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Crypto tax advisor

My experience ranges from working as an assistant accountant in a manufacturing firm to training in accounting software companies and training bookkeeping and business subjects at college. Prior to the start of , I was working in Sydney in an accounting software firm during the day, I loved the company and the people. I then went home to work on books and tax at night and on weekends.

I was able to do this as a single woman with almost adult children. Solve Accounting We provide cryptocurrency bookkeeping, tax reporting and ongoing support to investors, traders and businesses in the crypto industry.

Crypto tax management can be more than simply a once-off year-end tax report. We offer ongoing tax support to traders and investors with complex crypto transactions. We understand the practicalities of crypto investment and want to help. Nizam Dean has grown accustomed to his return clientele and has built long lasting relationships.

Why do they keep coming back? SPR Accounting Accounting services should not stop with your tax return and financial accounts. At SPR Accounting, our personalised service strives to help you understand the financial and tax side of your business and help you achieve your goals. Small businesses need not only an Accountant, but someone they can talk to about their business, whether things are going well or badly. That is why SPR Accounting does not charge by the hour, but by a yearly fee.

Swan Partners Swan Partners is a progressive service provider that is dedicated to providing high quality tax consultancy, bookkeeping and accounting services to individuals, sole-traders, partnerships, trusts, and companies. The team comprises experienced and motivated financial and taxation planning professionals who excel in providing outstanding customer service. Swan Partners has expanded, and is well respected in the community. Both of the partners have high quality skills, experience, and the expertise to meet the needs of clients.

The practice has earned respect and trust from its clients as reliable BAS agents, accounting and taxation service providers, and bookkeepers. They provide quality service at reasonable prices and in a friendly manner. Tax On Chain As financial services professionals, we witness first hand on a daily basis the antiquated processes and technology that cripples traditional financial channels, resulting in inefficient allocations of capital and, ultimately, slowing growth and development in the economy.

As superior decentralised markets have begun to gain adoption and reinvent the way in which market participants interact with one another, we have seen a growing demand for professionals that specialise in the area of decentralised finance and blockchain in general. Tax On Chain was established with the vision to not only service individuals and businesses engaging in crypto related activities but to also work with professionals and regulatory bodies to help guide appropriate regulations and tax policies that will produce fair outcomes and will not unnecessarily inhibit development and innovation.

Our experience and training in the accounting industry will help you determine how much we can help you and your business with your taxation requirements. We possess a vast array of skills that are utilised when preparing your Annual Tax Return to provide you with the maximum benefit possible. Our scope is much broader than just the preparation of tax returns, we can suggest you different ways to minimise your expenses and reduce your overall tax liabilities.

Not only that, we also offer services for Business Activity Statements BAS , handle all your superannuation matters, business registration and the management of family trusts. On top of that, we are constantly developing forward both ourselves and our services. The clients we advise on a daily basis appreciate our reliability and vision as well as our expertise in new technologies. Let us assist you with managing your cross-border tax affairs and optimising your wealth and succession planning.

Does your business model build upon disruptive technologies and are you looking for the right support? In that case: act with us. Enzinger Steuerberatung Enzinger Steuerberatung specializes in the taxation of crypto assets. We work with various well-known crypto companies and assist numerous individuals in filing their tax returns taking into account their income from crypto assets. We assist our clients with entering their transactions correctly in Coinpanda.

Canada 3M Accounting We pride ourselves in helping individuals file their annual personal income tax returns as efficiently as possible. We understand that income tax filing can be a dreaded task that is often procrastinated on which is why we try to make the process as easy as possible for our valued clients. We pride ourselves in helping individuals file their annual personal income tax returns as efficiently as possible. Our team of professionals aim to educate and familiarize each client with the tax regulations pertaining to them, in order to maximize their filing benefits.

