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Daniel cormier vs frank mir betting odds

He originally won the belt back in against Randy Couture and successfully defended it against both Frank Mir and Shane Carwin before health issues and losses to both Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem forced him to leave the sport.

Now, the only fights that make sense for him are big-money fights. And for Cormier, the matchup makes a lot of sense stylistically. Despite Lesnar having a big size advantage, Cormier should outclass him in skill-set alone. Regarding the action, sportsbooks will expect a heavy handle for this megafight. The professional bettors will likely lay the chalk with Cormier.

Mir joined the wrestling team at Bonanza High School during his junior year and lost his first nine matches. He also competed in track and field; his discus throw of feet 10 inches Silva saw potential in Mir and suggested that he compete in mixed martial arts. Mir won the bout by unanimous decision after two rounds. Mir submitted Williams in 46 seconds with an inside shoulder lock that has since been named after himself.

Despite several leglock attempts by Mir, Freeman achieved side control four minutes into the first round and landed numerous punches and elbows to Mir's head. A time out was called due to a cut on Mir's face.

After Freeman separated, the referee signaled to Mir to stand back up and stopped the fight after Mir struggled to do so. Mir submitted Abbott with a toe hold in 46 seconds. Mir won by disqualification at of the first round after Sims stomped on Mir's jaw following a slam escape of an armbar attempt by Mir. Mir won by knockout at of the second round.

Sylvia initially protested the call but relented following a replay of the break. Sylvia underwent surgery later that week. The accident caused two breaks in Mir's femur and tore all the ligaments in his knee. Magazine that he was grateful for the accident as it gave him time to be with his wife. Couture 3 on February 4, Vera then secured side control and delivered a number of punches and elbows, forcing the referee to stop the fight at of the first round. While preparing for UFC , Mir attributed his poor performance in his initial return bouts to lingering health issues following the accident.

Frank's wife Jennifer was shown on the replay screaming and crying with joy when Frank secured the kimura and the fight was stopped. It took Lesnar less than 10 seconds to shoot for a takedown and muscle Mir to the mat. However, seconds after Lesnar began to unload strikes from Mir's half guard , referee Steve Mazzagatti controversially deemed that there were some illegal punches landed to the back of Mir's head, drawing a foul and a one-point deduction.

As the fight resumed, Mir was almost instantly dropped with a big punch from Lesnar. Lesnar continued to land punches on Mir and shucked off Mir's armbar attempt before moving to a stacked guard. It was here that Mir caught Lesnar with a kneebar , causing Lesnar to tap out at of the first round. It featured Light heavyweight and Lightweight fighters. The winner of this fight would then face the winner of the match between the Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar.

I wanted to give up. Despite these handicaps, Nogueira offered strong praise for Mir's performance, with particular credit given to Mir's ability to maintain "very good distance. Lesnar dominated the first round with superior wrestling. In the second round, after being allowed to stand up, Mir landed a combination, ending with a turning right elbow which forced Lesnar to look for a clinch.

Mir took this opportunity to attempt a jumping right knee, which landed, but ultimately resulted in Lesnar securing another takedown. After a short period of recovery from the knee, Lesnar pinned Mir up against the cage and delivered multiple unanswered heavy blows to his face, forcing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight via TKO at in the second round. I'd rather go ahead and say what's on my mind than to sit there and come up with some PC 'Oh, the guy is a great fighter, and I have a lot of respect for him.

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Aug 06,  · The initial betting line has Daniel Cormier as a large favorite over Frank Mir for their Strikeforce bout later this year. Free UFC Betting Tips for Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir takes place at UFC on Fox 7 Henderson vs. Melendez (in San Jose, California), on 20th Apr . Free UFC Betting Tips for Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir takes place at UFC on Fox 7 Henderson vs. Melendez (in San Jose, California), on 20th Apr .