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Where can i bet on boxing

Only the biggest bouts tend to have boxing spreads offered. This means that a single boxer is the defending champion in his or her weight class for all the above organizations simultaneously. This is an uncommon achievement, to say the least. Whenever two champions in different organizations fight one another, the contest is called a unifying bout, and those typically attract the most gambling action.

Celebrity Boxing is for pure entertainment purposes and is not commissioned by any of the organizations mentioned above, but the celebrity boxing betting options effectively add to the entertainment. Expand As long as you use one of the sites listed here, it is perfectly safe to bet on boxing online. These sites are all licensed and regulated by their own home countries, and aside from being legal to use, they also employ the most rigorous encryption standards and privacy protections on the Internet.

How do I bet on boxing online? Expand In order to bet on boxing online, you just have to follow the few steps outlined above. Simply, the procedure is this: Pick one of the legal boxing betting sites listed here, follow the link, sign up, make a deposit, and bet. How do boxing odds work? Expand This is also explained in depth above, but in short, boxing odds work like sports betting odds for most other markets. They are based on the American moneyline system, and you can choose from straight bets, totals, a host of different props, and occasionally even spread bets on things like punches thrown and landed.

Live betting is also supported at most legal boxing betting sites. How long is a boxing match? Expand How long does a boxing match last? Well, that depends on a number of factors. Historically, championship bouts were contested at 15 rounds in the days of Ali and Foreman, but now, 12 rounds is the maximum. As a bit of trivia, the last round title fight was on October 16, , when Mike Tyson fought Tyrell Biggs.

Online sportsbooks give this option and there are a lot of states that have regulated online sports betting. Many states nowadays have mobile sports betting apps available on both Android and iPhone platforms. Make sure you are in one of the states with an approved app and make sure you use the correct app when you do so.

If you are not in a state with regulated online sports betting there are still mobile betting options available as online sportsbooks allow for residents of all 50 states to be able to bet on upcoming fights. Since these sportsbooks are not based on US soil, they are not restricted by American legislation allowing for sports bettors in any state to legally be able to place their bets. Offshore sportsbooks tend to use mobile websites instead of apps. This means that in order to access their mobile betting sites, all you have to do is visit their normal website in a mobile browser.

The website will recognize this and show you a mobile-optimized version of the website, so you can place all the bets you like without having to download anything. Boxing Live Betting Live betting on boxing is one of the best ways to get ahead of the game when you place wagers on your favorite boxers. Any boxing fan knows that sometimes, the outcome of a fight is apparent before the fight is over, simply from watching how the two fighters matched up in earlier rounds.

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Fighters that have lost their previous two and are on a negative streak would be a risky bet compared to ones that are on long unbeaten runs. Venue- I have already touched upon the importance of Las Vegas in boxing, and the place where the event is taking place could be a decisive factor in the ultimate outcome from the bout.

For example, Floyd Mayweather had an excellent record in Vegas, and would sometimes get the luck of the draw in the scorecards due to his home advantage. Fighters competing in their home countries will have an added importance on the bout and will be looking to impress. Head to Head- Rematches in boxing can be some of the most lucrative occasions in the sport. These bouts are typically grudge matches, but punters will have the first bout to learn on for inside knowledge.

However, shock results should be taken with a pinch of salt. Champions- There are a lot of champions in boxing due to the different governing bodies in charge of the sports. This means that there are a lot of titleholders, and it is important for punters to know who they are.

Once you know who the current champions are heading into a bout, you can examine their records as the champion. These champions with a long streak while holding the title could be a safer bet than those that have just won the gold. Ante-Post Betting- The betting markets for some of the biggest bouts opens as soon as they are announced.

Punters must be aware that this could be the best time to get the ultimate value for money in the bets for this bout. If you have a brilliant knowledge of the sport and know both fighters, then the best time to place a bet could be months in advance of the bout taking place. Boxing Style- Each fighter will have a different tactic when they get into the ring, and this is an important fact to consider.

