investing in a yogurt shop
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Investing in a yogurt shop artifacts between a rock and a hard place download

Investing in a yogurt shop

There were customers who did not want to waste time cooking yogurt at home. But they really wanted to get natural fermented milk from our starter cultures. Their laziness became the engine of progress, and Anya started making yogurts for them herself. Demand grew, and at some point her apartment turned into a home dairy.

When it became impossible to produce the required amount of yogurt at home, she turned to me: — Look, I can't do this anymore. We need to open a workshop. The demand exceeds my capabilities. I came, tried her products, looked at the packaging and how she did everything. In the Anya, in her reasonable approach there was everything that guarantees a successful business.

The most disciplined person I've ever seen, despite the fact that she raised three sons alone. Her day started with yoga by the sea. She took the children to kindergarten, worked until the evening, picked up the children — so in a circle every day. And such outstanding results!

There was no doubt that Anya would succeed. Since she had no experience in investing, Anya made very big concessions. As the work progressed, it became clear that the company would not pull out on such terms. In order not to disperse and not to spoil the relationship, it was my turn to meet halfway. I revised the terms and removed the interest, helped attract more investments to open a workshop in Moscow, gave advice to run a personal blog, which eventually created a channel for her to attract franchisees.

This investment has become very successful. In less than three years, the company returned the investment to me, and in , the Yogurt Shop consisted of six workshops in Sochi, Moscow, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and other cities.

Frozen yogurt stores have increased revenue 5. This is especially valuable in light of many other industries struggling during the past few years of economic depression. The combination of low start-up expenditures and low maintenance costs has made the froyo business very attractive to entrepreneurs and restaurateurs looking to add additional lines of revenue.

While the froyo industry is more accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs, a setback one might have would be little knowledge of the frozen yogurt industry. This is where companies like Frozen Yogurt Solutions come in handy.

Frozen Yogurt Solutions provides consultation to people who want to get into the industry.

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