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Best international sports betting sites elizabeth place mobile al

Best international sports betting sites

However, if a company wants to offer online betting to players, they must have a brick-and-mortar establishment actually set up in the country. The Belgian Gambling Commission continue to keep close tabs on the legislation, with many operators prepared to have a land-based operation for the sake of accepting online bets, while there is a demand for horse racing betting and soccer within this territory as well as playing online casino games.

Belize Belize is a country which has moved with the times. Taking their lead from Caribbean nations, they have been fairly quick to grant licenses to e-gaming companies and therefore legalise the process. It means that customers can bet with offshore operators, although they are quirkily prohibited from opening an account with a state-run bookmaker.

Benin Benin is one of the more advanced African countries when it comes to land-based gambling. There are bricks and mortar casinos dotted up and down the land along with a state lottery. There is also a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to offshore operators. This means that customers can place wagers with any bookmaker without any legal repercussions.

Bhutan Any resident in Bhutan is heavily restricted by where they can gamble. The only route available is the state lottery, with sports betting and casino currently illegal when it comes to land-based operations and online. Bolivia Bolivia has recently made moves towards online gambling legalisation, appreciating that this would represent a positive step for a relatively poor country. Customers are already able to bet with offshore operators and visit land-based casinos, although regulation would ensure that a select number of bookmakers would be able to earn a license instead.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina are one of the European countries which is undefined as far as online betting is concerned. As such, bettors in this country are able to go ahead and place bets with their preferred overseas operator. There is no regulatory framework in place right now, with state-licensed sportsbooks also in operation.

Botswana Botswana is a country where gambling practices have been regulated although there are no specific gambling acts relating to this. Therefore, residents have to tread carefully when it comes to overseas operators.

However, the state makes provision for in-house gambling due to the land-based casinos dotted all over the country. Brazil Brazil is currently a country where customers are prohibited from indulging in the majority of gambling exercises. There are lotteries which are available through the state monopoly, while horse racing betting is also allowed under state supervision.

It tends to be the case that bookmakers who offer their service in Portuguese are popular with Brazil-based bettors, with no geo-restrictions in place so that means that residents are able to link through and open up accounts although there is no state protection. Brunei Brunei is not a country to be diced with when it comes to their anti-gambling laws. Any form of betting is strictly prohibited and there are harsh penalties for customers who attempt to bet on sports or play casino.

This Asian territory is fiercely opposed to gambling and there is no prospect of this changing any time soon. Bulgaria Online betting has been available in Bulgaria for a number of years, with overseas operators entering the market in when the regulation and licensing came into effect. Burkina Faso There are no state laws with regard to online betting in Burkina Faso. However, the vast majority of customers are unable to get broadband access or have a smartphone.

Therefore, the ones that do are in the position where they can access bookmaker websites. Land-based gambling is also legal and there is no attempt from the government to clamp down on any form of wagering that takes place. Burundi Burundi is a complicated country when it comes to betting. A political act was passed in which banned all forms of gambling, although there is still a national lottery called LONA which is in operation. There is also the fact that residents can access overseas betting websites and not be penalised, although no licensing looks to be on the cards here.

Cabo Verde All forms of gambling are currently allowed in Cabo Verde. This applies to customers wanting to bet or play casino at land-based establishments along with online wagering. The only way to play online casino is through overseas sites in order to protect the many bricks and mortar establishments, while the same applies to sports betting.

Cambodia Online gambling is legal in Cambodia for tourists and foreigners, although anyone residing in this country will only be able to gamble at commercial properties. A bill was recently passed which opened things up for patrons to have more choice when it came to sports and casino betting. This regulation is largely regarded as a good thing. Cameroon Cameroon is another grey country when it comes to gambling. Quite simply, there are no laws to govern whether residents are allowed to place bets.

The land-based gambling industry is in good health considering that the state have made moves to regulate operators who offer their services to customers. Canada Sports betting is legal in Canada and moves have recently been made to allow single game wagering. The passage of the C bill means that customers will no longer be compelled to place parlay bets when NBA and NHL betting and actually have the opportunity to place single bets which is commonplace in the United States.

There are ten provinces and three territories that will be affected by this legislation. They already offer sports multiples, casino and lottery, with the latter coming from five lottery commissions that exist in the country. What is likely to happen is the lottery commissions add single sports betting to their array of products. However, each province still has its own powers to decide which way to go when it comes to online sports betting.

