better workplace environments
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Better workplace environments

Also, remember that job interviews go in two directions — employers are also trying to sell themselves to you. Research has shown , for instance, that millennials are more likely to ask about flexible schedules during interviews — and that employers are changing their policies as a result. Remember that one reason companies hire freelancers is to add fresh ideas and diversity to workplaces that have grown dull and repetitive, said Stephane Kasriel, chief executive of Upwork , a freelance marketplace.

One rule at Upwork: No one is allowed to interrupt — unless they are joining a meeting by phone. That way freelancers and remote workers can get a word in. But people will stop being penalized — and workplaces cultures will change — if everyone does it. Other easy things to try: Tell colleagues when they did a good job. Listen when they talk. Here are a few suggestions of small changes you can make that will help change the tone in your office: Set the example for a flexible, empathetic culture.

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Help your employees find a comfortable work environment Remember back in March when we suddenly found ourselves WFKT working from kitchen table? Wherever your employees are working, they need to feel empowered and comfortable to do their best work. This means supporting them to create comfortable home offices and workspaces. Hybrid workplaces: If your team is coming into a physical office space regularly, focus on creating a comfortable, productive space. This encompasses everything from ergonomic furniture to temperature-regulated interiors.

According to the Australian Productivity Commission , some tools that organisations can employ to support their employees include setting up an Employee Assistance Program EAP or appoint a contact person in the organisation who workers could talk to about any concerns related to working from home. Err on the side of communicating too much, and use collaborative tools to ensure an open flow of conversation.

You can also include your team in decision making: send them a quick informal message asking for their opinion. Then show care and attention by following up. A few ways you can do that include: Using dedicated channels for new projects Including coworkers in appropriate email chains Making team priorities easily accessible, like pinning them to the dedicated Slack channel.

The main thing is to create a culture that unites employees and sets a clear direction. HubSpot builds a community with four core employee resource groups that are open to anyone, from fledgling HubSpotters to executives. Culture Amp has a Slack channel for every city and encourages local camaraderie through interest-based clubs like knitting, cooking and dog appreciation.

Trivago gives employees a voice thanks to a customisable Slackbot called Leo to check the pulse of their employees.

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To Do Better Work, Change Your Environment

May 21,  · Developing strong relationships with your coworkers is an effective way to improve the work environment. Getting to know one another and building connections makes . AdTransform HR to deliver more value, better outcomes, and increased productivity. Empower HR through solutions encompassing strategy, design, implementation & operations. AdSkill up your teams. Learn more about the state of upskilling in Pluralsight empowers your team w/ training & dev across the most critical skills in tech.#20 In Top Cloud Companies – Forbes.