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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Mataf net forex trading correlation table ir

The book even covers the recent terrorist attacks in France. Overall, this book provides a very credible overview of all the challenges related to terrorism. It is definitely a useful book for students, academics and practitioners. Korstanje challenges his readers to both expand their range of academic vision and to think outside of the box.

This book is a valuable intellectual tool for both scholars and practitioners. It also provides tools to understand future challenges. This book is essential rendering for anyone interested in the fields of tourism and terrorism and how they overlap. Furthermore, many tourists visit sites of terror when they partake in so-called dark tourism.

The number of words should be at most 1,, excluding references and tables. The maximum number of references is The recommended limit of figures or figure parts is 8. Ideas and Innovation - These are brief items describing original concepts, not exceeding 1, words, 10 references, and 8 figures or figure parts. Letter to the Editor - In principle, these should comment on, discuss, or criticize articles published in the Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery.

However, these can also relate to other topics of general interest. A maximum of words is recommended and up to 5 references may be included. Whenever appropriate and feasible, the response from the authors of the article under discussion will be published along with the letter. Special Article - These are articles not classified in the categories described above, which the Editorial Board considers particularly relevant to the specialty.

The review criteria for these articles are unique, as they do not have a word limit or restrictions on the number of references. Initially, articles are evaluated by the office secretary, to determine whether they comply with publication standards and are complete.

All manuscripts are then submitted to peer review by at least three reviewers, who are selected from among the members of the Editorial Board. Article acceptance is based on originality, significance, and scientific contribution. The reviewers fill out a form that provides a rigorous appraisal of all items of an article. At the end, the reviewers make general comments about the work and express their opinion as to whether it should be published or revised according to recommendations.

Based on this information, the editor makes a final decision. In case of discrepancies between the reviewers, an additional opinion may be requested for a better assessment. In exceptional cases, when required by the subject of the manuscript, the Editor can request the opinion of a professional who is not part of the Editorial Board, for an evaluation.

This entire process is carried out through the submission and management system for online publication GNPapers. The evaluation is double-blinded, ensuring anonymity throughout the process. The decision on the acceptance of the article for publication will occur, whenever possible, within 3 months from the date of its receipt.

The dates for receiving and approving the manuscript for publication are reported in the article published, in order to respect the priority interests of the authors. Authors must follow current spelling conventions, use straightforward and accurate terminology, and avoid the informality of colloquialisms. When the manuscripts received are not written in English or the Editorial Board deems appropriate, the Journal will provide a translation free of charge to the author s.

If an English version already exists, it should be submitted to streamline the publication process. In the printed version of the Journal, the articles are published in Portuguese. All research involving human beings must be submitted to the appreciation of a Research Ethics Committee CEP and the publication of the article is linked to the approval of the study by this Research Ethics Committee. Animal investigations must be carried out in accordance with rules applicable to such procedures, as specified in the Basel Declaration www.

The Editorial Board of the Journal may decline articles that do not strictly comply with ethical principles of research, whether involving humans or animals. The authors should accurately identify all drugs and chemicals used, providing the names of active ingredients, dosages, and routes of administration. They should also avoid using commercial or proprietary names.

Policy for the registration of clinical trials The Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery supports the clinical trial registration policies of the World Health Organization WHO and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ICMJE , recognizing the importance of these initiatives for the international registration and dissemination of information on open access clinical trials.

Thus, clinical trials are only acceptable if duly registered before the start of data collection on www. The identification number should be recorded at the end of the abstract. Thus, only those individuals who have contributed directly to the intellectual content of the work should be listed as authors. The authors should meet all the following criteria, in order to have public responsibility for the work content: 1. Having conceived and planned the activities that led to the final work, or interpreted the results of these activities, or both; 2.

Having written the work or revised successive versions and taken part in the review process; 3. Having approved the final version. Individuals who do not meet the aforementioned requirements or whose participation consists of purely technical or general support may be mentioned in the Acknowledgments section.

Compliance with the instructions is mandatory for the study to be considered for review. Identification The manuscript should include the title of the work, written in a concise and descriptive manner, in Portuguese and English, the full names of the authors and their respective titles, as well as the institution where the study was carried out. If the work was presented at a conference, the name of the event, place, and date of the presentation should be mentioned.

Potential conflicts of interest and funding sources should be stated. The maximum number of authors permitted for an article is 8, and the contribution of each author must be specified. Summary or Abstract only for original articles, special articles, review articles, and case reports.

The abstract of an original article should be structured, with an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. The abstract should be written in order to allow understanding of the study without reading the entire text. Similarly, the Abstract must accurately reflect the Summary, and should follow the same structure: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.

Review articles and Case Reports should also include a Summary and Abstract, but a structured format as above is not required. Neither the Summary nor the Abstract may exceed words. At least 5 keywords should be listed, with a maximum of 10, identifying the subject of the work.

References should be cited numerically in order of appearance in the text, using superscript numerals. Introduction - This section should discuss the purpose of the article and the rationale for the study. It must establish the theoretical premise that led the authors to investigate the topic. Objective - This section must describe the purpose of the work clearly and objectively in one paragraph.

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