelines of the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and IT Technologies [VDE].

In addition, the hirer is obliged to comply with the applicable laws and standards in the country of deployment for use and storage of the hired items. The Hirer shall have to ensure that the power supply for running the rented plant is fault-free.

The Hirer shall be responsible for breakdowns and damage to the hired things as a result of power cuts, or interruptions to the power supply or current fluctuations, regardless of whether he to blame or not. The Hirer shall be liable for damage, losses or similar up to the value of the equipment when. The Hirer shall have to refund the cost when of blown, defective or lost bulbs or other parts, including small accessory parts.

Proof that an insurance policy has been taken out must be submitted to NicLen upon request. NicLen shall take out an insurance policy at the Hirer s expense at the Hirer s express request. He shall be obliged to notify the Renter and hand over all necessary documents without undue delay if the hired equipment is nevertheless taken in execution or claimed by third parties in any other way.

The Hirer shall bear the costs in particular including the costs of taking legal action as well required to mount a legal defence to prevent such third party seizures. Irrespective of the provisions laid down in Section 6, the contract may only be terminated by either Party for an important reason. This shall also apply in particular if additional services are to be rendered by NicLen..

NicLen shall be entitled to serve immediate notice of termination if an important deterioration occurs in the economic status of the Hirer. In particular if sustained or other enforcement measures are taken against him or if insolvency proceedings are opened or out-of-court composition proceedings are opened upon his assets.

The breach of the provisions in Section 11 Paragraph shall be regarded as use of the hired items in breach of contract and shall entitle NicLen to serve immediate notice of termination upon the entire contract, without NicLen having to send out a warning letter beforehand.

In so far as the Parties have agreed that the Hirer shall pay instalments, NicLen may terminate the entire contract with immediate effect if the Hirer is in default with the payment of two successive instalments or a not inconsiderable part of the remuneration or if the Hirer is in default with the payment of a remuneration of a sum amounting to two payments instalment for more than two payment dates, having agreed to pay regular instalments.

Described as "extremely affordable" they feature high power AFI series of output, a distinctive modern appearance, versatile rigging and the characteristic low distortion response that makes Apogee products unique. The AFI-Series loudspeakers are a "processor-optional" product line, and can also be used with excellent results without an outboard signal processor. The processor provides active protective limiting to guard against abuse, fixed EQ points to flatten the response and extend the low and high frequencies, and electronic crossovers for the bi-amped models.

High Load from Litec Litec exhibited its new professional truss system designed for heavy duty work. This new range covers requirements when a high loading capacity is required together with wide spans and it is particularly suitable for building large covered structures. The connection systems consist of aluminium or steel forks, depending on the model. The High Load line expands Litec's range into the extremely demanding professional sector, where materials have to meet special needs and be highly reliable.

Taking centre stage was the maXim range of lighting control consoles with the recently released PaTPad moving lighting module. Sporting 48 faders each with Flash button and status LED; 24 Playback masters with 9 pages of memory; memories for scenes, chases and stacks; fully proportional softpatch out to DMX channels; SVGA output port and 3. The e dimmer is a result from the professional touring industry requests for a high performance 12 channel x 20 Amp dimmer, designed for the rigours of touring.

The Delta DMX splitters are 5 way devices available in 19" rackmount or portable variants. Choice of 3 pin or 5 pin outputs are also available. The PDUs are available in 19" rackmount or fully flightcased systems and encompass small 96A models to large A power distribution systems with Mains digital monitoring and DMX distribution. However, we will not be resting on our laurels and you will continue to see innovative products being released over the next 12 months.

The new version 4. Key features are the Multi-User environment and the Master-Master operating mode. Moreover you can also select special user rights for these moving lights and fixtures. The communication between the operators is ensured via network Chat. Another new feature is the Live-Patch that runs through the command line, as well as a fixture schedule, and DMX patch made to meet customer demands.

In this case you can assign any individual fixture - and channel ID to the dimmers and moving lights in order to control the dimmers by faders and show these on the channel sheet. Also, as part of the grandMA software version 4. In addition to this you can operate the grandMA by remote control via Wireless Ethernet with the help of a pocket PC e. The latest software version 3. Mach Launched New M-Flex Series of Speakers By choosing a radical design approach, the M-Flex series from Mach offers a unique solution to high quality audio reproduction, whether the application is smaller musical productions, AV-Work, stage monitoring or spoken word performances.

