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Cryptocurrency credit card australia

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Lately, though, more and more crypto exchanges are offering digital versions that work with Apple Pay and Google Pay, further simplifying the entire process and eliminating the need for physical cards which usually come with an activation fee.

That said, if you want to withdraw crypto as cash from the ATM, you will still need to order a physical card. How to Choose a Crypto Card in Australia? Here are the factors you need to consider. Fees Almost every crypto card in Australia comes with some ongoing fees, be it annual fees, ATM withdrawal fees or currency conversion fees. Check the types of fees that may apply to your crypto card if any , and look for the card that charges the lowest fees possible.

Supported cryptocurrencies Make sure that the crypto card supports your preferred cryptocurrency as most credit cards only allow you to top up your balance with one or two coins. Related reading: How many Aussies own crypto assets 3. Rewards The best crypto credit card offers cash back and other perks, such as free Spotify or Netflix memberships, which can drastically increase your earning potential. Transaction limits Most crypto credit cards come with restrictions on how much you can spend or withdraw in one transaction.

Check these before signing up and avoid any surprises down the road. Supported fiat currencies Choose a card that supports payments in Australian dollars. International transactions can end up being very costly, especially if you pay conversion fees for every payment. Think about tax Like all crypto transactions, converting digital assets into cash means you will need to pay GST and report it to the ATO.

You could use a crypto tax reporting software to help you calculate your tax returns, although this is still something you have to deal with every financial year. More on crypto and tax: How to save tax on crypto 7. Management Just like a regular credit card, you will need to manage all your transactions, conversions and top-ups.

Make sure that the provider has a handy mobile app that will enable you to do all these things on the go. Security Check that the crypto exchange platform has encryption and safety measures in place to protect your funds and personal information. Some crypto credit cards stick to a single cryptocurrency, while others allow you to choose from multiple options. Earning rates. A traditionally important credit card metric — the higher the earning rate of a crypto credit card, the bigger your rewards.

Crypto trading features. Only certain crypto credit cards offer crypto trading, but such features go a long way toward helping you make the most of your crypto earnings. Welcome offer. A strong sign-up bonus could prove especially valuable when paid in crypto. Crypto card options in Australia Due to regulatory issues, crypto credit cards are not currently supported in Australia. However, there is a range of crypto debit cards available to Australian customers.

Popular choices for crypto debit and prepaid cards include: Crypto. The app is simple to use and a great place to start for novice crypto traders. The biggest downfall of the Crypto. This is an impractical sum of money for most people to invest, let alone lock up via staking. Since the Crypto. However, with Visa payments accepted globally, the Crypto.

CoinJar crypto card The CoinJar card makes it easy for those new to crypto to get involved. The app allows you to view your spending history and crypto balance in one place and make account top-ups at the touch of a button. Spending your cryptocurrency anywhere Mastercard is accepted removes the inconvenience of transferring cryptocurrencies between accounts and can help avoid expensive gas fees. Wirex cryptocurrency card The Wirex crypto card makes spending both traditional and digital currencies a simple process, all handled through a single card and account.

The ability to trade between various fiat currencies in addition to crypto through the app makes it a useful companion if you find yourself travelling across borders often. X-tras 2. Although this is a significant cashback amount, it is only available through locking up the native Wirex token, WTX.

For those who don't wish to hold WXT long-term, the Wirex card may not be the best option. Is a crypto credit card a good idea? If you already own crypto, a crypto credit card can help you spend it on everyday purchases and earn more of it. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, it's clear that more providers will enter the market with ever-stronger rewards potential.

For the average cardholder, a traditional rewards credit card is the better choice for now. Crypto is far more complex to redeem than traditional points, and the value of crypto earnings are far more volatile. To make the most of a crypto credit card, you'll need to immerse yourself in crypto trading and know your way around a Dogecoin or two. The future of crypto credit cards No matter where you stand on crypto, it's clear that with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins hitting all-time highs, more products will become available that can help investors more easily manage and spend their digital assets.

Add to that Visa and Mastercard's push into the crypto economy , offering further credibility for crypto doubters, and public acceptance is bound to grow. We'll continue to update this page as crypto credit card offerings and rewards advance. Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrency or any specific provider, service or offering. Cryptocurrencies are speculative, complex and involve significant risks — they are highly volatile and sensitive to secondary activity.

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All cryptocurrency will be converted to the respective market's currency and can be loaded onto the Visa Card for use in purchase and ATM withdrawals. CRO Rewards are paid . Aug 23,  · Crypto credit cards are not yet available in Australia. However, there are alternatives - crypto debit and prepaid cards. These cards can also be used to transact at . Crypto Credit Cards Australia Clear Filters Brex Brex Financial software and services to fuel your growth. Brex lets you send free ACH and wires worldwide, get higher card limits, earn .