It also need to be pointed out that there are no specific laws when it comes to Canadian customers placing online bets with offshore operators. Therefore, Canada online betting continues to be a grey market which means that customers are able to open accounts and place bets with overseas operators. However, they have no protection from the state should there be any issues. Central African Republic The Central African Republic is one of many African countries where there is no laws in place with regard to gambling.

It means that customers are free to place sports bets and play casino with overseas operators. Regulating online gambling is not a priority for a poor country and residents therefore have to accept their own level of risk. Chad Chad has a reputation for having plenty of burgeoning land-based casinos, with this African country having a legal and regulated market when it comes to the bricks and mortar establishments. All the physical places must obtain a license with which to operate, although online betting does not have any rules in place right now.

Chile The Chilean government have quite a tight hold over proceedings when it comes to betting. They have control over whether residents can bet with offshore operators and there are a number who have obtained a license which means they can accept bets from this South American country. China China is a country where gambling has been declared illegal for several decades. The state can be very harsh on individuals or operators that break the rules and there are measures to prohibit the population from betting online.

However, there have been instances of cross-border gambling and some leading operators find a loophole to generate revenues from this country. Macau is a special administrative region and that means that people can head to the many land-based casinos there to place wagers. This is regarded as the Las Vegas of the East, with many wealthy Chinese gamblers heading here to play at the roulette and blackjack tables. Colombia Colombia is a forward-thinking country when it comes to online sports betting and casino.

This South American state is fully legal and regulated, with players able to enjoy sports, casino and poker with a number of operators. Comoros The Comoros Islands are a fully licensed and regulated territory which means that customers have the green light to enjoy land-based and online betting in this country. Anjouan is the main island and they approve the virtual gambling license applications in return for a fee.

Therefore, customers take their own risks if they want to place bets, with no legal status likely to be in place for some time. There is the odd land-based casino in some of the bigger cities, although no formal licenses have ever been granted. Congo, Republic of the There is no legislation when it comes to the Republic of the Congo and customers can therefore bet at their own risk. There are plenty of overseas operators who aim to appeal to the population, although there can often be issues with facilitating payments and deposits.

The government have shown no appetite to pass any gambling bill. Costa Rica Residents of Costa Rica cannot gamble online right now. It is illegal to do so, with this rule applying to any games that have a random outcome. However, there are land-based casinos in this country where residents are able to visit, although there are a scarcity of land-based establishments.

There is something in place called Loterie National de Cote d'Ivoire which started out as a national lottery. In , the situation changed and customers were able to place sports and casino bets through the portal. Croatia Online gambling has been technically legal in Croatia since but remains a relatively grey area when it comes to online sports betting. However sports betting is regulated separately, and can only be played legally through the Croatian Lottery website.

This means that many global gambling companies have forgone trying to set up an operation, casino or otherwise, in Croatia, for the simple fact that it is exceptionally complicated and the taxation is high. Cuba Online gambling in Cuba is non-existent. Internet bandwidth restrictions, coupled with the fact that gambling is totally illegal, make it impossible to bet on sports online in the country.

Cyprus In Cyprus gambling is operated by the state to a limited extent. However, private operators are permitted to offer betting services there, subject to strict provision of Cypriot law. Horse racing, gaming machines, spread betting, dog racing and cryptocurrency gambling is not allowed on or offline in Cyprus. The Cypriot National Betting Authority is responsible for examining applications for licenses and supervising all online and offline betting operators on the island.

Czech Republic The Czech Republic legalised online betting activity in , yet there are only 3 operators currently allowed to operate online within the country. If you operate as a betting website in the Czech Republic you cannot offer any betting offers of any kind to players.

This means that offshore, unregulated gambling websites are utilised heavily by those within the Czech Republic, as they do offer bonuses. The Ministry of Finance , and some local municipal offices regulated gambling in the Czech Republic. Denmark Online betting in Denmark is legal and it has been getting more popular over the last few years, although the government of Denmark still maintains somewhat of a monopoly over the space. The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for regulating betting activity in the country.

The biggest operator in the country is Danske Spill, responsible for nearly two thirds of the online betting market. Unfortunately Danske Spill holds exclusive rights to offer horse and dog racing online, and as such many offshore operators have benefited from customers within Denmark seeking better prices and offers than the operator can provide.

