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Easy roulette betting system

The Fibonacci strategy If you are going to take your online gambling seriously, eventually, you will come face to face with some math. With the Fibonacci strategy, at least the math is already done for you, and all you need to do is have the sequence written down somewhere if you have trouble remembering it.

While riding the Fibonacci spiral can be a great strategy, a losing streak at the higher end of the sequence — particularly with a larger initial bet size — can mean devastating losses. The Paroli strategy The Paroli system has two fundamental purposes: To generate small, consistent wins and to avoid the risk of big losses.

The Paroli strategy is over years old. Victor Bethell is the brains behind this operation, and it was first used in the early s in Monte Carlo. This continues until you lose or hit three wins in a row. General betting strategies to keep in mind No matter what kind of casino game you play, there are a couple of important general strategies to keep in mind. Never chase your losses. Do your research, learn the lingo and then play a couple of online demos before you put your money down.

Many online casinos provide guides on how to play casino games such as roulette, poker and blackjack. Manage your bankroll: Resist the temptation to put all your money down in one go in order to win big. This is very flexible and can be played with big money or small, depending on your needs.

You start by writing out a sequence of numbers; this could be any sequence, for example, , or You start by taking the number at the far left and the number at the far right and adding them together — this is your first bet. If you win that bet you cross off those numbers and move to the next numbers in on the line and do the same. If however you loose the bet you right the number that you lost at the right end of the line, and that becomes your last number on the right.

Once you have crossed all the numbers off, you have won and you must either leave the table or start again with a new Labouchere Line. Online Roulette Systems: The Martingale The martingale system is the simplest of all the online roulette systems. As soon as you win, you must start again with the smallest bet.

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It is possible, however, to make very good money on the roulette with a roulette system, which is precisely what we want to introduce you to now. By approaching roulette play systematically, you are able to go in and cheat the roulette wheel.

With a simple, but well thought-out roulette system, you are more or less guaranteed to leave the roulette a winner. I have used this roulette system at many casinos, but my best experience is with CasinoSuperlines. CasinoSuperlines pays out your winnings instantly, making them my clear favourite. You can create an account with the casino here. The Roulette System Explained In order to be able to win at roulette , it is important to understand the concept behind the roulette systemet.

The roulette system we recommendhere on the page is one of the oldest but also mostrenowned system, namely the Martingale System. This roulette system was developed back in the s and has been used for a number of other casino games as well. The roulette system can be used on the following spaces on the roulette: Black or red numbers High or low numbers and Even or odd numbers Thus, it is not the entire roulette wheel, you can play using this system, but fortunately, all you need is two spaces.

As to which of the different roulette tables, you should use this roulette system with, we recommend European roulette, since the system will work best here. For the roulette system to be as simple as possible, you should always stick to the same type of bet. This means, you should decide whether to play black or red, high or low, or even or odd. The system works equally well in all these places.

With this system, you simply start by placing a bet on, for instance, black. The lower the bet you can make, the better. If you happen to lose your bet, you need to place a new bet on the opposite color, but this time, the bet needs to be twice as big as the last one. If you happen to lose again, you double the last bet, this time placing the bet on the opposite color of the previous one.

In case you keep losing, you just keep doubling your bet and switching color, until you win your bet. When you win, you will win back all the lost bets, including the bet you just won. As soon as you have won, you simply start over with the roulette system, betting the lowest possible amount on whatever color looks good to you.

As you can see, this roulette system is very simple, enabling you to win back all the money you lose. In order to illustrate how this roulette system works, we have placed a table below that simulates how the Martingale roulette system works in reality. As you can see in the table, in almost any case, you will always end up ahead of the game, when you use this roulette system.

You can go for the table minimum or any other amount based on your risk tolerance. We recommend sticking with a smaller wager because you might have to make several bets in a spin as well. Pick your desired bet while following the system.

Even-money bets work the best with the system. Add a betting unit on the next spin each time you lose and remove a unit each time you win. Never wager more or less than the betting unit you decided before you started playing. You can use it with a relatively small bankroll, and the nature of its negative progression keeps you from hitting table bet limits something that can be a major problem with the Martingale System.

While it is still possible to lose a significant sum due to a consistent losing streak, the progression in this system prevents major losses. Just remember the size of the betting unit you decided on and stick to it. You stand to lose a lot less money using this system because it is a safer method to bet. However, you also stand to win smaller amounts. The second disadvantage is based on luck. In that case, you will have a challenging time recouping your losses.

In A Nutshell Image showing a roulette table and players in the background with stacks of casino chips around the roulette wheel. The strategy is quite straightforward and it works really well a lot of the time.

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Nov 19,  · The D’Alembert System is one of the easiest and worry-free betting systems that you can use to introduce more fun and excitement in your experience of playing Roulette. The . Apr 9,  · Progressive Roulette Betting Systems Martingale. Some popular choices here include Martingale and Fibonacci, both of which are considered staple roulette Fibonacci. . Seems like no one else made a nice roulette number generator, so I did. This is one of the many goodies you get here at Easy Vegas that you don't get anywhere else. If you plan to use this .