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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Forex broker server time

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All information on Hercules is only published for general information purposes. We do not present any guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of this information. Please note the spreads displayed in the website are all included extra trading commissions, as it shows the whole commissions charged by each broker.

Before you engage in trading foreign exchange, please make yourself acquainted with its specifics and all the risks associated with it. Copyright All content on this website including articles, data, website design and environments collectively the "Content" , is the property of Hercules.

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Website users are granted only a limited license to access, display, download, print and reproduce reasonable portions of the Content solely for their own use, provided that the Content is not modified and all proprietary notices and source references on the Content are kept intact. We will cover their difference, and how they may affect your chart reading. The standard Forex market starts at on Sunday and closes at on Friday both in local New York time. Each square block stands for one trading hour and is labeled with its starting hour number.

Continuously colored blocks illustrate how 4 hours are aggregated to form an H4 candle bar. The top and bottom panels correspond to the winter and summer daylight saving observed in New York seasons, respectively. Obviously, there are six daily bars in a week, and two Sunday and Friday of them are incomplete. On Sundays, the short daily bar is made of 2 hours in winter and 3 hours in summer.

Similarly, on Fridays, the short daily bar has 22 hours in winter and 21 hours in summer. In general, any bars longer than H1 — one-hour timeframe and less than W1 — one-week timeframe are incomplete at weekly open and close in at least one of seasons. While it is not an issue if your trading strategy is tick-based or does not require information beyond H1 bars, slow-timeframe traders for example H4 and D1 often find it annoying.

For example, moving averages of prices or volumes in the presence of incomplete bars cannot represent the actual market behaviors. This arrangement ensures complete candle bars in all timeframes. In particular, there will be five daily bars in a week, rather than six on UTC servers, and these bars are complete hour bars.

This is why many people name it the EET server. That is incorrect either. The daylight-saving rules are different in the European Union and the US. It is synthesized by Forex brokers in order to synchronize with the local New York time and meanwhile to keep bars complete at all timeframes. Which server time to use? It depends on your strategies. This means a filter indicator such as a moving average is generated differently.

In addition, ticks in high impact or high volume hours may be grouped into different bars. Therefore, a strategy working in one server time does not guarantee an identical performance in another server time. Bars and volumes on the two servers are modestly different on weekdays. Clearly, we cannot simply offset the time axis of the bars on one server in the hope to obtain bars on the other server.