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Last week I heard of initiatives that we can take part in that will be of benefit to our financial future, on Radio Nthabeleng Likotsi spoke of the YWBN Co-operative Bank that is in the formation stages. Nthabeleng shared the information of this Bank with me on email, I will share parts of that communication below. YWBN is an organisation mainly meant to specifically empower, develop and economically support women professionals and entrepreneurs. Although men are also welcome in this initiative, the intention is to have women as majority stakeholders.

You are hereby invited to join as a member and a shareholder in the formation of the Young Women in Business Network YWBN Cooperative Bank and attached are 3 documents that were adopted on the 16th of December and the minutes relating to those documents. The Objectives of the Cooperative Bank are: a To promote and advance the social and economic welfare of its members by enhancing access to financial services under sustainable conditions by providing banking services in accordance with the provisions of the Exemption notice.

YWBN Co-operative Bank has the full rights, powers ,privileges to carry out and undertake business ,act or enter into any transaction on behalf of its members. By comparison, 2, murders were officially recorded in March, the highest number of monthly homicides since The Mexican brewer of Corona beer has suspended production. Health minister David Clark had to apologise to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after photographs of him mountain-biking in a park — strictly against lockdown regulations — were shared on social media.

FRANCE In Central America, where most people live close to the poverty line in crowded conditions and rely on informal work to make a living, gender-based efforts have been made to balance the fight against coronavirus with the need to survive economically. Following the example set by Peru — where men can leave home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and women on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Sunday is a gender-neutral no-go zone — Panamanian authorities decreed that men and women could leave home to work on alternate days.

So far, nearly people have been arrested for flouting the gender rule and more than 5, have A shipment of several million face masks due to be flown to France from Shanghai was effectively hijacked by US buyers, who offered the seller three times the amount paid by the French and diverted the load to the US. Revolutionary minded denizens of France are not minded to stay at home when spring is in the air.

SWEDEN While most European countries have adopted strict lockdown measures, Swedes continue to roam free despite much chastisement from international health organisations. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that tighter lockdown measures may be introduced as British residents have become lax.

So far they can still walk their dogs while practising social distancing but this may soon change. Government advisers have recommended extending the quarantine period to the end of May. About homeless people are unofficially using empty Heathrow airport as a place of refuge.

Lonely people wanting a four-legged quarantine companion have been warned, however, that a pet is for life, not just for lockdown. Trump has been tested twice for coronavirus. Both tests were negative. Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci, the infectious-diseases expert commanding US medical forces in the battle against Covid, has been assigned extra security personnel after receiving death threats from anonymous sources protesting against the economic pinch occasioned by lockdown measures.

Infection rates in the US were estimated at more than , this week and scientists predict that a quarter of a million Americans will die as the virus continues to spread — four times that figure if the lockdown is lifted too early. A mobile phone data survey suggests that Democrats are taking the anti-virus measures a lot more seriously than their Trump-supporting Republican counterparts, and this is echoed in state administrations.

New Orleans, Detroit and Chicago are catching up to New York City in infection numbers, but while New York state governor Andrew Cuomo and others have received universal praise for introducing drastic measures to slow down the epidemic while Trump was still in denial, governors elsewhere are less impressive. By Friday he was still allowing many businesses to remain in operation.

The number of infections in Florida topped 7, this week. The Walt Disney Co announced that it will begin retrenching nonessential staff on April China is in the sunset. Insight Africa and the virus Sunday Times Some African states are in lockdown, others are slow to respond.

All are short of health supplies, writes Claire Keeton Volunteers distribute cleaning supplies and advice on protection against the coronavirus in a refugee camp in Mogadishu, Somalia, this week. In the seven days to Tuesday this week, the number of confirmed Covid cases in Africa more than doubled, from 1, to 5, In the same period deaths soared from 58 to Forewarned by the devastation in other regions, African health ministers responded early to Covid, meeting on February 22 to strategise against their common enemy, a virus that is slow to show its teeth.

