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Matthysse provodnikov betting lines

Ruslan Provodnikov Lucas Matthysse, right, scored a decision victory over Ruslan Provodnikov in one of the best fights of In a brutal bout of nonstop slugging, both hurt each other in the fourth round and then had their moments when they looked as if they could land the KO blow.

Matthysse convincingly won the sixth round but was hurt in the 11th. Matthysse had stopped eight of his previous 10 opponents and was expected to beat Postol for his first world title. But Postol broke Matthysse's orbital bone, injured his cornea and knocked him out in the 10th round in a major upset at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

Postol was not known for his knockouts, but the Ukrainian outboxed heavy-handed Matthysse before stopping him with a right hand in the 10th round. Postol, who won the vacant WBC world super-lightweight title, used his height and considerable reach advantage to frustrate Matthysse.

The Argentine was not seen a ring again for 19 months. In addition, Postol has quite a height advantage as he stands 5-feetinches tall while Matthysse is just over 5-foot Matthysse has struggles against taller fighters in the past and his three losses have come against Danny Garcia, Devon Alexander and Zab Judah, and all by controversial decisions. Postol had a fine amateur career with more than bouts and is as technically sound as they come. Matthysse prefers opponents who stand in front of him and attack, but Postol is more likely to use his boxing skills instead of getting into a toe-to-toe brawl.

Postol also possesses better-than-average defensive qualities and is quite mobile in the ring. Matthysse is going to have to work his way inside in this fight to get close to Postol and do some damage. This means fans could see a bit of a cat-and-mouse-match. He needs to get out of the gate early and establish his power.

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A notable difference between these two fighters: Matthysse led with the jab, while Provodnikov led with power shots, often hooks and hard rights. Matthysse vs Provodnikov: The Fight In just the 1st round, the pace was set. Matthysse landed hard and often, prompting observers to wonder just how much Provodnikov could take. Things immediately worsened for Provodnikov in the 2nd after suffering a nasty cut over his left eye. But the iron-willed fighter refused to take a step back, getting his own shots off in the closing seconds.

During the 3rd round it seemed like the fight should have been over: Matthysse was still landing accurate, savage shots. But Provodnikov — somehow — kept plowing forward, hunting down his man. Matthysse wound down in gear in the 5th and also bagged the 6th — a big round — when he landed an unsettling number of shots.

Sickening but equally inspirational stuff. Matthysse captured the 7th and 8th rounds, but was still dancing with a dangerous opponent who was landing with sporadic thudding blows. The 9th and 10th also belonged to Matthysse, with the story much the same. But then Provodnikov came surging straight back in the 11th, taking the round and almost dropping Matthysse. The Argentine banger was getting truly banged up for the first time, but fortunately for him Provodnikov is not known for being a great finisher.

No knockdown came, but it was still remarkable to witness Provodnikov somehow muster the strength — both mentally and physically — to try and take down Matthysse. But more interestingly, he had yet to be rocked, shaken, wobbled — significantly hurt. Ironically, these were things he had already put upon his foe. There could only be one winner in this contest, of course, and despite dubious scorecards, the right man got the nod.

Matthysse seemed relieved the fight was over, and who could really blame him? More boxers will no doubt outclass Provodnikov as Matthysse did, but short of a bullet — or two — you wonder if anyone will ever stop the man. Chris Gunzz: Ruslan, he is a huge puncher as a few different guys brought up already. Vadim Kornilov: The question is about Matthysse being the biggest puncher that Ruslan has faced, correct?

Vadim Kornilov: Looking at his record, he seems to be one of the biggest punchers of this decade, you know? Does it bother me—not at all. It only makes me more excited because I know that this is going to be a real fight and I know that either, you know, I take him or he takes me. Is it a plan to jump on him early, Freddie, because he did show that vulnerability in the Molina fight? Is Freddie still there?

I heard someone hang up in the phone call, but is Freddie still there? Chris Gunzz: Is it a focus in training camp to try to jump on him early seeing that the vulnerability was shown in the Molina fight early on? Freddie Roach: Well, you know, we can. I mean we know how this guy fights. So, it makes for an exciting fight. Ruslan is a very good fighter. Ruslan, I saw him learn how to fight Manny Pacquiao on his own. Chris Gunzz: One of the best ever—I appreciate it, Freddie.

Good luck on April 18th and good luck on May too. Freddie Roach: Thank you very much. Artie Pelullo: Okay, was that it, guys? I guess final comments from I guess first Artie and then Ruslan. Artie Pelullo: Well, I just want to say thank you for everybody for joining the call. As Dan Rafael and all the other reporters and Mr.