Comprehensive rigging and mounting options combine with intelligent digital bi-amplification technology in a highly flexible system. All loudspeakers in the M-Flex series feature digital bi-amplification technology. By choosing a bi-amplification solution the speakers offer unheard of frequency response, claim Mach. And because of the compact physical size of the amplifiers it is possible to design a powered loudspeaker in a very compact cabinet, but still with many advanced features such as microphone and line Input options and switch-mode power supply.

Key issues addressed have been ultra wide dispersion, linear frequency response, ultimate speech intelligibility and all fitted in a compact, lightweight and easy to handle cabinet. A unique customised 12" full range coaxial drive unit has been designed for the M-Flex 12, which offers unsurpassed speech intelligibility, wide dispersion and impressive sound pressure. The 12" unit features a strong die-cast chassis and a 3" edge wound voice coil.

The 1" compression driver features a special Mylar diaphragm material with linear response up to 19 kHz. The aluminum voice coil offers excellent clarity and dynamics. M-Flex 15 is the big brother of the M-Flex family and offers true full-range high SPL sound reproduction, digitally powered.

The 15" unit is a unique construction that features a lightweight chassis. The 1" compression driver incorporates a very lightweight diaphragm and, with dB sensitivity, the unit is more efficient than many 2" drivers. But it still has the advantage of a very wide frequency response and runs flat to 19 kHz. It is mounted behind a 90 x 40 constant directivity horn with excellent coverage control. Rig it in clusters at a live venue; mount it on speaker stands or even as a stage monitor. For reproduction of frequencies from Hz and below, the M-Flex S is capable of delivering the punchy kick from a bass drum, a hard low frequency bassline, and at the same time contributes to an overall increase in dynamics and sound pressure.

Digitally powered, the concept of a lightweight design in the entire M-Flex series is maintained, and a power optimized active crossover with hi-output link option will ensure optimum integration of M-Flex S with the rest of your M-Flex speakers.

The M-Flex series comes with built in top hat adapters for pole mounting, aluminum locks for easy design of clusters and arrays together with built in stacking options. Ultimate protection of the drive unit is ensured through a strong steel grille with extruded rubber protection blocks integrated into the cabinet design.

Metrodeck Ultra is based on and fully compatible with the ever-popular Metrodeck staging system. Each unit combines lightness, durability and strength a 2x1m unit can handle 7. Plus, with double-ended connectors, joining the truss sections together is fast and simple. Manufactured to comply with European standards, this tried-and-tested system offers a range of truss styles and sizes to meet a wide range of requirements.

In addition to an array of angled and jointed sections, Morgan trussing can be curved or made to order. New Mach speakers have also been featured in Equipment News. JEM introduced two new foggers, the Magnum and Magnum A selection of the new products featured included QuickTruss M and M ranges for heavy-duty applications including folding truss sections and Super-sized MR3 ground-support roof systems to cover areas up to square metres.

There was also be the launch of X-Stage platform systems. This is a lightweight range of fast assembly deck systems with incredible loading capacity offering extremely versatile solutions for stage and touring applications. Multiform Technology Group Multiform exhibited their full range of lighting control systems for clubs, schools theatres and bands.

On show were a range of 6,12,18 and 36 channel analog and DMX lighting control desks, DMX processors and dimming systems. The famous four channel Multiphase controllers, now in their 3rd generation celebrate 20 years of continuous production - still unsurpassed as one of the best crossfading and dimming controllers of all time.

Sagitter presented their ever-expanding range of professional stage, effects and architectural lighting fixtures. Recently released is the W Supertracer followspot, a higher-powered version of the successful Tracer unit. In addition they were showing their full range of Infinity Scanners, Digiflash strobes, low cost ellipsoidal profile spots, professional Pars and classic Fresnel lanterns.

Meteor presented their range of Pro-Beam projectors, Elipscan moving mirror and the innovative Puppeteer wire motor yoke. A spectacular, continuously moving display of these three units was controlled by the versatile Omni DMX controller. Recently appointed as a distributor for the Show Magic PC software system, Multiform were demonstrating the latest Touch Screen Version of this versatile show control system - V4.