And until the threat is pressing and real, the need for social distancing to stay safe may be less compelling than the imperative to make money to survive. Religious leaders still call on their congregants to gather to pray. But if the virus fills African morgues to overflowing, it will be too late to contain it in highdensity settlements, where clean water and sanitation are often scarce and isolation virtually impossible. As people headed to their homes, the temperatures of both pedestrians and drivers were checked for symptoms of Covid, and supplies of water, food and other necessities were handed out.

Only three years old, the Africa CDC, under the banner of the African Union, has stepped up to lead the continent-wide response to Covid, which ranges from scientific interventions to a rumourtracking system to counter misinformation. Garlic, lemon and ginger do not, for example, cure Covid, though Ethiopian church leaders — in pronouncements that stirred memories of Manto Tshabalala-Msimang — said they did, causing a spike Covid numbers New African cases March 3, in one week, up from 1, the previous Tuesday Total cases April 3: 7, Recovered cases: Deaths: Sources: Africa CDC and Johns Hopkins University in market prices for the items.

Thakker, who is executive chair of Africa Health Business, a health management consultancy based in Nairobi, said private-public health partnerships were mobilising in Kenya to combat the pandemic. Health professionals in Kenya have provided free training to hotel staff in preparing 82 facilities for quarantine and about 1, people are working in a Covid call centre.

Ethiopian Airlines has already delivered most of the gear, including diagnostic tests, masks and protective suits. At first only SA and Senegal had the capability, but now more than 40 countries do. We need to have clear communications, daily updates and a road map to prepare people to avoid social chaos.

Boomslang C. Python D. Puff adder Which of these South African animals is known to use the Milky Way for navigation? Fruit bats B. The civet C. Dung beetle D. Honey badger Of what are leopard, hinged, geometric and angulate all types? Frogs B. Seals C. Tortoises D. Snakes What is the former name of the African penguin? Arthur Conan Doyle invented which literary detective, arguably the most famous of them all?

Name the French museum that is home to the Mona Lisa. In which country was Salvador Dali born? In which city would you find the statue of Christ the Redeemer? Guernica, which portrays a city bombed during the Spanish Civil War, was created by which artist? Which family were the patrons of Michelangelo?

Name the South African artist known for his charcoal and pastel drawings as well as his collaboration with the Handspring Puppet Company in creating animated films usually containing political messages. Coptic art is associated with a group of Christians during the 5th-8th centuries AD living in which country?

Name the influential 20th-century American artist from New Mexico who was famous for her images of gigantic flowers, cityscapes and desert scenes. What is the primary ingredient of the dish called risotto? What is typically served with tripe to make a traditional Xhosa dish? Cristal and Bollinger are types of what? Which spice is obtained from crocuses? What is generally added to eggs to make eggs Florentine? Which liqueur is sometimes known as the green fairy?

How many strings does a standard violin have? Who composed the opera The Magic Flute? Beethoven B. Mozart C. Bach D. Verdi Who wrote the ballet Swan Lake? With which instrument would you associate Yo-Yo Ma? Flute B. Violin C. Clarinet D. Cello In what part of the orchestra would you find the timpani? Woodwind B. Strings C. Percussion D. Brass Name the composer of The Unfinished Symphony. Verdi B. Liszt C. Schubert D. Brahms In which city would you find the Bolshoi Theatre, home of the Bolshoi Ballet?

Croatian B. Czech C. Russian D. Who is the main prophet in Islam? Diwali the festival of lights is synonymous with which religion? Rosh Hashanah begins a new year for the people of which religion? As a duty, and one of the Five Pillars of Islam, every able-bodied Muslim is expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. What is this pilgrimage called?

With which religious movement would you associate the magazine The Watchtower? In which country did more than people commit mass suicide under instruction from the cult leader Jim Jones? Guyana B. Haiti C. Liberia D. Costa Rica Name the two sons of Abraham, one of whom is considered the father of the Jewish people and the other the patriarch of Islam.

