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Maxiforex youtube to mp3

Been There, Done That!!! By Tonio, on Dec 22, - Humboldt County is beautifull!!! But the people are for the most part ugly. There's a major difference between a Cannabis "head" and a "FARMER" -a notable differance is "MONEY" the root of all evil those who have plenty of it and those who try not to spend to much cash on attaining their Herbs because they're broke or on a fixed income.

Perhaps the biggest problem there is all the poor American white people. Poverty is just as dangerous for whites as it is for non-whites. And poverty breeds crime. Maybe the government wants the people of Humboldt to be a bunch of ignorant pot-producing fools, rather than God-fearing, intelligent herbalists'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has no outside intrests in pot, conservation,tree hugging, or animal rights and i might see a bit of credibility in you, By drock, on Jan 14, - I have lived here in humboldt all of my life and yes, you see those kinds of people everywhere.

The reasons for these activities are 1. Prisoners, from pelican bay in cresent city are sent here for parole. The real amount of people that live here i. A trashed economy, there is nothing in humboldt that makes real money except for pot since mills and shipping into humbolt bay are always slow or non existant. People here mostly keep to themselves and thats how it is. The world is rampant with hypocrisy. I love my Humboldt!

Absolutely right!! I am so glad I finally got away and regret every day that I wasted a year of my life there. My daughter was constantly accosted by marijuana addicts and my entire family the victims of hate crimes. I had enough when she was finally raped in her school.

I hope the entire place floats off the planet. And they run their mouth to when they shouldn't like they were raised in a barn These women were ugly and had ugly attitudes. I understand all women are hairy and ugly there and the men are just as ugly. The people are just like the weather there dreery. They have nothing better to do is smoke pot And if you want a successful job What's with the hum dingers By Say what, on Mar 9, - The Hum, like most places, is a bit of all of the above.

It has problems with racism, sexism, lack of economic growth, and drugs. Although, reading the blog, it quickly becomes apparent that this is also true of all the folks dissing on Humboldt who don't live there, or lived there temporarily, making it a lame and unfriendly place before moving back to "real America" whatever that means. I found a lot to offer there- plenty of beauty, a wage paying job that allowed me to save which isn't easy to find , and plenty of solid people who didn't dabble in lifestyles anchored in drug use.

The isolation is probably the hardest part, but that also provides the benefits of space, clean rivers, and a relative lack of people. The bottom line is Humboldt which is a county, not a state as one blogger referred to it has plenty to offer if you can cope with the weather, keep your head on your shoulders when it comes to drug culture, like natural beauty, and like anywhere else, can deal with people who are steeped in some form of ignorance. That was my response to these blogs and it served me well.

Traveling shoes won't steer you wrong By annie, on Mar 11, - Norther Cali is paradise!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that land xoxo Best Place on earth! My neighbors and I are as thick as theives and you'll have to get through them to get to me. Overall I find the Arcata area of Humboldt county to my very own personal Heaven. I made the decision ten years ago to leave a successful career on the east coast and come out here to raise my family and live out our lives.

Anyone who thinks Humboldt folks are rude should try Baltimore,MD on for size. I make a run back every year to drop crop and every year I say I'm having someone else go next time. The left coast is the best coast and Humboldt will forever be my home.

PS: I don't have dreads! I know, I know But we're getting ready for something different in our lives and were wondering if any one can give a realistic, unbiased view of what it is like to live there. Maybe, a few links for information on the area. Would really appreciate it, Mahalo Nui Loa! Any local folks out dea? Chee hoo! We goin cuz! As far as this thread goes, It is getting more true every day.

When I was young, thirty years ago, My dad drove log and lumber truck and my mom worked in the mill. There was always a job to be had, if you were willing to work. Now, thanks to those dreadlocks wearing, stinky, dirty, want-to-be hippies, if you don't grow or work for the government, you can't survive. Air Quality will put you in jail for burning a piece of wood if it disturbs your neighbor, but you have no recourse if you get headaches from dope.

The dope growers are buying up all of the houses and land driving up the prices so people that grew up here can't afford to buy. If you have a house and want to rent it out, Make sure you do walk-through inspections Weekly, or expect to tear it down and rebuild it for next season because the dope growers just through the dirt on the carpet and plant the clones on the floor. I am very saddened with what my home town has become. All I want to know is if California can thumb its nose at the US Constitution by passing laws that directly go against federal law, then why won't the counties make laws that directly go against the state.

