hard money lending investing advice
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Hard money lending investing advice

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Also, due to the average lifespan of a hard money loan being shorter than a traditional loan, Supervest users can see a return on their investment much quicker than a traditional mortgage might provide. Investment Platforms For Hard Money Lending Technology and more easily accessible information is changing the platform in which investments are being made. Platforms for alternative investing are opening up new methods of investing that were previously extremely privately held.

Not only is accessibility increasing, but the cost is decreasing. These platforms are decreasing the minimum amount of investments, which can be more practical for some investors. Platforms like Supervest are connecting investors to hard money lending opportunities. Unlike previous forms, this platform mitigates risk extensively. Our background checks and inspections provide a thorough look into the property we are providing the hard money loan for.

Professionals take it all into consideration to find the best fit funder and business for the investor. To become a Supervest user, you do have to be an accredited investor to sign up for crowdfunding opportunities. All you have to do is fill out a basic application, then complete a risk assessment, receive a background check , determine how much of your investment you want to allocate to credit card acquisitions, and then receive the return in just a few days.

Additionally, Supervest offers 24 hour transparency with your funds, and funding can be removed at any time. It refers to a person or a group of people who like to fund real estate transactions and usually negotiate terms on each deal. So…why does hard money exist? Banks want you in the loan for years and years and years…which is why they look at your ability to pay off the loan over the long haul as the main prequalification requirement.

As a hard money lender, you can lend to an investor on whatever properties you want, and can have them funded much quicker than a conventional bank. What is the Borrower Using the Money For? So…you and the person you lend to are investors? Basically, yes. Hundreds of thousands of homes are fixed up and flipped every year. What happens is that a real estate investor goes out and finds properties at a discount.

There are lots of reasons why a property owner may want to sell a property at a discount…here are a few: A rental property owner finds out that his property has been trashed. These siblings want to sell the house to get their money and move along. A general contractor botches a repair job badly on a house. The other piece of the puzzle to understand is that the seller must have equity in their house.

They will never agree to that. These are investors who want to Buy, Rehab, Rent, and Refinance the property, and this strategy is growing in popularity lately. The big benefit for a real estate investor is to create a higher value property that they can then rent out for higher monthly income! However already have a renter in the property helps.

So how does this all look for you as the lender? The main difference is that BRRR deals are a little more complicated on the back end with finding a renter and then refinancing the loan to pay you off. In fact, this extra complication might end up paying you more as the borrower may be in the deal a little longer and owe you more interest.

This could be new construction, multi-unit properties, townhomes, storage units, parking garages, apartment complexes, mobile homes, and so much more! Different Lending Structures There are plenty of ways that you can invest as a hard money lender, private lender, or even what we call a gap financer. You make money typically by charging points, interest, and potentially other things like late fees, extensions, etc. For example, to fund deals with us, you have to be an accredited investor.

The hardest part of doing this type of deal is that you have to know for yourself if the borrower can keep his end of the bargain. Is the deal profitable? Can he manage a rehab project? More on this later. What can he do?

He needs to get gap financing! Partnership A partnership is usually a one-time deal where you join forces with someone willing to do the actual work of completing the deal. LLC This is basically a more formalized partnership.

And as a side note, since you are the one taking on all the risk, at first you might be able to get a little higher percentage of the profit, perhaps These types of opportunities are why I recommend that everyone interested in any type of real estate investing or lending should constantly be networking!

Partner With a Company One interesting thing about hard money lenders is that many of them fund deals through private lenders on the back end! The hard money lender vets the borrower, vets the deal itself, sets the terms of the deal origination, interest, etc.

This is the ultimate in passive investing. How to vet the deal itself — do you know how to calculate after repair value and rehab costs? Otherwise, are you just hoping people will approach you?