In Christianity, by what name is the Sunday immediately before Easter known? Pentecost B. Palm Sunday C. Whitsunday D. Ascension Day In the Christian Bible, which of the 12 apostles was also known as Didymus? We hope your family had fun with the first part last week. Keep sane and keep your brain sharp during the lockdown. What is the official currency of Japan? In chess, how many pieces are involved in castling? The musical stage show Riverdance is based on traditional dancing from which country?

Of whom do the British burn an effigy in November each year? Peter Parker is the alter ego of which superhero? What colour is the precious stone tanzanite? Blue B. Green C. Red D. Yellow In traditional fashion, what is the furry pocket worn in front of a kilt in Scotland? A philatelist is interested in collecting what? With which constellation would you associate the twins?

Cats supposedly descended from those kept by Ernest Hemingway in Florida, US, are known for having what physical anomaly? Was it a breeze. Here are the answers Sherlock Holmes Hamelin Zakes Mda Victor Hugo Bessie Head The Louvre New York Spain Impressionism Rio de Janeiro Picasso Medici William Kentridge Egypt Rice Samp Champagne Tiramisu Peri-peri Saffron Spinach Rum Absinthe Punch Four B Mozart Tchaikovsky D Cello Handel C Percussion C Franz Schubert Peter and the Wolf Moscow B Czech Mohammed Hinduism Judaism Hajj Carnival A Guyana Isaac Yitzhak and Ishmael B Palm Sunday Thomas Buffalo Impala Wildebeest Grey go-away bird D Puff adder Eland C Dung beetle C Tortoises Jackass penguin Yellowwood A Hindi Zombie B Honcho Glitch Assassins origin: from hashish C Algebra Bankrupt Sinister Yen Two Ireland Guy Fawkes Spider-Man A Blue Sporran Stamps Gemini Six or more toes on one foot.

The African Big Five comprises the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and which other animal? What antelope is known as rooibok in Afrikaans? Which South African mammal is also known as the gnu? What is the current name for the bird formerly known as the grey loerie? Which of these snakes is responsible for more fatalities than any other in Africa? Black mamba Hindi B. Latin C. Swahili D. Hebrew Guru B. Honcho C. Dude D.

Bigwig The name for what notorious occupation is thought to be derived from an Islamic sect who drugged themselves before committing murders? Guillotine B. Nicotine C. Quinine D. Tangerine Combinatorics B. Calculus C. Algebra D. Arithmetic What word takes its name from the old practice that required moneylenders, if they became insolvent, to have their moneylending bench broken?

What word, originally from Latin, comes from an archaic notion that left-handed people were thought to be evil? Gen Constand Viljoen, who has died on his farm near Ohrigstad at the age of 86, was a former chief of the South African Defence Force SADF who came frighteningly close to staging a coup against the FW de Klerk government in order to halt the peace process and prevent the democratic elections. He believed the ANC was still pursuing a revolutionary agenda and that De Klerk was caving in to their demands and had to be stopped.

Blunt, determined and committed to an Afrikaner volkstaat, he was egged on by rightwingers who idolised him for his military exploits and shared his sense of anger and betrayal at their perceived marginalisation in the negotiations. Called the last of the Boer generals, he was highly regarded in the defence force for his professionalism and personal integrity. When he said he could raise 50, men from defence force units and the citizen force, few disbelieved him.

A number of things happened to make him back down. In Meiring warned Nelson Mandela of the dire consequences if Viljoen tried to stop the elections. Mandela invited Viljoen to tea. Expecting a ruthless, hardline communist, Viljoen was bowled over by the legendary Mandela charm, his knowledge of Afrikaner history and sensitivity to the fears of whites.

Speaking Afrikaans, Mandela put it to him that he could go to war, and that his people undoubtedly had more military skills than black South Africans. But if it came to a race war, black South Africans had the numbers and would have the support of the international community.

