alpha and beta males and females in the workplace
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Alpha and beta males and females in the workplace cryptocurrency graphs aud

Alpha and beta males and females in the workplace

Beta males also tend to be more emotionally expressive than their alpha counterparts, wearing their hearts on their sleeves. This can be a strength, as it allows them to form deep connections with others, but it can also be seen as a weakness by some. Beta males are often the peacemakers in any group, always looking for ways to keep everyone happy. While this can be admirable, it can also mean that beta males often avoid conflict, even when it is necessary.

This can lead to them being taken advantage of or not getting their own needs met. This loyalty can lead to them being taken advantage of, both emotionally and financially. They Respect Leadership There are a few key characteristics that differentiate beta males from their alpha counterparts. One of the most notable is the way they view and treat those in positions of leadership.

Beta males respect authority and are more likely to follow than lead. Whatever the reason, their lack of aggression means that they are often seen as less threatening and more cooperative than alpha males. This can be an asset in many workplaces or other environments where teamwork is important. Beta males also tend to be more easygoing, which can make them better at mediating disagreements between others.

They may be passive or avoidant in their communication, which can make it difficult to get their point across. Additionally, they may struggle to express themselves clearly and concisely, which can lead to misunderstandings. As a result, beta males may have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships. They often have poor self-esteem. Beta males often lack confidence and have poor self-esteem.

This can be a result of their poor communication skills, as well as their overall passive nature. Additionally, beta males may feel like they are not good enough or that they do not deserve success. More often than not, what is described as "alpha" are the dopes fighting on the front lines while the "betas" are leading them. Either grow out of this childish, sophomoric thinking or forever be bound by it.

Most women with half a brain in their heads loathe "alpha" males after age I didn't read all of them. Anyway, I just want to say this: different people can have different opinions on what constitutes alpha-ness. To me, a real alpha male should be kind and compassionate, and with a "presence".

It's pretty hard to describe but I will know it when I see it. Its simplistic and superficial. In other words, it appears the terms "alpha" and "Beta" are self-serving terms used by people to specifically boost their own egos, while at the same time putting down others.

Second, to the degree people actually use those terms in a way that isn't self-serving, they are used simplistically and superficially because very, very few people would fit entirely in the category of Alpha or Beta. I mean, I can actually imagine very good noble reasons in wanting to influence people, but that is not the impression I get from the kind of "influence" when talking about "alphas".

You can be Alpha in Canada but when you come to Africa, you find yourself somewhere below beta. Just as we can say that every city has its mad people, but the degree of madness is what differs. Got goals? Got experience? Everyone has it and there's no reason to talk about them until asked. Want something? Go get it. Why are you talking about it? Need permission? From who? Be cool, calm. There is no one to impress. You are doing everything for yourself, getting experience, completing tasks.

We are all the same. It's just that some people need to show it and some just don't care. The females who have, never forget them. Other alpha males came by who were bigger, stronger, more attractive and more intriguing than I was. I remember reading this article a while ago before everything changed, and in hindsight my view was completely different back then. About a year ago as an alpha, this article stroked my ego and made me feel even more self assured; now it throws me into a depression as i realize what I've lost and what I can't ever be again.

I think the article is a bit off. Alpha male dominance characteristics don't depend on social ranking, size or even physical attractiveness; rather, they depend on ones self image. An alpha male is absolutely individualistic and confident regardless of whether he stands 5'3 and lives in the slum. He could care less whether or not girls want him or find his accomplishments amazing, and he's beyond seeking them out consciously.

He never struggles to fake disinterest in a female moreover because he simply doesn't care. If he's well dressed, he doesn't make a big deal about it, and if he's popular with girls he could care less. He could be friends with the most popular of people; he doesn't care. His girlfriend doesn't have to be a supermodel for him to feel validated.

None of those things define him. He sees himself as equal to everyone else. He doesn't add extra value to his accomplishments, and he never has to feign modesty. He's not excessively loud or demonstrative, but he can be if the situation calls for it. He can be anything he wants, yet he internalizes his shortcomings. I think that these were the characteristics that attracted women to me back when I was an "Alpha male," so to speak.