Another new introduction from FFT Lighting Technology from Italy was the Globo - cost effective external architectural colour changer. The Meteor Puppeteer stimulated a large amount of interest from many lighting designers and technicians, and orders are expected from several prestigious venues in the near future. PANI displayed the e-slides innovative power in cooperation with three other companies: ATC, Chainmaster and Gorillasolutions, after three months of intensive preparation.

They also highlighted their new Projects Division, and Lodestar Motor and Rigging training courses, which have become renowned throughout the industry. Available in kg or kg models, it has been designed to allow for quick and easy raising and lowering of stage scenery and lighting bars. Fully contained within a protective housing, the Pilewind has a drum capacity of 10 metres and up to 5 suspension lines. An integral gear box maintains the applied load. In the event of a power failure, the Pilewind can also be raised and lowered by hand with a separate drive shaft and a 19mm socket.

The projects division specialises in the supply and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment in theatres, schools, television studios, public buildings and performance spaces. Built to the latest international standard specifications, The PCM Tau performer flying winch has been designed with the exacting task of aerial performance in mind.

The winch allows both performer and choreographer a full reign in creating their desired effect. The PCM Beta Winch is designed and constructed with maintenance-free spur gearing with milled and ground gearwheels. The gears run in an oil bath to ensure simple maintenance and a long service life. The Beta runs extremely quietly because of its helical gearing, making it ideal for theatrical use where props and scenery need moving during a performance. A VBG70 version of the Beta is also available for the lifting of loads above people.

Making its European debut was the Alto series of signal processing equipment. The Alto range includes stylish, European-designed analogue and digital signal processing products of the highest quality but at affordable prices. Also from Proel Italy, and being shown for the first time in the UK, was a comprehensive range of professional lighting equipment and accessories.

The range includes scanners, moving heads, multivision projectors, colour changers, lighting effects, control boards, architectural and commercial lighting and a huge range of dedicated accessories. With seven dichroic colours plus white, the unit offers correction filters for colour tone which, when overlapped, give a 24 colour potential. There are two gobo wheels, one with seven fixed gobos, one with five interchangeable rotating gobos plus white.

It comes at a highly competitive price. Additionally, there were introductions from most of the manufacturers represented by Proel International. Fitted with 86 high power LEDs, the unit is ideal for TV, stage and indoor architectural applications. The new Pulsar Chromadeck has been developed jointly with LiteStructures and is a hybrid of the industry standard Litedeck staging system and the innovative ChromaPanel. Controlled by Pulsar's ChromaZone and compatible with the standard Litedeck system, it can be used in either fixed installations or as part of a temporary or touring stage or TV set.

ChromaSphere is a MM diameter sphere internally illuminated with high-power red, green and blue LEDs, allowing for colouring of the sphere to any colour. It can be suspended or fixed using the stake supplied, and its IP66 rating makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Rane and Flash have worked together to design the Empath - the ultimate mixing tool for the creative turntablist! According to Hayden, Flash likes the way Rane builds mixers - rugged, solid, reliable and roadworthy with great audio performance and a host of features.

And he likes Flash for his innovative mind, lateral thinking, his unique mixing techniques and his incredible, historic sonic contributions to the music industry. Grandmaster Flash is responsible for many of the Empath's key features and control locations - just as the name - Empath - implies understanding, awareness and sensitivity to DJ's needs.

The Empath offers a unique combination of performance, features, and quality and is designed for professional DJ's and applications including clubs, broadcast, competitions, remixes, and live performances. All new versions share the RMS planning-engine and the easy-to-use interface, which assures fully reliable data at extremely high speeds.

The first version is RMS Touring, a software package designed especially for handling rentals of touring-companies. This version is excellent for companies that have large quantities of equipment out for longer periods. Together with the crew- and transportplanner, it gives full control over all touring-rentals. This version focuses on aspects such as keeping track of serial numbers, short-term rentals even on an hourly base is possible and maintainance-schedules.

RMS Exhibition is a version that deals with the specific problems of exhibition-rentals. Easier pricing-schemes pricing for the exhibition-period, rather then per day and project-management to oversee all tasks for a given exhibition, are two of the major features of this version. RMS Crew- and Transport is the long awaited version that can be integrated with each of the above versions, or may be used as a stand-alone application.

RMS Crew- and Transport is capable of handling even the most complex scheduling-situations and makes them managable. The final version is RMS Demonstration, designed for manufacturers and sales-organisations, wishing to handle demo-stocks. For traditional metal gobo users, Rosco has produced 60 new designs, including cloud images, break ups, windows and abstract graphics.