Woods who got on the phone, everybody knows that this is the most TV friendly and fan friendly fight. The networks were all over—both of them bid on the fight. I want to thank everybody for coming on board—thank you. He has a nice staff. Like I said earlier, a lot of people say a lot of different things. It literally has been no misses to work with Oscar and his staff.

Vadim Kornilov: Artie, sorry to interrupt. Ruslan is leaving. He wanted to say a couple of things—. Say something. I apologize. I want to thank my whole team for making this happen. This is going to be a great fight. I want to thank HBO for making this happen. So, I appreciate this and I want to say one thing to the fans. I promise this is going to be the fight you guys are all waiting for. And now from me, Artie, good luck with—. Artie Pelullo: —Sure—. Vadim Kornilov: —I want to give the word to Oscar De La Hoya and the rest of his team, and I bet for the next 30 minutes you guys are going to hear a lot of—Matthysse is going to knock Provodnikov out and all of that, but I just want to say that Provodnikov has never been on his knees.

Good luck to you guys and I appreciate the promotions. Ruslan says all the best of health to Matthysse and his team—thank you. Artie Pelullo: Thanks, Vadim—. Vadim Kornilov: —Thanks again—. Everybody knows what we think of you—Oscar De La Hoya—. Oscar De La Hoya: Thank you very much—we really appreciate it and Artie already mentioned this fight needs no promotion.

We are just thrilled that the best network is going to be televising this event. These are the types of events that obviously belong on HBO Championship Boxing and we are just thrilled and excited to be part of it. I also want to take the opportunity to thank Corona Extra, also Mexico Live it to Believe it, and Corsair Vodka, which are the sponsors of the events.

They have been doing a tremendous, tremendous job with all of the Marketing and the grassroots Marketing. So, come April 18th the whole world will know the best pounders will be fighting on that night. It is my pleasure to introduce to you a fighter who hails from Argentina.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce to you a fighter with a record of 36 and 3 and 32 knockouts. Lucas Matthysse: [Foreign Language Spoken]. Operator: As a reminder, if you would like to ask a question, you may do so by pressing star and then one on your telephone keypad.

Dan Rafael: Thank you very much—my question for Lucas—I asked Ruslan this in his portion of the call—you have a fight here where I think pretty much every boxing fan, media is anxiously waiting what they think would be the fight of the year. I would like to hear from Lucas about his thoughts about the really high expectations for this fight to be, you know, extremely, extremely exciting and entertaining. Eric Gomez: [Foreign Language Spoken].

I had many good, you know, replies on it, especially in Argentina. It got voted as the Fight of the Year by the Boxing Writers. Does he think that it has the chance of—to be another fight of the year? Is that something he ever thinks about? He could make it two in a row potentially. I think personally it could be a great fight. But, you know, it takes two. Dan Rafael: Exactly, thank you for that, Eric—one question for you, Oscar. Dan Rafael: Hey, Oscar, good to talk to you.

I know for the last number of months you have preached very regularly about your desire to try to make the best fights you possibly can do as the leader of Golden Boy Promotions. Dan Rafael: All right, thank you for that, Oscar—appreciate it. Thank you very much, guys, look forward to this one. Operator: All right, our next question comes from the line of Daniel [unintelligible] [] Deportiva [sp].

Daniel: [Foreign Language Spoken]. Why New York, and, you know, simple—the venues were not available and I—he asked me if, you know, this fight being such an exciting and anticipated fight, I mean how do I feel? Eric Gomez: Okay, so the question was, do you know—are you aware that, you know, Freddie Roach will not be working in the corner of Ruslan on the night of the fight.

Daniel: Gracias. Michael Woods: Hi, guys, thanks for taking the time. My question is for Ruslan. Ruslan, on the first portion of the call someone referenced you saying something along the lines of you believe you are going to knock Provodnikov out. Can you reiterate that? Can you talk about that and clarify it for me what was said there? Michael Woods: Thanks—this question is for Oscar. I am wondering, is there a certain class of athlete and human being who wants to accept the challenge of the best fighting the best, and are you going to maybe target those types of fighters and only sign those types of fighters to Golden Boy moving forward?

You know, they go up to the ring and they perform, but, you know, we at Golden Boy want to make the best match ups possible, you know, obviously keeping in mind that, you know, that the fans always come first and, you know, this fight here with Lucas and Provodnikov, I mean this is—everybody is writing about how this is going to be the Fight of the Year and we feel proud to be working with Artie Pelullo and making this happen.

Michael Woods: Yeah, and the fan buzz for this on Twitter is amazing I would say. Michael Woods: All right, thanks—appreciate it, guys—be well. Artie Pelullo: Take care, Michael. Operator: All right, next question comes from the line of Disino Lois Jr. Disino Lois Jr. Artie Pelullo: Hey, Eric, can you translate that in English too?

I speak a little Italian, but no Spanish.