I think an alpha male can be best defined as someone who isn't even familiar with the term alpha male or any of the criteria mentioned in here. It's someone who is unsatisfied with copying others and more interested in simply doing his own thing. At least that's what I was until everything changed, and now here I am, a beta male perpetually terrified about what everyone else is thinking of him.

You know, like race and gender. That is all. Some years ago, an alpha may have been someone large enough to swing a broadsword. Then, years later, an alpha may have been someone slim yet innovative enough to create a black powder weapon. I think the alpha concept is kind of like society's round peg, round hole deal.

People will always defer to qualities that are important at the time. Let's face it -- if you were lost in the woods with Einstein and a tracker, the tracker would be the star of the play. So as it goes over centuries, it also goes over lifespans. Skills that pay the bills are not common in high school.

However, given enough time, degrees and graduate degrees add up to the ability to accumulate resources, which become much more attractive to the opposite sex than muscle. I don't think anyone would argue that insolence and irreverence or being a jerk off are qualities that lead to high earnings in the long run.

However, those qualities do seem to attract attention in high school. The high school alpha jock can crash and burn right after college, while the high school beta can graduate with honors and then go on to make a fortune and ultimately drive a company into the ground out of greed. Character, insecurity and human nature carry the day. The most 'Alpha' males as you guys put it are probably the guys with the shortest comments, usually with no anger, rage or not having to bash others.

I had alpha males out the wazoo. Frankly, all the posturing and plumage got to me. The constant strutting and aggression were a big turn-off. None of them seemed to respect any of us female nurses, or even seem to care if we were married. I had the jerks making passes at me even when they discovered I was pregnant! There was no depth to them, no intelligence, no substance, just a never-ending one upmanship. My husband was a Vietnam era fighter pilot and 25 years older than I was, but he never was into the Top Gun mentality, just a draftee that was selected for pilot training and a beta male that was always a good husband and father; a bookish, introspective guy who had never been a chest-thumper and had never strutted a day in his life.

Most of us nurses in the field reached a consensus: give us the beta males every time. Alpha males are high maintenance and the male version of high school mean girls. Where exactly does the difference in the Alpha-Beta classes lie? Psychological, physical, sexual? I doubt that there are men so varied in these regards that you can just sort them into categories. Assuming that just because animals "appear" to have some sort of superior-inferior structure does not mean that it also applies to humans, only making it more likely that this is so.

Some of what is mentioned by others is completely useless- intelligence prevails over strength almost any time. If an Alpha male is chosen by sheer physical strength, what is to say that the Beta male cannot bring a weapon in the situation that they need to fight. Now the fight shifts into the Beta male's favor, and he wins the fight, and the Alpha male is in hospital or worse.

So who exactly is the Alpha male in that situation? The man who had a natural chance to win should they both play fairly, or the man who ultimately wins by cunning and deception? No amount of muscle defends against a blade. Only the smart person will bring a blade to a fistfight. Others will judge it more mentally. Okay, let's forget about the physical build that the Alpha male worked so hard to get to and the Beta male did not bother to try to acquire.

For a true Alpha male to exist, he needs to be able to adapt. The Alpha male of ancient times- the hunter, gatherer- is useless in today's context of business and profit and vice versa. It is impossible that people would be created to have a natural talent in all regards, hence, the Alpha male stereotype is likely to change as time passes.

I believe it is the smart man who prevails in all situations. Charisma and intelligence allows men to have other men subservient to them. People have mentioned Hitler as an example- the strengths of millions became his strengths through his charismatic qualities. He did not have physical strength personally, but he had world changing strength literally. If I'm charismatic and intelligent, I can merely get others to fill in the spaces in which I am lacking. The physically strong man etc lacks the ability to do such.

Hence, I believe it is safe to say that the leaders of the world are the closest to true Alpha males -- people who may fit the steoreotype are ultimately subservient to them. The leaders absorb the strength of those underneath them, but those underneath do not share the strength of those above. During my teenage years, I had strong control over all of my friends.

