come here lyrics ethereal
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Come here lyrics ethereal business united in investing

Come here lyrics ethereal

That album was densely technical, with some melody intermixed. And there are now quite a few musicians involved as well. Even Frank Aresti never one to completely leave the Fates Waring fold lends a few solos. And since this music is very lyrically dense, fans of Arch will likely embrace this material, whereas those not accustomed or averse to his style will likely want to pass. On the other hand, while not as initially assaulting on the senses, these songs seem to expand in vastness and greatness upon repeated listens.

At 68 minutes in duration, Winter Ethereal features a ton of music — this will take some time and endurance to fully appreciate. But in the end, I think the investment in time is quite rewarding. Upon this day our hearts will guide us, Through rock and stone we have found our way. My kin and I, Stand now on this fateful day.

Staring at death with a glint in our eyes, With blade and shield by our side. We now begin our charge, With gods by our side. Singing our ancient song, The clash of steel against steel. Death is all around us, We will fight until the end. We must press on like legends of old, All I hear are screams of fallen warriors.

My fallen brothers are now in great company. We fight on and on, We've killed many men. This last struggle on heathen soil. As the sun dies, On this field of death and decay. When we leave this world, A new dawn shall await us all. Jubilation cries as my words take flight, Luminous stars gild the night. I summon you all, the ancient true, Baptize in flame the Christian fools.

Heed my words, a call to arms, Honour me now in war. A splendour that is heathen pride, Give your strength to me. We are brothers, bonded by blood, United we stand, together we fall. Heathen lords of true wisdom rise, Destroy the dreams of Christian lies.

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