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Contrarian investing uk weather

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Establish and maintain a long-term target asset allocation. We allow a small degree of flexibility with allocations and rebalance periodically, but do not engage in dynamic tactical asset allocation or market timing. Asset classes will move in and out of favor over many years and it is impossible to predict when turns will occur. A key to success is staying the course and making only small adjustments over time.

Each investor has a unique willingness, ability and need to take risk. In my previous article, I discussed the reasons to hold assets that perform well in a variety of economic conditions. The chart below depicts the resulting four scenarios and which assets have performed well during those regimes. The other consideration is asset class volatility. The most volatile, risk assets are stocks and commodities; cash and bonds are least volatile.

The more volatile assets should have a lower weighting to equalize the return impact on the overall portfolio. Author Economic Growth and Inflation This scenario is a slam dunk for investors, with most asset classes historically performing well. It was the prevalent regime throughout the past 60 years. Note that in periods of rising inflation with economic growth, equity performance is still positive, but subpar.

During those times commodities have provided effective portfolio protection. They have also risen during periods of a weakening dollar. There I also explain why I prefer natural resources equities to commodity futures. I am long-term bullish on gold, although I see it primarily as a store of value.

Silver is attractive as an inflation hedge and use as an industrial metal. And it is trading at the lower end of its historic relative valuation versus gold. The parallel is the gigantic deficit spending to finance World War II recently the Covid stimulus , with the Fed implementing yield curve control.

The jury is out on the latter, but I believe there is a good possibility they will accommodate and accept higher inflation to reduce enormous real debt and prevent the economy from cratering. The Fed kept long rates well below inflation during most of the period — no more than 2.

As a result, bond investors suffered negative real returns for ten years. And this example assumes the Fed would not cave in should the economy worsen further. Economic Growth with Disinflation The lower left quadrant depicts economic growth with disinflation deflation applies only to the lower right. Stocks and bonds have done very well during these periods. At the same time bonds had a roaring bull market with yields falling from the high teens to low single-digits.

GDP growth has slowed over the course of the past several decades. And we are now unofficially in the second recession since Crestmont Research It has taken increasing amounts of extraordinary monetary and fiscal stimulus to generate economic growth over the past two decades. Combining this with our capital preservation goal leads us to a healthy dose of protection for this scenario. Treasury bonds have been the primary defense. With all the angst now about inflation and rising rates, it is hard to consider the possibility of deflation and declining rates.

The table below shows that gold returned an average of 7. But we may still be in the early innings of this cycle. After confiscating gold from the public, the U. Portfolio Holdings The table below shows sub-asset class holdings. I primarily utilize ETFs or index funds.

Our equity allocation is weighted towards foreign, value and small cap. I discuss why in my mean reversion articles and will provide more insight in a sequel. Author Portfolio Performance The Contrarian portfolio has performed well versus comparable portfolios. It delivered an annual return of 5. What is contrarian investing? We explain how contrarian investing works.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change and their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances. Why you need to always remain diversified. Market volatility understandably spooks some investors. For such individuals, the thought of staying in the market when there are significant downward swings in prices, let alone increasing their allocation to shares, may seem unthinkable.

How contrarian investing works If stock markets are rising, the temptation is to ride it out for as long as possible and hopefully enjoy some gains. However, if the market is falling, your gut reaction might well be to get out as quickly as possible, to shield yourself from potential losses. Equally, why would you buy shares in a company or sector that the rest of the market is steering clear of? Contrarian investing is all about going against market trends and focusing on shares and sectors, which have found themselves, for one reason or another, to be out of favour.

Contrarian investors typically take a very long-term view when it comes to picking and choosing stocks. But the core of their strategy is that they believe the shares they buy have been unfairly dismissed and that ultimately a catalyst will emerge that will force the wider market to re-rate them. But while such a tactic may protect your portfolio, it could mean potentially missing out on some valuable investment opportunities.

It has often been argued that the optimal point to buy is when no one else has any intention of doing so. Take the technology bubble at the turn of the century, when investors piled into often-overvalued tech stocks.

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