They did as I said and I never did as they said. I was intelligent enough to smooth talk my way out of trouble almost every time. I was the one holding the cards over the others, and so, unintentionally I am likely to be Alpha- or at least, the Alpha of my "pack". Others are claiming it to be confidence. Confidence often works both ways; it makes people commit both mistakes and successes. Confidence is not so much a positive factor. I consider it neutral.

The shy person who has the least confidence will miss potential successes, but also misses potential failures. I find that there is nothing superior about either. Dictators and terrorists are probably closer to "Alpha" than the "successes" of today. These are people who defy the odds pushing forwards their agenda, no matter what the cost.

Most people are weak willed and so rally behind one person. It is natural that they find that person to be "Alpha" otherwise they would have no incentive to follow them. Following someone you believe is inferior to yourself is counter-productive. Hence, those who are followed by the most people -- willingly -- are the closest to true "Alphas". Any man who proclaims himself to be an Alpha simply because he is the leader in his family is merely false; he has no influence outside of his own house.

His control exists only within the radius of a few people. He is ultimately nothing. Are we lucky because they are not common or should we be worried? And is our society well balanced? It's like you're a different species, almost. It is more than just the perception that you are more intelligent, or better looking, or more physically fit.

It is that you are. The challenges in the life of someone who is an alpha are struggles against groups of betas or omegas who have found ways to adapt as a group. You spend your whole life dodging snipes in every facet of life from people who are afraid to compete directly with you. Most of the time you won't even know where the bullets are coming from as the social networks acts as a shroud for passive-aggressive, cooperative behavior. Ironically, you spend that time wishing someone could compete directly with you so that you could really shine.

The only real comforting thought is that if they have to work together just to hold you back, that you are better. An alpha needs to emulate being a beta just to compete in most walks of life. To be honest, I feel like that's an improvement on the basic alpha characteristic set, though. An alpha emulating a beta gets the best of both worlds. Oh yeah, sure, they strike fear in my heart, but that doesn't change the fact that they look stupid to me when they think violence is going to make me believe in their opinions.

It never does, and when they realize that I fully realize all they are -- just people who won a genetic lottery. They're often the dumb ones who know they're dumb but have no reason to give a crap because people flock to them and treat them exactly how they want to be treated.

Either way, life is great if you're an alpha, and to hell with everyone else, especially those who are considerably weaker in any way and for any reason. Death to the weak, and hail the undeserving alphas because the weak are too stupid or frightened to say what they truly feel in person.

Understand this and you will not waste your time debating this. It can be positive or negative; you put on the spin. In post , the description is perfect. To be subconsciously in sync with a man whose mere presence makes you feel protected, secure, and safe? No fidgety, nerdy Chicken Little who panics at every stressor is going to do that for you.

And oh yes, there is a lid for that pot, too. There are women just looking for the passive nervous nellie who needs a Wendy to take care of the fort so he can be off for his Peter Pan adventures. I see this all the time. So no one can throw all the ingredients in the cupboard into the soup and expect to have anything that tastes even close to good. You girls out there know what an alpha is. You sense it.

You know it. You want it. It feels good. It makes you feel more feminine and you like it. Too bad I picked them in reverse order. I should have gone for the passive one first. I would probably still be married to the alpha. For those of you who think these nerdy nice guys are going to treat you better, think again. If you have a significantly longer ring finger than pointer finger, you are alpha, if not you're a beta.

Alphas, due to their higher T levels, usually have an easier time building muscle and are more athletic, but that is the only real difference between an alpha and a beta. Betas can be very dominant, have leadership abilities, deep voices, have masculine-looking faces, etc.

At the end of the day, though, it's all about ring finger length. For example, I'm an alpha even though I'm short and have a slightly higher voice. What I've found is that there are many betas who have a built-in insecurity about being betas because of articles like this who try to mimic alpha behaviors and end up looking like they're trying too hard.