We want to change the Canadian small business sector by providing small business owners with an accurate, tax-compliant financial report that they can use to make a meaningful decision to grow their business. As an all-Canadian network, we have a longstanding reputation for value-added audit, tax and advisory solutions, due to the depth and breadth of our in-house skills, customized offerings and service excellence. Through our strong network infrastructure, shared expertise, resources and offices across the country, our independent member firms provide clients ranging in size from large, publicly traded companies to owner-managed and emerging businesses with a full complement of professional services across every major industry sector.

Beauregard Accounting Beauregard Accounting Inc. We are a small team of bookkeepers, tax preparers, and an accountant. We recently expanded to Burlington and St. Keeping track of all crypto sales and purchases is very important to calculate your Capital gains income correctly. We follow the tax news around the Crypto industry very closely. We can set you up with the right tools to automate your Crypto tax compliance. We understand that Crypto investors have no problem in paying taxes if they just had the right tools in their corner.

This is where CapexCPA can really help you accelerate. Cole CPA Group With a blend of an analytical and creative professional style, Lenard Cole is a different kind of accountant; one that is compelled to bring up the hard questions to help uncover hidden profits in your business.

His clients are the best at what they do, and they know to work with an expert to consult with and coach them. Correcords Bookkeeping Entering the world of crypto can be both exciting and overwhelming, as there is so much to learn. On top of that, how do you keep track of all your crypto transactions and taxes? Correcords Bookkeeping simplifies the crypto tax implications and planning so that you can focus on making those sweet gains.

They understand the highs and lows of investing in crypto, as some of their team members also engage and invest in the crypto space, in areas of passive and active investing, NFTs, DeFi yield farming, mining and trading. Each aspect comes with its own complexities and it requires a strong understanding of that space before engaging in sorting out the tax implications.

Let Correcords Bookkeeping assist you in becoming a successful crypto investor. Our service is focused on being professional, efficient, and providing you with a stress free experience! As of July , we have shifted to a fully remote firm-providing services to our clients through the use of a highly secure encrypted portal for document submissions and e-signing. We also have remote options for consultations and meetings through video platforms like Zoom, and of course, the trusty old telephone method!

Deixis As crypto currencies become increasingly accepted by the mass market, government bodies will and have already started implementing auditing procedures to control this new asset class and to make sure that investors are fulfilling their tax obligations. This adds a level of complexity to the tax preparation of crypto currency.

The fact is your crypto currency investment may be subject to gains and losses in the eyes of the CRA. We help you understand your options and make the most optimal investment decisions. Forte Innovations Launched in , Forte Innovations powers the financial back office for startups and small to medium businesses.

We are focused on delivering a customer experience next to no other. When you work with us, you get a team of crypto and traditional finance experts who take the work off your plate—so you can focus on your business. Gautron Management Services Inc.

Looking for experienced tax return preparation? Need a U. Are you a self-employed individual? Dealing with crypto-currency? Our services now included U. These services have been integral to our sense of community and our success. Our tax professionals are qualified to prepare federal, provincial, foreign and local tax returns. We work with you year-round to plan a strategy that will minimize your total tax burden.

He is an evidence-based decision maker whose areas of expertise include forensic accounting, account reconciliation, tax preparation, and business management. MetaCounts We were inspired to start MetaCounts after seeing the growing problem of compliance confusion around Crypto. Investors and Crypto entrepreneurs instead of focusing on generating returns and making their projects thrive were trying to figure out compliances without much help from accounting community who themselves were trying to wrap their head around it.

We recognized this pain was universal. MyBookly We are a turnkey accounting and bookkeeping practice that offers a full spectrum of financial services that meet your needs. From personal to corporate taxes, daily bookkeeping with monthly or quarterly financial statements, and being your CFO at a fraction of the price.

We can help you turn your business around. Every company needs strong financial leadership to improve its operation and process. We deliver value by managing the day to day work related to finance and accounting. We also provide vision and strategy to business owners and management by understanding your business and optimizing your finances. We specialize in the taxation of estates, corporations, and individuals. We provide services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

A complete range of core accounting and specialized services. Rodina Professional Corporation Over a decade ago, we began Rodina Professional Corporation with a simple idea: to provide detailed and accurate financial reporting. Over the last decade, we have grown in size and scope. We now offer various services, including accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and other related consulting services. Over the last decade, we have had a keen focus on providing personalized service to our clients.