Why, its because California would come in and shut it down saying those laws are in violation of the Constitution of the state of California. Good for the goose, but not the gander. I would be all for Prop if it was applied as it was presented to the voters of California, to be used by terminally ill people as an appetite enhancer. Not for anyone that wants to be stoned all of the time to pay some quack to give them a prescription, or excuse me not a prescription but a recommendation written on a prescription pad, to use marijuana.

Doctors do not prescribe marijuana, it would place their DEA licenses in jeopardy, and prescriptions are filled by licensed pharmacologist with medications inspected and tested by the FDA manufactured by drug companies working under strict laws.

Not Joe Blow with a couple of acres of land he wants to turn a profit on. Laws are enacted by elected officials, scrutinized by several committees, and placed to a vote by all of the representatives. Propositions are written by anyone and passed by the citizens, without any checks and balances or forethought by anyone. Prop was sold to the citizens for specific reasons, however the language in the prop was not clear, so now we have interpretation. In California, where there is one lawyer for every three people, thats a lot of interpretations.

Enough is enough. Remember folks, "An armed society is a polite society! By SeaBreez, on Jul 31, - Thinking of moving up there to retire. Camped all over up there and son went to Humboldt, so know it somewhat. By Madeline, on Aug 7, - Wow, you must be some super old hag to suck the fun right out of Humboldt like that. So somewhere out along the bible belt, I think they'd suit your stuck up no fun whatsoever sort of attitude. By Stephen D. Clark, on Sep 1, - Someone I know has moved into Humboldt County for the reefer and the growing.

She is now homeless and sports dreadlocks. She's also very beautiful and nice, but boy does she stink! After what I've read here, I'd advise her to move on, but I know she wouldn't listen. If you want people like her to not be around, then legalize pot. Humboldt County would then not be such a hotbed when the whole state would get into the act.

Maybe that's not insightful, but then please consider this: If California legalizes pot, Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, would be instructed to crack-down on grow operations in California to prove that the Obama administration is not full of a bunch of permissive, stoner liberals. Pot is much less popular nationally than it is in Cali, so Obama would then have a point to prove for his next election.

Legalize pot in Cali, and then the feds will be moving in. You'll see. Do these hippies stay away from majestic areas? I had enough of just by sitting two rows behind one smelly dread lock hippie in a class. I have no respect for our government that have not crack down on these waste of life. The people refuting this article sound like morons compared with the other comments. By Breanna, on Nov 8, - Not funny. I found it negative and lacking humor.

By Antonio, on Nov 30, - Wow, well done! I couldn't say it better. I've lived here five years and am really hoping to get out. The monster pickups driven by pot dealers, the horrible weather, the crime and homeless, all of it I can't take it anymore. It will be so nice to look at this place in the rear view mirror. The Truth--HumCo is a Pit! By Les, on Nov 30, - I must be a "hater," then hmm, I thought liberals loved everyone and were sooo open minded.

I was transferred here for work, and immediately knew it was a mistake. I've lived in several states, as well as several parts of Cali, but words can not accurately descibe this place. When it is sunny, the beaches and mountains are indeed beautiful, in fact, probably some of the nicest country you'll ever see reminds me of New Zealand.

But you don't have to go far to see the ugly underbelly of Humboldt. It was a depressing chapter of my life and now that I'm far away, I resent having wasted precious life in such a close-minded craphole. By Tolkin, on Dec 20, - How is Humboldt the best place to grow weed? Nearly all of it is grown indoors, which could be done anywhere. By mork, on Jan 10, - it's the best place to grow it outdoors, dumbass.

Long ago when I was young, my friend and I went to Cali from Boston stayed awhile and came back. That was almost 40 years ago. I'm alone, my youngest son just went to college. I very much liked Norther California and have a brother who lives in Pacifica. I raise spaniels and am looking for a place with a little land, building really not important as long as I can live in it.

If someone would be kind enough to let me know if something like that sounds even slightly sane, and also how cold and rainy is it at the worst? Thanks You don't even know.. By Emily, on Feb 19, - This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard Humboldt is beautiful and amazing and if you don't want to live there, than you can make the decision to leave. I live in Northern Wisconsin, and trust me you dont know shit hole till you live here.

