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Online betting greyhounds

You can either choose a state-based site, or you can go with an offshore site. Both of these options are legal for you to choose, and both can be good choices depending on the actual site. So it all boils down to the differences. For instance, a site located and regulated in the USA may have better payment options for you to try out. It may also be easier to watch the events in live-time, streaming on the PC. Lastly, it will be easier for you to do your homework on the site, looking up licensing and regulation info.

For an international site, based offshore, you can also still get some benefits. For example, there are hundreds more of these racebooks in existence, so it should be easier to find more lucrative bonuses and promotions, if only by sheer number. In fact, every one of the USA friendly online sportsbooks we recommend offer an online racebook. Also, you may find more races, as you might be able to find local races happening at international locations.

At the end of the day, the type of site you choose is up to you. What we suggest is that you allow Legal Betting Online to do the homework on the sites and to point you in the right direction. You get the final say on whichever site you end up going with, but we will make an effort to lead you to a great home for your gambling.

What to Look For in a Quality Racebook for Greyhounds No matter the avenue you decide to explore here, either going with our suggestions or branching out on your own, there are certain things that you should be looking for in a quality racebook. The site on which you choose to play will go a long way to determining whether you win or lose, or whether you can place the types of bets conducive to winning.

Some of the things you should be looking for in a quality racebook include: A wide assortment of greyhound races, preferably offered to you in streaming format A long list of betting options, like the ones we have listed above A lot of people gambling so that the pooled money is always solid A strong security presence so you know you're safe when playing there A great customer support staff that can handle your inquiries A range of payment options that cater explicitly to you A high payout rate, showing the racebook is really fair when people win A great reputation with its customer base, e.

You simply have to look around to find one, or you can simply follow our lead and allow us to point you in the right direction of a great racebook. That's what we're here for, after all: To be your eyes and ears, guiding you through the steps and helping you win cash money.

How States Handle Their Greyhound Legislation The facts here can seriously confuse anyone unversed in the political double-speak and typical gambling lingo found via state legislation. We will decode it for you the best we can, and we hope you see that it breaks down to simplistic things. For instance, let's first start with live racing. Dog racing is illegal in 38 states. That's right; a lot of states have banned the physical sport. And even in some states where it isn't illegal per the letter of the law, like Kansas and Oregon, they have still shut down all dog tracks.

The issue here is that too many people were complaining about dogs being treated poorly. However, if you look more closely at their specific laws, you will see that even some states—like Arizona, oddly enough—that have on-location greyhound betting have actually opted out of Internet-based gambling. Speaking of Internet gambling, only a few states ban this.

Yeah, as you can see, it can be confusing. Greyhound racing is treated as two separate sports based on whether it's online or on location. And some states that ban it online allow it on-location, and vice versa, and some states don't give it much thought at all. It can be a lot to take in, but look at it this way: You can gamble on greyhound racing, even from a state where it is banned online, so long as another site accepts you.

As long as you find a legal location for gambling, you can bet there. Our US state gambling guide goes into specific laws that apply to each state and also offers a list of legal greyhound betting sites available to players from any particular locale. Reasons States Aren't Thrilled About Greyhound Racing In less than a ten-year period, the state of Massachusetts alone received over complaints to the Humane Society about the living conditions of dogs.

Reports were coming out that dogs were kept in cages for 20 hours a day, not allowed to roam around. And for decades there have been reports about rampant breeding of greyhounds leading to slower dogs that owners don't want being abused, killed, or sold off via puppy mills. While some of these reports may be exaggerated, the objective reality is that puppy mills and the like do exist, and that complaints were actually filed, followed up on, and viewed as credible by many states who acted to ban on-location racing.

There has been a dark cloud of rumors surrounding horses, too. For decades now, even showcased on nationally broadcast networks like HBO, reports have been flying out about the ill treatment of horses: Breeding too many of them, shipping them down to Mexico for food, and everyone knows about the old "glue factory" saying. However, Americans' love affair with dogs and horses aren't even similar.

All dogs to go heaven, as the movie says. In a recent poll on Fox News, roughly a quarter of people polled said they would rush back into a burning building to save their pet dog, and save that dog instead of an actual person! Domesticated, and with the moniker of man's best friend, dogs are treated by many Americans like a legitimate part of the family.

Government knows what a hot-button topic this is, and so too do we. We are not comfortable getting into all of these things. It is nasty stuff to think about. However, we want to give you the most accurate picture possible on why government is so strict against on-location racing, though not on online racing.

