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Betting world uk 49s teatime

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Decide whether you are entering the six-number draw or the seven-number draw. Choose how many numbers you would like to match, from one to five. Remember that to win you must match all the numbers you pick, but the more numbers you pick, the bigger the prize. Choose your numbers from a range between 1 and Set the amount you would like to wager.

Follow the instructions on the site to pay for your wager. If it is your first visit, you may need to create an online account. There are many benefits to playing online. You have to select a minimum of one number and a maximum of five numbers between 1 and You can either choose your own numbers or ask for a Lucky Dip to have them picked randomly for you. Related: UK 49s Lunchtime Mark the Teatime option on your betting slip, and select how many consecutive days you want to play.

You can enter up to seven days in a row and there is no fixed stake, so you can decide how much you would like to wager. Bets can be placed right up until the game's official start time. When you enter, you just have to select whether you will be playing the '6 Number Draw' or the '7 Number Draw'.

If you play the '6 Number Draw', you are only placing a bet on the six main numbers. If you enter the '7 Number Draw', your wager includes the Booster Ball and improves your odds of winning. For example, if you play Pick 1 and the number you select is drawn as the Booster Ball, you win a prize if you have selected the '7 Number Draw' but not if you have marked the option for '6 Number Draw'.