Many larger online bookmakers, such as Bet, maintain a presence in Denmark with soccer, basketball betting and other sport offerings. In stricter gambling laws were introduced in Denmark, limiting the potential size of welcome bonuses at casino and betting sites.

However, in tandem with this there was some good news for Danish bettors, as the government also set operator-side limits on wagering requirements, reducing the barrier to accessing profits made using welcome bonuses. Djibouti It is extremely unclear whether or not it is legal to bet online in Djibouti.

Luckily for tourists, the laws only apply to residents of Dominica, and so if you are a tourist or expat without citizenship, you are allowed to play online at your preferred operator assuming they are available on the Island. Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is well known as a casino resort location, and the accessibility of land-based gaming is a serious driver of tourism within the country. In the Ministry of Finance of the Dominican Republic was first allowed to give out licenses for games of chance online.

Yet nowadays, there are very little regulations around online gambling within the Dominican Republic itself, despite the country being a preferred location for many online betting operators to base their businesses. Not many operators have their services up and running in the country - maybe in part because of the fact that only non-residents within the country over the age of 18 may engage in forms of online gaming.

In line with the anti-gambling laws there, no respectable online betting operator has tried to offer services in East Timor. Ecuador A referendum in dictated the closure of hundreds of land-based gambling establishments in Ecuador. Late in the 20th Century, lawmakers sought to ban online gambling, but eventually, public consensus grew behind legalization and regulation.

Check out our guide about the best Peruvian online sportsbooks and laws and regulations for sports betting in Peru. The online sports betting market remains unregulated, but online sports betting is legal. Find out how you can place sports bets online in Argentina by reading our in-depth guide. In countries with regulated gambling , citizens can wager on sports freely on the web without fear of breaking the law. These countries also allow bookmakers to set up shop inside their jurisdictions, providing the government with tax revenue.

Countries like the UK, which liberalized online sports betting early in its existence, have benefited from becoming early adopters. Benefits Of Regulated International Betting Markets The most important benefit is the security and legal recourse that citizens in these countries receive if something goes awry.

Bettors can use the legal system to recover funds if they feel they have been wronged by an online bookmaker or have not been paid their withdrawal requests. Payment processing is also much easier in these jurisdictions. Since credit card companies, banks, e-wallets, and other payment processors have a legal climate to operate under, there are many more options for players in regulated markets.

International Sports Betting Sites — Unregulated Markets Unregulated betting markets is a term we will define as a country where companies host online sports betting sites, and where betting online for citizens is either not legal a gray area or criminalized in some form. Issues With Unregulated Betting Markets Those betting in unregulated markets will have little recourse if they have a disagreement with a sportsbook operator.

Of course, if a sportsbook continually rips off players, it will be listed on rogue lists all over the internet, including our list of scam sportsbooks. This can make a poor operator go out of business and should help keep most bettors away from these bad guys. Another issue in unregulated jurisdictions is with payment processors. It varies depending on the region, but as a general rule, deposit and withdrawal options will be much scarcer in unregulated markets.

The best course of action is to do your research online. Placing bets and accepting wagers can be a serious crime in some countries, but this is quite rare in Western nations. In general, betting online will provide more anonymity and is much safer than betting with local bookies. Even if online sports betting is expressly illegal in certain countries or states — these laws are almost never enforced. They may look to seize domains names of sportsbook sites or charge operators criminally if they can do so, but going after individual bettors is almost never a priority.

For the most part, yes. Regulated sportsbooks will have stricter regulation and oversight compared to those in unregulated betting markets. Still, there are excellent options for those in unregulated markets.

Cashier options will differ by the sportsbook, along with deposit and payout speeds. International gambling sites will have different methods due to the laws in their areas or the areas where their customers are located. Most regulated sportsbooks are dominated by e-wallets, such as Neteller , Skrill , and in some regions, even PayPal.

These companies are the top gambling processors on the internet.

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This is seen in the secure encryption it uses to keep international players data safe and the licences to operate it holds from the UK Gambling Commission. As you would expect from an international site, it accepts players from all major countries and has a good range of currencies to gamble with. The customer support is decent here also and there are a wide range of way for international gamblers to deposit money into their account. This includes popular e-payment methods like Skrill. Customer support is legendary here and they even provide it in a few different languages which is a good touch.

