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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Hotforex android server example

The currency conversion fee is based on the base currency and the payment provider. Inactivity Fees This multi-asset broker does not charge an inactivity fee for the inactive accounts of the user. Further, several forex brokers expect a certain trading activity that is already specified in the terms and conditions of the accounts, which the traders need to fulfill. These brokers Fees and processing times will vary, while deposits might take 10 minutes to 2 working days based on the methods used by the trader.

Withdrawals are free and are processed in 24 hours when the request is submitted, and they will be processed from Monday to Friday. HotForex supports several ways to fund the trading account. HotForex has its own MasterCard to carry out transactions and to make safe online payments. As per several HotForex reviews, these brokers provide 14 types of withdrawal and deposit options on the platform. Some of them include credit and debit cards, domestic transfers, wire transfers, cryptocurrency transfers, and several more.

Some of the withdrawal methods supported by HotForex brokers are credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Withdrawal fees are charged zero, and the trader need not worry about any additional fees. But wire transfers will involve some fees as per the bank and other international policies. Applicable to the account automatically. Cash available for withdrawal or trading. Leverage of underlying account prevails. Increases account leverage.

It makes the stop-out level on cash balance zero. The investors can withdraw bonuses if the volume requirements are taken care of. Using the HotForex trading rewards loyalty program, the users can earn Bars Points for each qualifying round when they trade with gold, silver, and Forex.

In these brokers, the number of bars awarded is raised according to the loyalty level that is achieved and the number of trading days active that is accumulated. HotForex brokers have four types of reward levels like red, gold, silver, and platinum. Users qualify for red trading rewards when they register on the program. If the user is more active, the trader accumulates more, and they can progress. The more they get bars, the more they will earn per lot traded.

After actively trading in the brokers and accumulating enough bars, the users can choose to exchange them with Forex trading services or tools or for cash. Using the education center, the users can understand the forex market, its basic strategies, an understanding how the forex brokers market works, and its dynamics.

The education center is mainly a resource center for Forex, which is updated regularly. The main intention of HotForex education center is to develop a library of various resources for their clients that can be accessed easily. It also provides presentations on important topics that add value by offering knowledge and tools that are required to trade the forex market with confidence.

The traders can also use the education resource center to update their knowledge about the forex market. HotForex uses its resource center to update its clients on upcoming webinars and seminars. As with many brokers, It also seeks experienced traders to help in the forex market to provide their insights through interviews, answer sessions, and live sessions.

HotForex Affiliate Program As per our HotForex review, it offers HF Affiliates — an affiliate program that caters to both online and offline affiliates by paying great commission for their clients referred to HotForex. Like many brokers, it has HF Affiliates that target customers throughout the world; in this way, it makes sure that they stay with them for the long term.

It also provides a great rewarding commission along with a multi-tier tracking system exclusively available for affiliates. When any new user or beginner decides to become an HF Affiliate, the user will also benefit from the complimentary, promotional materials. HotForex Forex broker supports its associates by helping them to unleash their trading potential and to grow their trading businesses. HotForex app permits the users to enter and exit positions through a one-touch plugin; also, the users can access technical charts over nine timeframes through their mobile screens.

Like other brokers, it has an HF app that offers more than 30 technical indicators which help the users to perform technical analysis professionally, without compromising their needs. Additionally, through the mobile trading app offered by HotForex broker, the users can use this mobile version on the MT5 trading platform too.

This hf app offers all the features that are available on both desktop and web-based platforms. Through the market watch window, the users can view multiple financial instruments in real-time. Further, the broker charting tabs helps traders to analyze the different market analyses of various tradable instruments that are available in different time frames. HotForex Security Measures The Forex broker provides the following security benefits:- HotForex has made several efforts to protect its user funds and their third parties through a civil liability insurance program with a limit of 5,, Euros that covers coverage against omissions, errors, fraud, negligence, and other types of risks that lead to financial loss.

HotForex provides negative balance protection against market volatility. The negative balance protection policy of HotForex implies that under high volatile conditions when margin calls and stop-outs are not able to function properly, the client is not responsible for paying back a negative balance. HotForex has become a global leader that offers online trading specializing in derivatives and has the markets in the UK forex brokers and the US stocks, trading spot metals, commodities, and indices.

Like many Brokers, it provides award-winning services to its clients and ensures that the client funds are highly secured. HotForex assesses several risk management and identifies, monitors the risks that are associated with their operations. Continually, it assesses the effectiveness of their arrangements, policies, and procedures every time. HotForex holds all its accounts with major banks, and with its strength, as a broker, it helps the company to offer liquidity through some of the global banks.

HotForex segregates the client funds that they have received to their bank accounts and separates them from the company funds. Further, these funds are not added to the balance sheet, and they cannot be used for paying back their creditors if there is any event of the company going bankrupt. HotForex broker offers customer care in 27 languages that cover trading needs and permits customers from any country to get quality support and to trade as per their requirements.

As per the HotForex review, customer service is offered through phone, live chat, faqs , and email; email support is offered in a few languages. HotForex customer service response time is quick, and it offers solutions effectively.

Their services and investment products can be tailor-made to specific requirements like offering different types of accounts, tools, platforms, and instruments. The traders can also choose a specific trading strategy. They are also offered a free demo account as well as an Islamic account. The user should know that having a reliable broker is important to the success of online trading; also, they should ensure that the broker meets the needs of their requirement to have a good experience and a profitable trading journey.

HotForex fees There are mainly four types of fees that Hotforex charges to its clients in different cases: Spread: Hotforex charges the lowest average spread when compared to the other brokers. Commissions: Commissions are charged on Zero account, which is a low-cost option with tight spreads. The fees charged is a sum of the spread and the commission on per Round turn. Rollover: A rollover fees is typically charged by all the brokers. It is basically the interest charged or earned for holding positions overnight i.

It is calculated based on the difference of interest rates of the two traded currencies. Buying a currency with higher interest rate and selling the lower interest rate currency would typically earn you rollover fees. If any fee is charged, it would be by the payment gateway vendors, bank or the credit card company. Apart from this, there is not much clarity on charges for account inactivity for any maintenance or administrative fee.

Hotforex is a broker with minimum fee requirements and has low spreads and commissions, no deposit or withdrawal fee. It is highly recommended and is a tested broker for both first timers and experienced traders. There are many advantages of the Demo accounts. There is no commission charged in this account. This account too has no commission charges. HotForex Trading Instruments There are a variety of trading instruments offered by Hotforex for your trading needs.

Let us look at them in detail: Forex: Forex is one of the most traded instruments and Hotforex has a total of 50 forex pairs to trade, with some of the lowest spread in the market. There are currently 15 major pairs and 35 minor pairs on offer. Although some brokers offer higher numbers of FX pairs, this is still a wide variety of currencies for forex trading, compared to many other brokers. There are at present four Spot contracts for metals trading.

They offer small margins in oil and gas trading. There are two Spot contract specifications and three Futures contract specifications to select from. Indices: Hotforex provides a wide range of top global indices to trade from. There are 11 Spot contract specifications and 12 Futures contract specifications on offer for trading in indices. Contract expiry dates are also mentioned for client needs and decisions. This makes Hotforex quite a desirable broker.

There are 56 company shares available with Hotforex. As a broker, they have included the exchange name, too, on which the particular stock is listed. This information is quite helpful while trading. Bonds: Hotforex provides its clients three types of bonds options to trade in. Bond calculations are clearly explained and expiry date information is also provided. Hotforex has 12 cryptocurrencies contract specifications. Both the platforms have provision of access from desktop terminal, web terminal and on Android and iOS devices.

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