ruinescape cc for trading etheral peices
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Ruinescape cc for trading etheral peices

Also the pet your complaining about is "Divine Hawk" which there's like 3 in game. It boosts god spell damage well above that. If you want flames of zammy fixed thats fine i guess, to make it like osrs where it doesn't scale with tome of fire but just know fire surge does about the same damage and a pet can always be released to boost fire damage spells to fill the gap that the flame of zammy nerf will have.

Sure why not however I don't agree with BH emblems being in there. Everything else is fine, a bit lack luster but you guys do you. Nothing in that chest makes me "want to go" to these places so in my eyes it'll be just as dead for me. Please don't ever make untradables drop on death. That'll open up the pathway to ragging people and it'll just be a shit storm for both players and staff. We will provide all the required details via Livechat: On PC: the game name and its password so your character can join the game and trade with us.

How long does it take to deliver my D2R Items order? Unlike other D2R shops, we deliver most Diablo 2 Resurrected orders within several minutes, but in some cases, it may take longer for the following reasons: - D2R Blizzard servers are overloaded - Order contains a lot of different items - Ordered items are difficult to get or have a limited supply Good news: We deliver D2R for all platforms. Just choose your platform at the checkout.

Can I ask for specific variables for the D2R item I want? We usually provide you with a range of stats upon request, and although we cannot guarantee to have max stats for a particular item, we will do our best! Do you sell items on Hardcore? Check out our items to see which items we offer on Hardcore. We may also be able to accept customized orders for Hardcore. Please send a list of the items you need to LiveChat and we will let you know if they are available.

I have seen a cheaper D2R shop. Can you match their price? We do not offer price matching at the moment. Our focus is to provide a high-quality service for our customers who value delivery speed and security. You will find a long wait time for delivery when you order from a cheaper shop. Sometimes an eternity. You may also end up with your game account banned or have purchased goods retracted.

Here at RPGStash, we put lots of continuous effort into keeping ourselves and our customers secure and well stocked. This adds to the price tag, but it's worth every cent to order from us if you are serious about gaming. Do you feature a loyalty program, discounts, bonuses, rewards or special campaigns? We offer promos, bonuses, cashback, and even freebies!

Click to learn more about our promotions and Level Up XPerience page. Try another card processor at checkout. If your bank has declined the transaction for security reasons, please contact your bank to see if they can help you resolve any issues, then try again.

In case none of the above rectify the situation, there are a couple of other possibilities to consider:. Contact your financial institution to find out. In that case, it is best to register and verify a PayPal account to continue making payments. How do your chest products work? Our chests are special interactive products, each containing a unique range of items.

The exact items depend on the particular chest. After purchasing a chest, go to your inventory page to open it and reveal the item inside. The delivery method is the same as regular products in the game in question, typically via live chat. However, once the item is revealed, you will be provided with specific delivery instructions.

Please note that your game account must meet all in-game requirements for the particular chest item gained to receive and use the item. For more information please check this detailed document about our popular Chest product. How can I contact you? The fastest way to reach us is via live chat, which you can access from the Live Chat tab on the right-hand side of the website.

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The offer is valid through the 26th of September! Ladder reset at October 6th 16th of September, Dear Customers, The new ladder season is right around the corner, it will launch at the 6th of October. There are plenty of new exciting content including Terror Zones and new charms that reduce monster immunity! At Rpgstash we will be well prepared for the new ladder season, and will be able to deliver Ladder orders from day one! We are also running a promotion over the weekend.

The offer is valid through the 19th of September! Terror Zones and a new ladder season! As the 2. The XP bonuses from the Zones will be amazing! Meanwhile Ladder Season 2 is right around the corner. According to official sources, the reset will happen at the second part of September! Get Ready for Patch 2.

A new ladder season is also around the corner, and by farming Terror Zones you will be able to level up your character much quicker than by any other mean. Make sure not to miss the new patch and try out the awesome changes yourself! D2R Season 2 Starting Soon! Blizzard excited to share that for this PTR they will be debuting Terror Zones, an experimental feature.

When playing a Terror Zone enabled game, every hour, the armies of the Burning Hells will focus their demonic might on specific zones, terrorizing them. Free Unid Hellfire Torch! The offer is valid through the 29th of August! Free Call to Arms runepack!

The offer is valid through the 22nd of August!

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Yeah you can only do trades of the same skill outfit, and you can't trade combined pieces. If you have, let's say, infinity ethereal head, torso and legs and death ethereal hands and feet it . The infinity ethereal outfit is a Runecrafting outfit that is acquired from combining the Law ethereal, Blood ethereal, and Death ethereal outfits. The outfits can be created by combining . AdShop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.