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Sports betting parlay explain thesaurus portsmouth manager betting odds

Sports betting parlay explain thesaurus

The primary intent is to win additional money. Bookmaker book, bookie, sportsbook, betting agency — a company that offers betting odds and is licensed to accept wagers. Betting exchange — a service that provides a marketplace in which odds are set. Clients can back a bet at the available odds, or lay a bet and play the role of the bookmaker. Back — bet that an outcome will occur.

For example, if you bet on Arsenal to beat Chelsea, you are backing Arsenal. Lay — bet that an outcome will not occur. For example you could lay a bet against Tiger Woods to win a golf tournament. Your lay bet wins if anyone except Tiger Woods wins, and loses if Tiger Woods does win. Unlike back bets, you double your money minus commissions if you are correct, and have to pay out at the agreed odds if you are wrong.

For this reason with a lay bet you are essentially playing the role of the bookmaker. Bet categories Single bet straight up bet — a bet on a single outcome within a particular event or tournament. Multi bet multiple, accumulator, parlay, all-up — a bet that includes simultaneous selections on two or more outcomes for two or more events. If a least one of the outcomes does not occur then the bet automatically loses.

The multi bet odds equal the product of the individual selection odds. Multi betting is discussed in detail later in the guide. The odds are fixed once the wager has been placed. Tote betting parimutuel betting — a form of wagering in which all bets of a particular type are placed together in a pool. In Australia it is known as the Tote after the totalisator which calculates and displays bets already placed. With the Tote the bookmaker displays the approximate odds that they believe you will receive.

This approximation is based on the quantities of bets received to that point. Popular bet types Asian Handicap — a gambling term used to describe a type of spread betting in soccer. Asian Handicap betting reduces the possible number of outcomes from three to two by eliminating the draw. Learn more about Asian handicap betting. Draw no bet — a popular bet type on outcomes where a draw is a possibility, like soccer fixtures. The bet wins if your selected team wins, and if the game is a draw your bet is refunded.

European Handicap — a wager where a whole number of points or goals is added to the underdog and accordingly subtracted from the favourite. The bet is settled on the outcome of the event after adjusting for the handicap. Learn more about European handicap betting. Exotic bet proposition bet, props — a bet that is does directly concern the final scoreline.

Examples include the first try or goal scorer in the fixture and the first stoppage in play. This term can also be used to describe bets on entertainment, finance, and other non-sporting results. Futures bet ante post — a bet on the winner of the league or tournament. Half ball — a popular bet type on events where a draw is a definite possibility, like soccer fixtures. The bet wins if your selected team wins or draws the game. Note that this term is distinct from a half ball Asian handicap where one team is given a 0.

Head to head bet 1X2 - a bet on the winner of a fixture between two opponents. Where a draw is possible football, rugby, AFL, etc. Where a draw is not possible tennis, baseball, basketball, etc. This bet could apply to a specific period of the game e. Line bet handicap bet — a bet where the the underdog is given a points head start to create an even bet. For example in a game between the Blues and Stormers, the line odds could be: Blues Margin bet — a bet on the amount of points or goals that one competitor finishes an event in front of another competitor.

For a rugby game between the Blues and Stormers, a margin bet could be on the Blues to win by between 1 and 12 points. This combines the tallies of both sides. If a football game ends , the total is 4. This contrasts with standard bets that either result in a loss of your wager or a payout based on the wager odds.

The spread is a range of outcomes, and the bet is whether the outcome will be above or below this spread. To learn more, see the section on spread betting. Other terms Arbitrage — in a sports betting context it is a scenario where, due to a disparity in bookmaker odds, a punter can guarantee a net profit by backing all outcomes Bad beat — losing a bet under unusual or exceptional circumstances.

Examples include losing a low odds bet on a clear favourite and losing a bet in the dying seconds of a fixture. Learn more. Credit betting — betting using a line of credit with a bookmaker. Arbitrage Examples 1. Two books are offering different prices on a game at the same time, so you bet both to guarantee a profit or at least break-even. These arbitrage opportunities are more often available to bettors wagering on opening lines, and they disappear quickly. You can use our Markets Terminal at Labs Insiders to automatically find games at legal books with arbitrage opportunities.

You shop around and find two books that have different prices on the same prop. Another book also hung 4. A line moves in your favor, so you decide to take the guaranteed profit. But if it does, you can execute an arbitrage bet. Is Arbitrage a Viable Strategy?

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Ethereal form druid This is a two-way market in which we pick the winner of an event three-way for sports that include a tie, such as soccer. If both of your chosen teams win, you get a bigger payout than if you had bet on the games separately. The same interface is now available in Spanish at OneLook Tesauro as a beta version. More languages are coming! More generally, parlay is used in situations when someone starts with something small and builds into something bigger, especially wealth or success, as in She was able to parlay the small amount of exposure she got from winning the contest into international fame.
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Crypto map ipsec isakmp dynamic It can also occur when a respected handicapper gives a bet his followers all jump on, or based on people reacting to news such as an injury or weather conditions. The point spread is zero, and the winner of the game is also the spread winner. Middle: When a line moves, a bettor can try to "middle" a wager and win both sides with minimal risk. If you know some letters in the word you're looking for, you can enter a pattern instead of, or in addition to, a description. Profanity and problematic word associations If you're using this site with children, be forewarned you'll find plenty of vulgar expressions if you use OneLook frequently.
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Placing a Parlay Bet The principle is identical to regular single bets. You click on the odds for the preferred betting option to add it to the bet slip usually on the right side of the main page or the app. The sportsbook will then give you the option to place them as singles or in a parlay. You are free to choose to back two of them in singles and three in parlays for example or to add all five in the accumulator. There is usually a little box beside every added pick in the bet-slip.

Where to place Parlay Bets When placing parlay bets you always need to measure the risk vs reward. To maximize your reward and thus minimizing your risk you need to look at what sportsbsook that offers the best odds. If any team loses then the entire parlay bet loses. Parlay odds are calculated by multiplying the single bet odds for each outcome by each other.

Multiplying 2. The odds for this parlay are then 7. Pushes On Parlay Bets It is possible to push bets. For example, if you have the Lakers covering an 8 point spread and they win by 8 points then that bet is pushed. The Lakers wager is just removed from the parlay bet and the odds are adjusted accordingly.

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Jan 04,  · What Is a Parlay Bet? A parlay is a special type of bet that involves 2 or more selections. It’s a combo bet that pairs more matches in a single wager that produces Missing: thesaurus. With a parlay bet you are basically just rolling over the payout from the first legs of the parlay bet onto the next leg of the parlay bet, and so on. This is why the payout can get so high. For Missing: thesaurus. The very nature of the exotic parlay bet, which is viewed as a sucker bet in many cases, often means searching for the best current promotion, lines, and payouts. A recent review of the Missing: thesaurus.