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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Cotw continuation betting

Join the warden of Cuatro Colinas as she wrestles with the challenges of running a game reserve and seeks to fulfill her destiny as a protector of this majestic landscape. We sent it out with some other fixes as well which you can read about below. Regards, theHunter: Call of the Wild team. Thanks all, Patch 1. It is available for purchase on PC, and the patch will be available on consoles before the end of the week.

On consoles, the DLC is currently going through the certification process with both Sony and Microsoft, we expect it to be available before the end of September and as soon as we have a firm date we will be sure to let everyone know. We always aim to release new content simultaneously on all platforms.

This time around, we decided to roll out the PC version early along the patch on consoles in order to move forward quicker in development. We have more exciting things coming in this year and it will be big. Rolling out the patches earlier helps us to better control the upcoming content. We have also temporarily disabled the leaderboards in order to get them working properly and improve them. We expect to have these back up and running with the next release.

From the largest of predators to the smallest of prey, all animals near you will have a hard time hiding from your keen gaze. GenZero x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope Featuring a high-quality image intensifier tube, a compact design and waterproof battery compartment, the GenZero x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope will allow you to see beyond the expected in night-time conditions. A long-range IR illuminator completes the package allowing you to acquire your targets from safe distances; but be aware that the effectiveness of this technology is particularly affected by fog and adverse weather conditions Koter CB Bow With performance that lies in the sweet spot between the Bearclaw Lite CB and the Hawk Edge CB, the Koter CB is a versatile compound bow, useful in every situation.

Striking a delicate balance between recoil and accuracy, this bow is at its best when hunting medium sized game, but can also be deadly accurate against small and big game, when paired with the right arrows. With the single press of a button, the Brightsight calculates the distance of the target and projects a precise, virtual LED pin that is only visible to the archer, without the clutter of multiple physical pins.

New equipment: GenZero 8X50 Night Vision Binoculars Watch the reserves come to life at night through the Night Vision binoculars, designed to increase both visibility and contrast in the dark while leaving depth perception and shapes unaltered. New equipment: GenZero x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope Featuring a high-quality image intensifier tube, a compact design and waterproof battery compartment, the GenZero x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope will allow you to see beyond the expected in night-time conditions.

A long-range IR illuminator completes the package allowing you to acquire your targets from safe distances; but be aware that the effectiveness of this technology is particularly affected by fog and adverse weather conditions. New equipment: Brightsight Rangefinder Bow Sight This sight helps hunters overcome the biggest challenge when bow-hunting: distance estimation.

In the off chance your prey manages to escape, you can simply follow the red light to its source and take the animal down. Until then you can get an early look at the patch notes below. You can expect to see them appear later in the year. We will continue to work on this issue Fixed weird looks of the eyes of Wolves when aggressive Noise indicator now correctly displays noise when deploying portable structures Virant Klasika now uses the correct visual effects Wolf eyes should no longer glow when harvest is highlighted Fixed issue with big bulges on the side of animals due to breathing Fixed issue with The Mile, The Scandinavian Mile, etc.

Once these have been harvested they will be removed from your animal population permanently. This is a route that is being taken to avoid us performing a population reset if at all possible. Hello Hunters, We are pleased to announce that Weapon Pack 3 is now available for purchase!

Read on below for more details about these new tools in your hunting arsenal, as well as information about the accompanying free game update. Then you were warmly welcomed into the world of chemical exfoliants. The kind which exfoliates gradually instead of all in one hit. The kind which takes less than 10 seconds to apply and continues to work for hours after. But which do you use? What Is BHA? AHAs are best for some skin types. BHAs are best for other skin types.

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In this case any 6 or J gives you a straight. A semi-bluff is a bet made when you can be reasonably certain that your opponent will fold better hands and hands that have better showdown value than yours. Types of hands you should not be continuation betting If you have a medium-strength hand, you ought to play a smaller pot. You should be more inclined to check and call with these hands. You can check and call against opponents who are overly aggressive, and check and fold against opponents who are tighter.

In this case you should lean towards checking rather than betting. This is because most worse hands are not going to call your bet. If you bet here, you will frequently be called by aces, some underpairs, and pairs of tens.

Hands you currently beat that will call you include straight draws such as JQ and KQ, but there are simply not enough worse hands for you to bet and be called. Pot control should be used when you have showdown value but low equity against the range of hands with which your opponent will call your continuation bet. If you have a hand that is low in showdown value and in equity, then your decision to continuation bet is determined by your opponent.

In general, you do not want to be continuation betting as a pure bluff. Do not be afraid to check and fold to aggression with your weakest hands! Understanding your hand at a deeper level: Board texture and hand ranges Your opponent is going to give you much more credit when you continuation bet on an A-high board if you have raised UTG rather than from the BTN. Most opponents understand this. Understanding your opponent Understanding your hand is just one part of the puzzle. Another part is understanding your opponent.

This is especially important for determining when a semi-bluff is profitable, and whether or not you can be called by worse hands. Poker Copilot breaks this down by the flop, turn, and river, as well as showing whether your opponent is in position or out of position. Some of your hands will be straightforward decisions based on the strength of your hand, your showdown value, and your equity.

Other decisions, however, will be more nuanced. In this case, the guideline is that the higher the percentage of hands your opponent is folding to continuation bets, the more fold equity you have. This means that continuation betting can be done as a bluff more often. When your opponent has a low fold to continuation bet, you have less fold equity. In this case, you should be continuation betting less as a bluff and more for value. Opponents who stray from this range can be exploited.

One common mistake newer players make is basing their decisions on insufficient data. While the fold to flop cbet statistic starts to become useful after a few hundred hands, you need thousands, if not tens of thousands, of hands on your opponents before you can completely trust it! While this strategy may have been profitable a decade ago, online poker has evolved and it is profitable no longer.

Even if your opponent has a high fold to continuation bet, you should try to cbet hands as bluffs that have at least some equity. For example, having a single over-card, a backdoor flush draw, or a gutshot straight draw gives you a better chance of winning the hand. If the turn and river are both hearts, then you will make a ten-high flush. A continuation bet is essentially an attempt to win the pot on the flop as a preflop aggressor even though you did not connect at all.

However, the term continuation bet is usually used when referring to a bet that is designed to pick up the pot on the flop with a missed hand like A-K. Why are continuation bets so effective? Continuation bets can be very effective because the natural assumption is that the preflop raiser has a strong hand. When the raiser bets out again especially out of position , this confirms that strength.

When you raise from early position, your opponents are likely going to assume that you have a medium-to-big pocket pair or a big Ace. After all, that is the textbook play with those hands from that position. By betting out in this position, you continue to show strength and make it easy for your opponents to fold unless they connected on the flop, which is much less likely. Taking advantage of other tight players As many players at medium-stakes tables and small-stakes tournaments play tight and by the book this play can be especially effective regardless of what cards you hold.

What are the best opportunities for continuation bets? Obviously, the likelihood of your opponents flopping a strong hand is greater when you have 4 opponents rather than just one. Continuation bets are the most effective against one or two opponents and on relatively dry boards. If more people are involved you are not very likely to win the pot without any resistance.