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Frank bettinger eisenach thuringia

Stanley was born in Germany and studied design, art and interior architecture in Hanover and London from to With a degree in interior design, in addition to her expertise in the creative industry she has experience in retail strategy, scenography, design management, concept development and art direction. Ms Srock. Stanley founded the dan pearlman Group, a group of owner-managed, strategic creative agencies based in Berlin, in She leads the group as CEO and is responsible for brand and corporate strategies.

In addition to her work at dan pearlman Group, Ms Srock. Stanley is the founder of Climate Education GmbH, which is committed to climate protection. He studied business administration in Mannheim and Konstanz from to His career began at Porsche Consulting GmbH. In , Mr. Through his business activities, Mr. Baker brings a strong sense of the business conditions in our markets that is valuable to the board.

He also understands the capital needs and other challenges that many of our business customers face, and his insights on this topic help us tailor our products and services for business owners. The UK-based firm has focused on investing institutional capital in high-growth technology companies across Europe for over 20 years. Bocconi Milano in Italy from to and holds a degree in Economics. Memberships in domestic supervisory boards to be formed by law: — Memberships in comparable domestic and foreign supervisory bodies of business enterprises: Shamir Optical Industry Ltd.

With a degree in business administration, she has gained global experience in finance and retailing and started her career with the sporting goods manufacturer adidas. He started his career at Oy Erikstone Ab Ltd. In his subsequent positions at Sky Italia S. Doctolib is a French technology company that enables the online booking of appointments with doctors.

Here, Mr Brandolese is responsible for Italy. Memberships in domestic supervisory boards to be formed by law: — Memberships in comparable domestic and foreign supervisory bodies of business enterprises: — Chairperson of the Compensation Committee Member of the Nominating and Governance Committee For over 25 years, Mr. Boyce has owned several convenience stores and three consumer loan and sub-prime auto lending companies in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

In , he sold the last of these convenience stores and combined the three finance companies into one company, Preferred Loans, LLC. Also in Ascension Parish, Mr. Consumer and commercial and industrial loans comprise a significant portion of our lending activities, and Mr. In addition, being located in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, Mr.

He also brings an institutional knowledge to the Bank due to his tenure on the board. Boyce is the cousin of Robert M. Boyce, Sr. Robert M. Boyce is retired, having sold his interest in Louisiana Machinery Company, L. From until August , Mr. Boyce was an owner and officer of Louisiana Machinery Co.

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In addition to the different perspective on our banking operations that Dr. Frank L. JP Oil Holdings, headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, is an oil and gas exploration and production company as well as an investor in commercial real estate.

Walker also serves on the Board of Trustees and as Treasurer of Lafayette General Health, a seven-hospital system with an additional six clinical affiliate hospitals in southwest Louisiana. She will then forward your query to the GGG member who submitted the surname.

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In the late 12th century, the Wartburg became the main residence of the Ludowingians , making Eisenach a leading place in today's western Thuringia and northern Hesse, which also belonged to the Ludowingian landgraviate. In , St. As a consequence, the landgraviate was divided. Eisenach and the eastern parts went to the Wettins later becoming Thuringia and Kassel , Marburg and the western parts went to Sophie later becoming Hesse. Eisenach kept a leading position among the Wettin's Thuringian cities by becoming their Oberhof leading court , so that their law had to be derived from Eisenach's municipal law and disputes had to be resolved here.

The confident citizens of Eisenach fought against the Wettin's rule to become a free imperial city between and , but lost. In the 14th century various crises followed: in , a big fire destroyed nearly all the buildings and the Black Death killed many inhabitants in and Since , Eisenach was no longer a Wettin residence, which led to a decline in urban development.

In , in the " division of Leipzig ", the town fell to the Ernestine line of the Wettins. Early-modern period[ edit ] Eisenach in Between and , the young Martin Luther attended the St. George's Latin school in Eisenach in preparation for his following studies at the University of Erfurt. In that time, Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German, in what was an important step both for the German Reformation and the development of a consistent German standard language. Luther referred to Eisenach as ein Pfaffennest "a clerical backwater" , since during his time there were monks and nuns per 1, inhabitants.

In , Eisenach became a ducal residence again for the house of Saxe-Eisenach. Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach in His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach worked here as a musician at that time. As the Eisenach dukes died out in , the town and the state became part of Saxe-Weimar. Car, produced in Automobilwerk Eisenach in Demolition of historic buildings during the s and s.

In , the Wartburg Festival took place in Eisenach, a meeting of students advocating moves towards a more liberal, constitutional state and a unification of Germany. The industrial revolution started relatively early in Eisenach. As early as the first half of the 19th century, the first factories were founded. In , the Werra Railway to Lichtenfels and further to Nuremberg was opened.

The late 19th and early 20th century was the period with the fastest urban growth in Eisenach. The Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach FFE , later Automobilwerk Eisenach , basis of car production in Eisenach, was founded in , the first trams ran in , the Burschenschaftsdenkmal [ de ] "fraternity monument" was erected in and the J. Bach museum opened in Tourists also started to arrive in this period, drawn by the pleasing landscape and the various sights within the town.

Between the s and , Eisenach hosted one of the largest Jewish communities in Thuringia with nearly members at the beginning of the 20th century. Marley insisted he travel by milk train which stopped at every town to the hospital in Watertown. On the trip the appendix ruptured, but Frank survived. Supposedly he was sickly for the remainder of his life because of this episode. In , Frank's brother Ward returned home from the west coast and had a number of ideas how to better the house.

They tore it down and rebuilt it, during which time they slept in a small barn behind the house Source: Laurentine Mullin Bettinger Rogers. Frank E. He was a farmer and lived in the homestead and farm that his grandfather had built. Frank married Helen Marley Johnson Bulen in she had been living with his family for five years and they had two children: Esther Marley Betty b and Roy b Frank died at the age of Davies, pastor of Sandy Creek Congregational church.

Burial was at Ellisburg. Bettinger was taken ill Tuesday and on Wednesday was taken to the House of the Good Samaritan, Watertown, where he died at that night, following a major operation. Bettinger was born in the Redden house at Ellisburg, son of George E. At the time of his death, he resided in the homestead which his grandfather built. He married Helen Marley Bulen 30 years ago.

Surviving are his wife; one daughter, Mrs. Bettinger was taken to the hospital Wednesday.

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