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Dispensaries using crypto

The service also facilitates in-country production and regulatory support and utilizes government and industry relationships, optimized systems, and custom blockchain technology. Such blockchain services can be used to track and trace cannabis products across the products' entire lifecycle and will be able to detect fraudulent items.

Additional data available to consumers could include what lighting has been used, how the plants are growing, the cleanliness of facilities, and more. Talking about regulatory issues, Holling said, "Ultimately, transparency is what leads politicians to feel more secure about promoting the industry in their countries.

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Dispensaries using crypto Why dispensaries using you think it generated — forgive the pun — so much attention when you posted it? And in the click space, who needs to write all the time? Why do you think there has been a shift? Income: This segment consists of marijuana consumers depending on their income status, and the well-settled insured users. While others are still figuring out a way to save crypto from paying high fees and taxes. However, it is still not the worst problem for the industry.
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As time goes on though, more companies will be getting on board and creating other methods of transaction, like credit cards. You will also see easing banking regulations because the marijuana industry is getting too big to ignore. Benefits As we are transforming into more of a cashless society, it is the perfect time to start test-running cryptocurrencies for our everyday activities. This industry could thrive better with the possibilities of: Proper accounting: Using the blockchain for cannabis sales is very ideal because you can track what you bought when you bought it, and the info on the specific strain if needed.

Cryptocurrencies like Growers International are even aiming at making it easier for customers to track their strains from seed to sale. Using crypto cards: You do not need to go in and make sure you have a specific app with specific coins or tokens. Drawbacks The benefits of using crypto to purchase legal weed far outweigh the drawbacks, but there are real reasons as to why people are still using cash more.

Ironically, people seem to be collecting Bitcoin, but not spending it. This is a huge barrier that is stopping people from using coins and tokens at a dispensary. Fees: Another reason why people would rather pay cash is to not pay any fees. Cryptocurrencies have the opposite feature compared to credit cards. This new regulated market has an uphill climb, with banking being one of the major hurdles to overcome. As banking and federal restrictions ease, we will see many of our issues subside.

For now, the option of utilizing state approved banks and cryptocurrencies are our only plausible options to relieve ourselves of a cash-only industry. While Bitcoin has become widely popular in the virtual currency space, there are a few alternative cryptocurrencies catering specifically to the pot sector.

Read on to find out more about the top five cryptocurrencies on the market. Key Takeaways Although marijuana is legal in many states, the U. Pot-based operators and consumers can use marijuana-specific cryptocurrencies for their transactions since banks cannot legally conduct pot-related business.

It was designed to solve banking problems for people looking to transact in legal marijuana. Trading of PotCoin takes place directly between people without using a bank or clearinghouse. But the currency failed to make a huge mark, remaining in the shadows until June 12, The supply of PotCoin is limited with, you guessed it, million coins.

More than million are in circulation. It trades on three markets and also transitioned to proof-of-stake , which allows people to mine or validate block transactions according to the number of coins they hold. An important caveat is that PotCoin claims transaction speeds of 40 seconds, which are pretty impressive compared to those of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency announced some new features at the beginning of , including HD Wallets, a reduction in synch times, and faster network synchronization to help boost the user experience.

It also celebrated the holiday with the launch of PotCoin Rewards, a revamped website, and the announcement of the PotCoin Foundation. Chart courtesy: worldcoinindex. It is a proof-of-work , peer-to-peer open-source currency and, like Potcoin, was aimed at easing transactions for medical marijuana dispensaries. While it initially gained popularity, it has failed to deliver for investors. So how does it work? CannabisCoin promises to convert cryptocurrency directly into marijuana.