Mandela promised that his demand for a volkstaat would be taken seriously. Another decisive event was in March when Viljoen mobilised 4, men to rush to the help of Bophuthatswana leader Lucas Mangope, who feared he was about to be overthrown by the ANC.

He decided the political route was the only way to go, phoned Meiring and told him he was going to participate in the elections, formed the Freedom Front and registered. His decision to reject a coup led to him being ostracised by former supporters who now saw him as a traitor to the Afrikaner cause.

In it came to light that Viljoen had been a target of the Boeremag paramilitary rightwing group, which considered him a traitor who had sold out the Afrikaner people. To placate the right wing he needed an agreement on a volkstaat. He began negotiations with the ANC, facilitated by his twin brother Braam, a theology professor at Unisa and his diametric opposite politically. One of the problems facing him was that none of its proponents could agree where the volkstaat should be.

Another was that a poll showed that only one-fifth of Afrikaners supported a volkstaat strongly enough to consider moving there. Too many whites saw him as the only hope for peace. Please apply by sending an email to accounts gamtoos. Picture: Sunday Times months preparing a military strategy.

His Freedom Front won 2. Before the inaugural session began, Mandela crossed the floor to shake hands with him. I am a military man and he was my president. I shook his hand and stood to attention. Viljoen was born on October 28 in Standerton, Mpumalanga. He became director of operations in , as Angola transitioned to independence and the civil war there hotted up. Viljoen said the intention was never to take Luanda or put Savimbi in power, but to put pressure on the then Organisation of African Unity to install a government of national unity.

In he became chief of the army and established a reputation as a swashbuckling leader who loved accompanying his men in crossborder operations inside Angola. In he retired from the SADF and went farming, which he always said was his first love. In , accusing De Klerk of selling out the Afrikaners, he formed the Afrikaner Volksfront, a coalition of right-wing parties, organisations and movements demanding a volkstaat.

They were wrong. He is survived by his wife Christina and five children. Ignatius Patrick Jacobs dedicated his life to the liberation of his people. He fought for freedom as a pupil at school, at university, as a youth and community activist, a communist, a soldier, and a representative of the people in the government.

Inevitably, due to the firmness of his beliefs, energy in action, passion in robust debates and conviction in the liberation of his people, he was to lead in many structures of the liberation movement. He was a visionary who believed in the power of social capital and the need to always take the masses of the people of our country along, on every programme of our democratically elected government.

He believed governance was of no significance if it was not accompanied by deliberate steps to build local capacity in every community so that the people could better interact with such programmes and maximise the benefits these brought. He always insisted that the movement, and the government it led, should have a structured presence in communities. Jacobs was a strategist extraordinaire, a communicator par excellence and a cadre of the movement who always saw things in terms of how they contributed to the bigger picture.

He shied away from public galleries and would speak only when it was necessary, thereby throwing members into the deep end before giving guidance behind the scenes. He was a disciplinarian who never allowed members to publish statements about fraternal organisations and compatriots until they had informed those organisations and compatriots of their content, however harsh the facts might be.

He did this to keep the centre holding. Working under his astute leadership, together with many activists, was an eye-opener to members and stretched their capabilities beyond self-knowledge. He would insist that members met journalists who had written false He loved humanity and his people and for that he sacrificed himself, his talents and skills, and used them to fight for the liberation of SA Ignatius Jacobs stories about the government and its leadership, and tell the members how to fix the faultlines and build honest relationships.

He was a bright spark and dedicated cadre. Each time party members went to visit Jacobs, they spoke about the political situation in the country and the world. The prayers, science and his strength made him fight until it was not possible any longer. He was human, after all, and the cancer became too much for him to combat.

He loved humanity and his people and for that he sacrificed himself, his talents and skills, and used them as tools to fight for the liberation of the people of SA. When freedom came, he further revealed those skills to the country for good use in developing the lives of the people. He looked forward to living, always talking about the future.