To view the entire range of over other images, go to the Rosco website at www. This new product offers excellent flexibility in a low cost package. It can rotate one or two steel or glass gobos at fixed or variable speed and the speed of rotation can be set through a switch adjustment on the plug for fixed speed or by lowering the dimmer for variable speeds.

Another benefit is that even at full speed, it is quiet enough to use in front-of-house positions in a theatre or low ceilings in restaurants or stores. Its incredibly low price makes it possible for venues or theatres to have several available to meet any need. The materials have been improved, and the range now includes diffractions, and iridescents for stunning scenic effects on stage, in event rooms or on film. Rosco Slitdrape has also been given a new addition: a fluorescent finish which picks up light and reflects it in an interesting way, for scenic applications in theatre, disco or club use, and will be available to special order in 2.

Control is via DMX with a choice of 8 bit or 16 bit resolution for very long smooth fades. Finelite II is a high resolution large format up to mm sq. Utilising the well known advantages of the Pacific heat management system, the Finelite delivers high quality affordable image projection for stage and presentation applications. Its compact size, ease of set up and focusing, low noise and wide range of light sources MSR to CDM combine to provide a unique cost effective projection solution.

The wide range of light sources available for the Pacific can all be used with the Finelite projector: Tungsten Halogen light sources, MSR Hot Restrike lamps delivering the performance of traditional projectors of many times the wattage, and CDM lamps providing up to 12, hours life are ideal for lower level display projections.

A mechanical dimmer accessory - the Finelite Dowser - can be fitted into the projector housing to provide remote DMX intensity control of discharge lamps. Three interchangeable zoom lens systems offer a beam angle range from 12 to 60 degrees. A favourite on lighting the stages of larger theatres around the world, the Arena Theatre Fresnel and PC have been redesigned to provide even better 2.

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Diffusion: Field or gobo can be continuously and smoothly diffused to wash. Rotating Gobo Wheel: Six position rotating gobo wheel with a central bearing system, five rotatable and indexable gobo positions plus open. Patterns are not included with the fixture. Shutter Framing Models : Four-blade system can frame and crop beam field and gobos. Each individual shutter is capable of translating to beam center while also rotating Entire shutter rotates At an English countryside studio, the new luminaire made its debut on the side of a year-old barn.

The prototype light had been programmed to enact two simple cues. The first reaction from the presentation came from band member Mike Rutherford: "I expected the color change, but by jove, I didn't know it was going to move. That rural demonstration was the "Genesis" of a new company - Vari-Lite, coined from a suggestion by Genesis manager Tony Smith. The new system was developed, complete with a programmable console that enabled lighting designers to create lighting effects that electrified the lighting industry and began a revolution that continues to this day.

The dichroic color changing system allowed for up to 60 preselected colors to be changed in less than a tenth of a second and the computer control of the color change, dimming and movement of the light beams created stunning visual effects. Inspired by the magic of moving light and changing color, Vari-Lite set about creating complete lighting systems that add subtle nuance or brilliant spectacle to any event.

The company offers designers the ultimate tool for creating lighting moments to remember. Since the beginning, Vari-Lite has led the world in automated lighting technology; developing pioneering products with an unrivaled reputation. Today, lighting professionals in theatre, television, concerts, motion pictures, corporate shows and advertising, look to Vari-Lite for inspiration and support for their productions.

Used Moving Lights Moving lights, or intelligent lighting as they are sometimes called, are basically a type of stage lighting that is able to move due to its integrated mechanical elements, which go beyond the moving parts that are found in more traditional, non-moving lighting. Automated lighting such as moving lights is highly valued by stage lighting technicians as through them, it is possible to create highly complex special effects that simply cannot be made using standard, non-moveable lights.

It should be noted however, that when it comes to intelligent lighting, the real intelligence lies with the programmer of the show, rather than the lighting equipment or any operator. Moving head lights, also called moving head luminaires, are highly versatile lighting instruments capable of performing multiple lighting functions at once. They have largely superseded the use of multiple non-moving lights to create special effects, which required many lights and a large amount of skill on behalf of the operators.

VL TS - Sold in pairs and includes 2-headed case. Priced per unit. Well maintained.