With races in Scotland and England, the Derby is the showpiece event of the sporting calendar for punters all over the country. Greyhound odds — free tips sport is the place to be for daily greyhound odds, tips and news. Our experts have delved into the data and pored over the stats to make big predictions and preview major race meets.

Find up-to-date articles and guides on the sport blog , with greyhounds racing taking place all over the world. The simplest way is to pick an outright winner. Betting on the dog that finishes first is as straightforward as it gets. How often do greyhound favourites win?

Greyhound favourites are the pre-race picks for a reason. They usually have the best record, the finest form and access to top trainers. Stats show that the favoured race winner often brings home the bacon.

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Ethereal form druid The likelihood of predicting three selections in a row is very small, which is why this type of bet should be used by the most seasoned bettors. The more you know about betting and the genre in general, the better your odds are of click winning money. The register comprises information on the company owners and the types of transactions for which they hold a licence. How Dog Races Work Greyhound racing is similar to Thoroughbred and Harness racing, except that dogs are used in place of horses and jockeys. Online betting greyhounds Requires you to pick the two greyhounds that finish first and second in a specific race.
Elisabeth vigee lebrun exhibition place Another interesting aspect of pari-mutuel wagering is that the odds are not fixed ahead of time. Across the Board bet — with this type of bet, you are making online betting greyhounds bets on one dog: Win, place and show. Treble: The same as a double but including a third greyhound to win a third race. What is an alternative to greyhound betting? The most recommended type of bet for beginners is the single bet, while more experienced bettors could try out multiples bets.
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There you will see a wide variety of tracks, with a bunch of times for all of the races at these tracks during the day. Click on the race and time you want to bring up the runners and the odds. Then go ahead and place your bets. Check the betting options section below to learn more about betting on the Greyhounds online.

Greyhounds Betting Options Greyhound betting is very similar to horse race betting in that parimutuel betting is used. That being said Bet also offers fixed odds for many of the greyhound races so you can choose whether to bet the fixed odds against Bet or bet using the parimutuel betting system.

Naturally it doesn't pay as much as a trifecta straight bet. Superfecta - perhaps the hardest bet there is, a superfecta bet is when you pick the exact order of four different dogs in the same race, th place. Tri-Super Bet - with this bet type, you will select a winning trifecta for one race, and then exchange that ticket for a superfecta in the next race. Winning this bet can be incredibly lucrative.

Daily Double - with a daily double, you will bet in advance of the races and select the dog s you think will win for two consecutive races. Jackpot Bet - this is where you will pick six winners in six races. The odds here become much more like a lotto, so it's very affordable to place this wager. Your odds of winning are slim. Parlay - maybe one of the most popular bets per vernacular, a parlay is a multiple bet where you will make selections on two races or more, and if you win on the first you will roll your bets over parlay them to the next race for a shot at a huge payday.

Pick 3, or 6 - this is when you select the winning dog for each of 3 or 6 races. Is Greyhound Racing Moral? This is important to some gamblers due to a lot of misinformation online that paints greyhounds as victims of abuse and over-breeding puppy mills. While there are documented instances of this, there have been great strides taken within the genre to really clean things up.

Today's greyhounds are closely monitored and have pretty comfortable lives. They live in the open, as opposed to in cages, they eat very well, and most of their time is spent playing and running. Like thoroughbred race horses, a greyhound instinctively knows that it's supposed to run. This is the dog's life. Racing the animal is in no way immoral in itself. And thanks to a lot of activist groups calling attention to the genre, greyhounds today are monitored and are treated very well in comparison to how the sport used to be.

So if you're having any moral hang-ups about betting on greyhounds, just know that the sport has really cleaned its act up and that greyhounds are treated very well today. Whereas betting more of your stack, or even your entire stack, could result in busting you in a single day. Now you're down, and you think you have good odds going into the next race.

This is backward thinking. Sure, the math adds up, but you need to factor in what it costs to lose. Chasing losses can quickly become a downward spiral, and even huge stacks can dwindle under the weight of the chase. Not too much, but you can actually leverage this.

Winning on either bet of a smaller amount pays more because these bets are longer odds.

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US Greyhound Racing Betting. Best Greyhound Racing Betting Sites And Apps. $ Deposit Bonus Bonus Code: BET Get Bonus. $ Deposit Bonus Promo Code: STAKES Get . To put a very fine point on it, greyhound betting online is legal in the United States. The finer details can be complex, but the important thing to remember is that it's legal for you to wager . AdDraft Your Favorite NFL Players and Create Your Lineup Now for a Shot at Big Prizes! Play Free for $1 Million With a $5 Deposit or More. Join a Contest & Make Your NFL Picks!