He always had ideas to further contribute to human development. Even during his ailment he maintained a sense of humour, and his laughter was infectious. He made his mark on humanity and the people need to recognise, appreciate, praise and celebrate his contribution. He was no ordinary cadre, but a special one, and he was baptised in revolutionary fires.

He was a human being with a great heart, who loved his wife, children and family. He will forever be remembered by those people whose lives he touched in his lifetime. NE Tshwane. Take part in our monthly literacy challenges that wil earn you these points. They can be turned into rewards like books, airtime and prizes.

Join today and earn rewards while inspiring others! And its free! For more information, for past editions and language combinations, visit www. Visit www. Join the conversation on Facebook, and fol ow us on Instagram and Twit er for inspirational reading-for-enjoyment tips, updates and competitions. Visit our YouTube channel for useful reading club tips.

Our worst fears keep becoming reality. When Covid was still confined to China and Europe, we prayed it would not reach our shores, but it did. We hoped the numbers would remain low, but they soon hit , then , and now a thousand and a half. We expressed relief that almost all confirmed cases were of people who had travelled abroad, until the first local infection was confirmed. At one point we crossed our fingers hoping for no Covidrelated deaths, until the first fatality was reported.

We held our breath in diminishing hope that townships and other mass areas would not be affected, until cases were confirmed in Alexandra and Khayelitsha. The government has received global praise for the urgent and comprehensive manner in which it reacted to the outbreak, including instituting the nationwide lockdown. But this high praise could quickly turn into scorn if SA does not test enough people, the surest way of identifying actual infection rates and flattening the curve.

This week, the government announced that it has begun to roll out an intensified testing operation in which thousands of health-care field workers will visit homes in urban and rural areas. It is aimed at the early detection and rapid isolation of those testing positive for the coronavirus. According to health minister Zweli Mkhize, the National Health Laboratory Service is ramping up its testing capabilities to facilitate up to 50, tests a day.

Currently, the service has the capacity to test about 5, samples a day. We endorse these new efforts at mass testing, given that they have worked elsewhere. Professor Shabir Madhi, a vaccinology expert at the Medical Research Council, warns that lower infection rates are mostly due to the lockdown as people test less, and that infections within townships could explode within days if mass testing is not done immediately.

Professor Mosa Moshabela, dean of public health and the Nursing School at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, cautions that lower infection rates are not due to the war on the virus being won but because testing requirements were only for those who travelled overseas, and those who were in contact with those who travelled overseas.

We must heed warnings from these scientists and urge the public and private sector to ensure that as many people as possible are tested. We applaud Discovery Health and Vodacom for encouraging their customers to undergo risk screening. They have created a joint fund to pay doctors for , Covid virtual consultations. Germany and South Korea are proof that testing and the early imposition of social distancing measures can have a remarkable impact.

As confirmed cases in Germany passed 71,, the death toll on Wednesday was , according to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University. South Korea had 10, cases and deaths. In contrast, Italy has reported almost , infections and more than 12, deaths, and Spain has more than , cases with over 9, deaths. We need to learn from Germany and South Korea and make mass testing the highest priority in the battle against the coronavirus. There is proof that testing can have a remarkable impact Getting our heads together to tackle lockdown abuse T here are many reasons someone would struggle to leave an abusive relationship, among them that the abusive partner could take revenge, including murder, or that their self-esteem has been destroyed by the relationship, or that their partner has isolated them from their family and friends.

Covid has just added another reason. They cannot leave home. One police officer told us women could not get out of the home to call for help. Activists say the number of abused women and children seeking shelter has dropped dramatically, leading to fears that victims are unable to reach help and expectations there will be a surge in demand once the lockdown is lifted.

Given the casual disregard for the value of the lives and bodies of children at the best of times in SA, we know that the lifting of the lockdown will come too late for some. Police minister Bheki Cele said on Thursday that police had received more than 87, gender-based complaints since the lockdown began.

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