Don't talk about shitty weather, stuck up people, shitty government, taxes, smog, and all that other bullshit till you actually live in a place where all these things are actually unbearable to the point where living here is a huge hassle.

I can't wait to get to Humboldt. And as far as the homeless and pot heads, who cares! Let them live their life. We only get one, and everyone should live it the way they want. If you want to live yours by being a closed minded prick, go ahead thats your choice and i'm not going to sit here and bash on you for it. But, if you have a problem there maybe come try this place out and your oppinion will change. So Dramatic Humboldt County News By Elmo, on Apr 4, - Why is the content on this site so negative towards humboldt county?

I lived in Northern Humboldt for nearly 10 years, and feel you are exaggerating and being overly dramatic on this issue. Sure, humboldt has its share of violence and problems, but hey, wake up, the whole state of california does, we live in crazy state, we are famous for it.

You think humboldt is shady, try living in butte, shasta, and tehama counties, or some of the other areas around sacramento, the bay area, L. The violence and drug culture is everywhere, wake up please. Sure, humboldt has a high rate of growers per area, but that's norcal in general, humboldt is just the most mainstream, open and generally dialed in about it. And in all fairness, humboldt also has a very large population of peace loving people who bring lots of smiles and good vibes and understanding to the table.

Many areas in the state are lacking big time in this department Humboldt has allot of good things going for it, a few examples being a bounty of creative artists and craftsmen, a wonderful localized all natural food industry, and a really beautiful natural setting.

Please Quit ragging on humboldt, really makes you folks at humboldt county news sound whiny, why don't you just move back where you came from or quit whining eh? I never knew any born and raised humboldtians to whine about this stuff so much, even the real conservative ones. If you think its rough there, try moving elsewhere in california, and you will realize that humboldt's problems are pretty quaint and typical all things considered You humboldt folks should push to legalize cannabis, you have already got the best brand name world wide for a legal setting, legalization is inevitable, don't fear it, just adapt, if anyone could do it, it would be you folks.

Legalize it, and you will see robberies and violence surrounding the trade drop to very low rates, what a good move for your community eh? Then encourage your police departments to concentrate on the meth epidemic that is turning our entire state into a real bizarre hell hole community by community. By john smith, on Apr 15, - Don't forget that when you go to curch people leave early just to get to get back to their bongs. Not to mention that if you enrroll in a middle school at least 15 people your age in the school show up high.

By Buy weed, on Aug 20, - very interesting Love it or leave it. By Tenakah57, on Apr 12, - Oh my. Such a beautiful county. I was born here but spent the majority of my life elsewhere. Now that I'm back home, I am grateful to live in the county of my ancestors, this is where I believe belong, this is my home. There is a huge population of people in Humboldt who are not hippies, not pot growers and not addicted to method. Decent, hard working, tax paying honest salt of the earth people.

Yes, there are problems here, as in every county in America. I don't believe that these problems make a case against Humboldt. And I certainly know that the hippies, pot growers, transients, et al, do not represent the majority of this county. The drug culture is everywhere, USA. Crime is everywhere, USA. But there is far more positive aspects of this beautiful county. If all a person sees in life is negativity, then its because a negative attitude and belief system draws only negativity.

Life is what you make it. My purpose here is to live, care for and assist those less fortunate. I wish people understood the true nature of everyone's existence: to be there for your fellow man. Its not about me, it's about what I contribute to my community, to society. How did I make my community a little better for my being here.

If people weren't so damn self centered, greedy and prejudice, if everyone understood our true purpose, maybe our world would be a nicer place. What did you do to contribute to your community's well being? How did you help your fellow man? Or is it just all about you? Peace, love, acceptance to all. It is possible. By Donna, on Aug 4, - I agree with Mrs. I came here in from the City, this is by far the nicest place to live in, I grew up in Santa Barbara.

Malibu is not a stranger, though I wish they were. This is awesome and the people here are. That person has no connection to this County. Publicado por LstrAgoR en mar 18th, Interesting. Myriad unmistakable active webcam girls are tickled pink to invite you on our lively shafting talk community, where you group corral catch sight of of unskilled people who are enchanted to scout out the wildest sexy dreams, shortly from the security of home.

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