We pride ourselves on being responsive and approachable, understanding that you may have questions or need tax advice beyond your income taxes. We deliver only what a Chartered Professional Accountant can. As clients appreciated working with our firm, more referrals were happening and our firm continuously grew in size. We are the first blockchain accountants in Canada and have been working with a lot of different companies from the Co-founder of Ethereum, to bitcoin mining companies, investors, developers, and other blockchain start-up ventures.

We assist many clients and companies in Canada and the USA. Our tax accountants are qualified to offer many valuable services as tax experts. We are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of taxation and can help you determine ways to maximize your benefits. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail today to receive a quote. Through our custom-tailored services, we transform traditional industry methods to deliver superior quality, convenience, and results for our clients.

Our extensive knowledge of the Canadian tax system allows us to create opportunities while thoroughly following tax rules to ensure compliance with the Canada Revenue Agency. You are the boss in our eyes. We empower you to ask the right questions. Everything we do in every level of work is clear and understandable.

Your financial growth and health is our priority. Even more so, we also cooperate with several law offices and are sure to be helpful in providing assessments or evaluations related to finances and support in various court proceedings. Our services are targeted toward customers who value a personal approach and a professional level of service. Since the wishes and needs of each customer are unique, our plans of activities and price offerings are always tailored to the requests of each individual customer.

They are generally individuals who engage in buying, selling, and exchanging virtual currency for profit. But they are considered to carry out a trade or business by carrying out a significant volume of transactions in order to make money off of increases in value.

How We Can Help You We advise all types of cryptocurrency users on opportunities to reduce your taxes, simplify your information gathering and reporting, and structure your operations for tax-efficiency. Your status as a miner, investor, dealer, or trader determines whether your income will be treated as self-employment income, investment income, or business income.

It also determines which deductions you can claim, the tax rates that will apply, and the tax-saving opportunities available to you. Miners, investors, dealers, or traders come to us with different needs, and we provide tax support tailored to their specific situations. Ready for a free discovery call?

We can also determine how and when you should report crypto activities on your tax returns. Book it Now Tax Advice for Cryptocurrency Investors For many investors, the biggest tax challenge is obtaining the right data and figuring out how to translate those data into transactions on your tax returns.

Most exchanges currently provide comma-separated values CSV files in an Excel spreadsheet that detail all crypto transactions for the owner of the cryptocurrency. The IRS is dedicating very specific resources to figure out how the exchanges should report this information through informational reports such as Forms or S. Until that reporting is implemented, taxpayers must calculate the gains and losses related to crypto transactions themselves.

At The Wolf Group, we have a dedicated team of tax preparers who have significant experience with financial recreation such as this. Tax Advice for Cryptocurrency Traders Often, being classified as a trader can provide significant tax benefits. In addition to tax advice and planning, we can help you with: Tax return preparation to report cryptocurrency activities and transactions Assistance in recreating financial records, obtaining acceptable valuations, and reconstructing data on taxable crypto events Assistance with reporting of taxable transactions related to Initial Coin Offerings ICOs on individual or business returns Tax reporting for children with crypto holdings Qualified Amended Returns QAR under Rev.

If you hold cryptocurrency in an online wallet on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges , then you may also need to report it on another form on your tax return: Form , Report of Specified Foreign Financial Assets.

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Jul 9,  · Short-term crypto gains on purchases held for less than a year are subject to the same tax rates you pay on all other income: 10% to 37% in , depending on your federal . by Dynamic Tax Professionals LLC is your trusted source for expert . AdTrade crypto plus stocks, options, futures, bonds, funds and more on one platform. Crypto commissions are only % with no hidden spreads or markups.