Their site has a massive choice of global sports to bet on for international customers so you will always find something you are into. There is also a good cash out feature here which lets you cash your bet out to lock in profit or cut short losses. Even better for international players who win, they are known for quick payouts to any location on the planet. The reason for this is an easy to use site where everything is simple to find and clear.

It has licenses to operate in various markets around the planet which means it offers it sportsbook to all major countries except the U. The range of promotions is particularly good here such as insurance on accumulators and enhanced odds on games. It also has many one-off promotions to keep an eye out for. International players will also love the vast range of banking options at William Hill which means playing from anywhere on the planet is pretty easy.

It is mainly known for its football and horse racing betting so is perfect if this is your thing. Owned by GVC Holdings, it offers some decent sign-up bonuses to new players but also looks after existing ones as well. Things like extra horse racing places and free bets are commonly seen here.

This sportsbook also has very good live streaming and mobile functionality which makes keeping an eye on the games you bet on simple in any country. With a fun website to use and customer support which is always easy to get hold of, they are one of the best options for online sports betting. Although their sportsbook has played second fiddle to their casino-based sites in the past, this is fast changing for international players. This is also one site where U.

This site allows you to bet in-play on a huge range of global markets which is a good touch. It can also be played on iOS or Android mobile devices which is very handy. It is mostly known around the betting world for its odds boost feature which regularly delivers higher odds than other sites to customers.

Football fans are very well catered for here to with a large selection of leagues and markets to bet on. As with a lot of the sites we have looked at, there is a strong focus on international football and horse racing here along with a good choice of other international sports as well. They also have a nice range of novelty markets for when you want something different to bet on.

Operating since , they have built up a loyal following around the world who like their cheeky approach to the market. A reliable and safe sportsbook to use, they offer a good choice of banking methods and pretty quick payouts. When you also take into account the many ways you can get help here, from live chat to email, they are worth looking into further. Part of the well-respected Stars Group, it has risen pretty fast since first being set up. This is in part down to the focus it places on international events and global sports like football.

The T20 explosion has seen the sport return to the top of the totem pole in terms of sports betting, with the short match length and bountiful betting options making it an ideal betting medium. Test cricket and one-day cricket also draw plenty of attention with punters. Find out more about global cricket betting. All of the top online betting sites we promote, unless they focus one sport, have got extensive football betting available.

Football betting is insanely popular in Africa, where there has been an explosion in online wagering. Rugby union: While rugby is not as popular as it once was, it still has its rusted-on followers across the globe. The sport has largely been dominated by New Zealand in modern times, though South Africa rose to the occasion at the World Cup.

Other popular rugby events include the Super Rugby competition, played between the best club teams in the southern hemisphere; the Bledisloe Cup, played between Australia and New Zealand; and the Six Nations championship in Europe. In terms of betting, at last check all of the betting sites promoted on this page have markets for various rugby league competitions around the world.

Rugby League at club level is probably at its strongest in Australia, where the NRL takes pride of place. All of the best online betting sites will have free bet and promotional deals in place surrounding the bigger rugby league competitions and international fixtures. This is particularly true in places like New Zealand, Great Britain and Australia where sports betting is very popular. Tennis: Spearheaded by the four grand slams, tennis betting is popular all year round, particularly in countries with legal live betting.

Other popular betting events on the tennis circuit include The Masters series and Davis Cup, which pits country against country. Tennis is also part of the Olympics. Our guide to tennis betting can help you begin your wagering journey. Baseball: While predominantly popular in the USA, baseball has many fans right around the world.

Baseball , with its stats-driven approach, is very popular with professional punters. Finding an International betting site with good margins is crucial if you are to be successful betting on baseball, with this sport truly one for the grafters among us.

There are generally futures markets on popular leagues available, plus match-day markets a day or two out from most pro games. All of the betting sites advertised on this page have extensive odds on ice hockey competitions from around the globe. These numbers are starting to result in more bets being placed.

There are even dedicated esports betting sites springing up all the time. The majors especially attract significant betting interest. The World Gambling List has one of the leading authorities on golf betting among its staff. We love betting on golf. The best golf bookmakers include many of the top online betting sites in the United Kingdom. Netball: This sport is predominantly played in countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, but has a growing presence in other countries, including many African nations.