Some fighters are knockout merchants and will look for the chance to floor their opponents early in the fight. Meanwhile, there will be some that are more tactical and will look to win their bouts by a points decision. Both of these factors are important facts that must be considered by punters as it will have an impact on the odds in the respective markets. These points could be the difference between you making a knowledgeable bet or one that has zero chance of any return.

Best Type of Boxing Bets As I have consistently alluded to throughout, the markets in boxing are staggering. The punter can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the options available on offshore sportsbooks, and it is important to understand what all of them require. Some of them may be concluded by the winner of the fight, while some may just be determined by what round the bout ends in. There are also some betting markets that are a mixture of the two factors. But here are some of the most popular wagers that you can expect to find on the sportsbooks.

Match Odds- When it comes to betting on any sport, the most common option for punters is simply laying a stake on the winner of the matchup. Boxing is no different, and the most common betting market can be found in the match odds market. Here, punters can place a wager on one of three outcomes. The draw is also an option, but it is an incredibly rare outcome in the world of boxing.

The bet is settled when the fight is over. If the boxer you have bet on loses, then the stake is lost. You can get better odds if you bet on the method of victory. Will Fight go to Distance — The distance refers to the maximum number of rounds a match can have. In professional boxing, that number of rounds is usually twelve; amateur boxing, on the other hand, almost always has a maximum of three or four rounds.

Total Number of Rounds — Not every time a fight lasts till the end, sometimes one of the boxers gets KO-ed. And you can bet in which round the match is going to end. Winner of the Round — Each round of a boxing match is judged individually. A boxer may win eleven rounds only to get KO-ed in twelfth round and lose the match.

Because of all this, some sportsbooks allow 3-way betting on individual rounds. Parlays — Same as with betting on any other sport, you can make parlays with boxing matches as well. You can put several wagers on a single ticket, thus increasing the potential amount of the money you can win. Multi-Bets — Some sportsbooks allow making parlays using different markets from the same fight. For example, you can bet on the match-winner, the number of rounds, as well as the victory method and put all three wagers on one ticket.

Live Betting — When watching a fight live, you can see whether a boxer has the energy to finish off the opponent. And you can use that observation to win yourself some money. All you got to do is bet live on that event. History of Boxing Betting in USA Some of the biggest sporting events of the year take place in the squared circle, and these events are always some of the most bet on throughout the year.

The American public have had a famous history with the sport, and the home of boxing has always been in the USA. The history of the sport stemmed back in New York before the transformation allowed the most significant fights to take place in Las Vegas. The move to Sin City added a greater level of expectancy on these bouts, with many punters quick to learn how to bet on boxing.

Nowadays, the biggest fighters prefer to fight in Vegas, and we have seen Floyd Mayweather Jr, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder all preferring to box in the Nevadan desert. The betting options available to punters is staggering for these events, and there is no stone unturned. The higher profile fights such as Fury vs Wilder or any Canelo fight will also offer prop bets such as round betting, method of victory, fight to go the distance and more.

Boxing Money Line Betting With a money line bet you simply bet on which fighter will win the match and your potential winnings are determined by the odds associated with each fighter. Bets on the favorite will obviously payout less than the same bets on the underdog. Here is an example using a potential bout between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua: In this potential fight Tyson Fury is the favorite with odds of Boxing betting is a straight forward as it gets.

Place a wager on which boxer you think will win the match and if their arm is raised after the bout your bet is a winner. Boxing Prop Betting There are many other bets you can make on the higher profile boxing fights. For example you could bet on Canelo Alvarez to win by knockout or Canelo to win by decision. For example you could bet on Canelo to win in round 3. There are plenty of prop bets offered on the high profile fights.

If you have a good idea of how the fight could play out you can often get a much better return on your wager when betting props than just betting on the winner. Step 1.

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Oct 26,  · DraftKings. This is one of the leading online sports betting sites for most sports, and of course their New Jersey version has boxing betting. In DraftKings, it is possible to . Boxing Sportsbook Specials. GTBets - Here's a deal with some punching power! Deposit $ to $ and get a FREE dollar for dollar matching bonus at one of the web's best boxing betting . The first step to betting on boxing online is to choose the boxing betting site that offers the best value and has the types of boxing events you’re interested in betting on. Once you have .