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Acorns investing fees

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Acorns Early. How Acorns Manages Your Money Like most other robo-advisors, Acorns gives its customers a diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs suited to their risk tolerance and goals, based on how they answer a handful of questions. Acorns picks your portfolio from a roster of nearly 25 ETFs. Forbes Advisor signed up with a profile for a young, upper-middle-class worker with a long investing horizon.

This simplified approach makes your investments much easier to understand without sacrificing returns. On the other hand, a portfolio consisting entirely of stocks, even for a risk-tolerant younger worker, may be a bit too risky. You can change to a different portfolio, but be careful: Your customized portfolio is based on the questionnaire, so by going against the grain you may end up holding too little risk, rather than too much. This is a pretty standard course of action for robo-advisors, especially as younger investors have shown an interest in them.

Wall Street loves these funds because they have higher fees. The problem is many of the companies you end up investing in often fail a common-sense SRI test. But you should ask yourself what that really means. These are essentially investment accounts for kids. Younger workers just starting out—the types of investors who Acorns is trying to attract—will end up paying more than they would at other robos.

If you used Betterment , which charges an annual percentage of 0. Naturally, the fees become a smaller and smaller proportion of your balance the more you invest, but that could take a while. In terms of investment costs, the expense ratios range from 0. Acorns Advantages The best way to invest is not to wait and start investing right now—Acorns tries to make that as easy as possible. Acorns isn't alone in charging this type of fee, but theirs is on the high side. Still, you can always choose instead to sell your investments and transfer your cash to a bank account.

There's no charge for that. Portfolio mix: 4. The app considers your data — including age, goals, income and time horizon — and then recommends one of five portfolios that range from conservative to aggressive. You can accept the recommendation or choose a different portfolio that takes more or less risk.

The portfolios themselves are made up of low-cost iShares and Vanguard exchange-traded funds that cover between four and six asset classes, depending on the portfolio, including: large, medium and small company stocks, international company stocks, a variety of bonds and REITs.

The sustainable portfolio also offers emerging market stocks and even more bonds. Socially responsible portfolio options: 4 out of 5 stars Acorns offers a sustainable portfolio made up of ETFs graded using ESG environmental, social and governance criteria. The platform makes it easy for existing customers to switch their portfolios over from the core portfolio to the sustainable one, but also recognizes that clients may experience tax complications if they do so.

These custodial accounts allow parents to invest on behalf of a minor child, and use the money for expenses that benefit the child. Once the child reaches the age of transfer this will depend on where they live , they gain ownership of the account and can use the money for any reason. Custodial accounts are not the same as college savings accounts. Be sure to do your research or consult a financial advisor to determine the best account for you.

Tax strategy: 1 out of 5 stars Acorns does not offer any form of tax strategy. Many other robo-advisors offer tax-loss harvesting, which is an investment strategy that can reduce the amount of tax you may have to pay when you sell your investments. Here are our top picks for best robo-advisors. Automatic rebalancing: 5 out of 5 stars Your portfolio allocation, or how much of your portfolio is in stocks versus bonds or other investments, depends on factors such as your age and investing timeline.

Acorns will automatically adjust your portfolio in response to market fluctuations or other factors that shift your portfolio out of its intended investment allocation. Human advisor option: 1 out of 5 stars Some robo-advisors offer access to a financial advisor, either for free or for an added fee. Unfortunately, Acorns does not offer its clients access to financial advisors.

The checking account offers real-time roundups to your investment account, mobile check deposits and access to more than 55, fee-free ATMs around the world. It requires no minimum balance, but pays no interest rate. Customer support options: 4.

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With the new pricing, all Acorns customers pay $3 per month for Acorns Invest, Later, and Acorns Checking until they have $1 million invested with us. In order to improve our customers . Acorns Earn rewards investments are made by Acorns Grow, Incorporated into your Acorns Invest account through a partnership Acorns Grow maintains with each Acorns Earn partner. . Actual Acorns Earn rewards investments are made by Acorns Grow, Inc. into your Acorns Invest account through a partnership Acorns Grow maintains with each Acorns Earn partner. Acorns .