Netball betting is considered a niche at betting sites, but you will find wagering on various domestic leagues and international fixtures when they are running. Outright betting on tournament or league wins and placings is also possible at some online betting sites. Expect netball betting coverage to continue to grow as more prominence is given to the sport on various TV stations around the world.

Table tennis: One of the most popular sports in the world, courtesy of its insane popularity in China and other Asian countries. Some of the big table tennis events on the world stage include the Olympics and World Championships. Table tennis betting is available at all of the top international sports betting sites. Swimming: We have always felt swimming would be a great betting sport, with its short races and 1, 2, 3 finishes, just like horse racing and car racing.

How about actually getting swimming back on television for starters? Winter Sports: The Winter Olympics, held every four years, is the pinnacle of winter sports, but there is massive interest in the various pursuits that fall under this banner. Finding odds on winter sports will largely depend on what is running at any one time.

This aspect is improving all the time. In summary, if you are looking to bet on winter sports you will find everything you need at the betting sites we promote on this page. In , England and India are also expected to feature prominently, while you can never write off the West Indies, who stunned with their victory. The Olympics has been pushed back 12 months, because of the pandemic, but the IOC is hopeful it can go ahead. Wimbledon The team at the World Gambling List is firm in its belief that Wimbledon is the best tennis tournament on the planet.

Wimbledon is the third major of the year after the Australian and French Opens. All the best betting sites have got odds available on the BBL cricket competition. Big Bash League betting guide. We will be covering the T20 World Cup extensively with match previews and odds analysis. Australia have the best record at the cricket World Cup, but England won the last edition in after a thrilling victory over New Zealand in the final at Lords.

Already cricket betting sites have markets available for the Cricket World Cup , due to be played in India. Rugby might not be as popular as it once was in some countries such as Australia, but there is significant growth in places like Japan and the World Cup is a great showcase for this. This is true whether you are a new customer or an existing one.

Often the top online betting sites will have some great sign up offers to entice you to join, but this will largely depend on where you are in the world, with some countries have restrictions on new member sign up offers. With no deposit free bets something to look out for when finding a new sign up bonus. Freebets: What exactly are freebets? Free bets come in many different forms in A free bet no deposit bonus at online betting sites usually means the bookie is giving you a small bonus bet, to use before you make a deposit.

Other free bet offers available at the best online betting sites might require you to verify your account before you receive your bonus bet. Cash back offers: These exist usually surrounding accumulator or parlay bets and certain events and usually involve a customer receiving cash back on a losing bet if a certain instance, like your bet finishing second, happens.

Enhanced odds: Becoming more and more frequent at the top betting sites, enhanced odds is when you are given a daily boost to use on selected or any event, depending on how it works at your chosen site. These boosted odds offers take on many different forms at International betting sites with what is available to you often dependent on the gambling laws in your country.

Reload bonuses: This type of bonus bet offer is available to existing customers who have made a deposit at an online sports betting site. From time-to-time, when bookies are trying to get you to bet again, they will offer you a reload bonus, which will give you a matched percentage bonus. Cash out bets early: This is a feature at some of the higher-end betting sites that allow you to cash out an in-play bet, before it has concluded. For instance you might have a five-leg accumulator and are four legs deep.

You could then cash out your bet for a nice win, and not put it all on the line in the final leg of the parlay. Basically the offering of bonuses at betting sites will vary from site to site and even from country to country depending on local laws. There are also many more bonus bet and promotional offers available than we have mentioned here. The World Gambling List will write further articles on this topic in the future.

Step-by-step guide: How to join sports betting sites The process of signing up at betting sites is actually quite simple once you have identified a website that will accept your patronage. We talk more about finding the best online betting sites on this page, but not in this section, instead this section will run you through everything you need to know about the sign up process at betting sites: Choosing online betting sites This is actually pretty self-explanatory, you will either be in a grey, white or black market depending on your location.

In short you either have regulation surrounding sports betting, your laws fail to address sports betting or it is banned. The online betting companies we advertise on this page are all regulated and will only accept punters from places like the United Kingdom or grey markets like New Zealand or many others.

Registering at sports betting sites After you have landed on your chosen betting site you will need to sign up.

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