This is how you have so many pick-up truck driving, tattoo wearing, piercing-having, tough, blustering guys out there who pretend to be alphas. A real alpha just is. He doesn't have to pretend, or impress anyone. He's usually the 'adult in the room' who is fair-minded and treats everyone with respect, from the janitor to the business owner. Real alpha traits are being relaxed, speaking slower, more confidence not faked cockiness , have a higher degree of naturally occurring muscle tone as well as higher degree of naturally-occurring male pheromone.

But other than that, everything else is variable. Women tend to respond to alphas because alphas make women feel at ease. They don't try to impress women with conversational gymnastics, but will go up to women, remain in their space for prolonged periods of time without asking permission, or particularly saying much, and then calmly ask about mundane things, or make banal statements. Everything that might sound boring if said by someone else becomes more interesting when an alpha says it purely because they speak slower and let it sink in.

As far as alphas making worse husbands, this is not necessarily true. I think the problems arise when an alpha male is paired with a beta female. Alpha males and alpha females also beta males and beta females tend to understand each other on a subconscious level more so than mixed couples. Same with alpha males and other alpha males who are friends in a friendship.

I believe this comes from a deep-seeded insecurity and envy. With other alpha male friends, I have no such problems. We understand each other as equals and never try to dominate one another for any reason. I don't think betas have anything to be envious about because they have their own positive traits that make them compelling in a variety of ways intellectual, strong personality, ambitious, attractive etc.

Alphas have their own traits as well, so it all evens itself out. One thing is for sure: whenever you see that muscular guy in a beat-up car who doesn't seem to care, he's most likely an alpha. There's nothing of Nazi thought in discussing inborn tendencies. The Nazis were nationalists first and foremost.

They then enthusiastically espoused the concept of eugenics, which is, essentially, selective breeding of humans for "desirable" traits. They believed they were the master race because they thought Aryans were just naturally superior to every other race, period. Eugenics just gave them an excuse to commit atrocities. Many other western nations also embraced eugenics, although not to the extent that Nazi Germany did -- fortunately. Implying that an article is nazist because it says some tendencies may be inborn just doesn't make sense.

And since most of the writers on this site are from the U. I'll even agree with you that Americans do have the unfortunate tendency to make everything into a competition, but it's not paranoia. I'd call it more of a cultural construct.

I got it! Alpha males equal male whores. Beta males equal men to marry. So ladies, let's party a lot with the alphas and then marry betas! Just like they do with us! What an idiotic, sexist article, with nazist tendencies. To say people born with this or with that is the basis of nazism, and it's too American culture oriented.

Besides, this alpha x beta thing is an obvious extension of the American obsession of the loser versus winner paranoia. At best we can say that some people are just lucky. Some people have good looks, money, athletic ability, intelligence, or whatever. To attempt a classification of it is not only inaccurate, it seeks to overturn human civilization as we knew it.

Western society is filled with them and if you do not believe it turn on the television. JFK seems to be one of the best examples of the alpha male. In fact, most American presidents seem to fit the role. It has more to do with the ability to achieve power, control, wealth and status. Men like this live charmed lives: achieving high success as measured by society.

I doubt we will hear much from someone who is an alpha type, since it is not part of their self concept to discuss themselves in an open way. They are doers and have much better things to do than look up information about psychological models of behavior. I also believe that many can have sociopathic tendencies. In fact, it is quite common in the business world. I would suggest almost all CEO's fit the alpha male model. Although I think now about Bill Gates, who seems more likely to be the beta type personality.

Alphas have one glaring weakness unless they mature: they are always right and as such, cannot grow as human beings. Some of the alphas who have deeper aspects of self overcome this to become well-rounded individuals. I am more the beta type, and finding personal success outside the western model is a rather difficult and lonely path. I do admit to sometimes being dazzled by the glitz and wishing I had some of it but I have no talents to achieve that, nor would I find it fulfilling for long anyway.

It is interesting reading the comments here and seeing how polarized they are. I wonder if some of the extremely negative comments come from the would-be alphas who could not make the cut. I do not mind labels, myself. In fact, I find a certain validation in noticing similarities in the ideas of differing models of myself. I can see some of this beta concept in me. My psychiatrist puts the label Bipolar Disorder on me, which has some truth to it as well.

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