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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Betting terms for football

Combine: A series of fitness tests that help scouts from professional teams evaluate amateur athletes. Commission: Another term for vigorish and juice, commission is the bookmakers take on any bet. It is also the amount a betting exchange takes from winning wagers. Correct score: Bettors are offered a list of possible final scores on a match.

In soccer, players can bet on a match ending as low as or as high as plus all scores in between. The most likely result is the favorite and the least likely result is the underdog. New England winning over Miami means the Patriots would cover a point spread. Dog: Short for underdog, a dog is perceived as the least likely side to win and is tagged with plus pricing. Bettors often double their bet when they feel one side is vastly superior to another. Double result: A single betting option that combines the score of a game at halftime and the score at the end of the same game.

Double-header: Two games that are played back-to-back on the same day. Most common in baseball, a double-header will often take place if a game from the previous day was rained out. Draw: Any contest where the final score ends in a tie. In most instances, a draw is graded as a PUSH and original bet amounts are returned. Drift: Betting odds that grow longer after the opening line is posted.

E Each-way: Common in horse racing, each-way betting takes a single amount and splits it on a horse to finish first or second. Both bets pay if the horse finishes first while just one bet pays if the horse finishes second. The return on a first place win is always higher than the return on a second place win.

Edge: Gaining an advantage through extensive research or having insights that are not publicly known. Even money: Odds that return the exact amount of the original bet. Exotic Bet: Betting options beyond point spreads, moneylines and game totals. Proposition bets, specials and parlays are the most common types of exotic bets.

Exposure: Amount of money a bettor or bookmaker stands to lose on any given wager. F Favorite: Any side priced with a negative number. Two Final Four games are played prior to the National Championship game. First half bet: A wager that focused on the result of the first half in sports like basketball, soccer and football. The most popular first half betting odds are spread, moneyline and game total options.

A variety of team and player props are also offered as first half bets. Fixed odds : When a wager is placed, and a bookmaker accepts it, the line becomes fixed odds. Also a term for moneyline odds. French Open: Second of four women's and men's Grand Slam tennis tournaments that are played over two weeks in late May and early June.

Futures bet : A wager placed on an event that will take place in the near or distant future. Futures are also offered in soccer, major horse races, plus golf and tennis tournaments. If a baseball game total is set at 7. Graded Bet: A wager that bookmakers officially mark as a winner, a loser, or a push, once a competition has ended.

Winnings, or push refunds, are paid out after a bet has been graded. If there are seven games on the NFL schedule, the line may be set at H Half ball handicap: Soccer betting odds where 0. Half time bet : Wagers placed on the outcome of just the second half of a competition. Half time bets can be placed during intermission or as live wagers once the second half begins. Handicap: Betting odds set by a bookmaker that are designed to level the playing field. New Orleans may have a If the Saints win by eight or more points - they cover the handicap and produce winning wagers.

Handicapper: A bettor who researches matchups and then places a bet. Also applies to tipsters who publish predictions on various sporting events. Handle: Total amount of money a bookmaker accepts on a single game or event. Hedge : Most common with parlay betting and as a risk management tool. Hedging a bet consists of betting on the opposite side of an original wager to set up a guaranteed return.

A hedge bet may also be placed to reduce the initial risk on a potential losing wager. Home field advantage: The perceived benefit a team gains when playing in familiar settings at their home stadium. Hook : A half point added to point spreads and game total odds.

A hook guarantees a wager will not be graded as a push. One side will win and one side will lose. I If bet: A member of the parlay family, an If Bet consists of two or more wagers. In play betting: Wagers placed after an event after it has started. Also known as LIVE betting, bookmakers post multiple in-play betting options throughout most major sporting events.

J Joint favorite: Two or more sides posted with the same betting odds on the same event. Juice : Also known as vigorish, juice is set by bookmakers and is attached to spread and total betting options. If Minnesota Laying points : Betting on a favorite.

A wager on Dallas, as a January 7, am Updated Odds for a sportsbook in Las Vegas. Getty Images Want even more betting news? Against the spread — The result of a game including the point spread. Book Sportsbook — A place where someone can bet on the outcome of sporting events. Chalk — The favorite in a game. Consensus — Percentage of the betting public on each side of a game. Cover — The betting outcome on a point spread bet. For a favorite to cover, it must win by a number higher than the spread.

An underdog can cover by losing by a number less than the spread or by winning the game outright. A sportsbook in Las Vegas. Getty Images for William Hill U. Edge — The advantage a bettor has before a bet is placed. Favorite — A team favored to win a game. Handle — The total amount of money wagered on a game. Handicapping — Researching sports statistics to pick winners.

Hedging — Betting opposite of a previous bet to guarantee winning at least a small amount of money. Hook — A half-point in the spread In-game wagers — Bets made after a game started. Juice — A commission books win on each bet. Limit — The maximum allowed wager on a single bet. Lock — A large favorite. Long Shot — A large underdog.

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Push: A tie in a football bet, where no one wins or loses. Return: The total amount of winnings you gain. Soft Lines: Point-spreads that are perceived as being weak by bettors. Spread: Lingo for . Oct 26,  · An accumulator, also known as a parlay, is a single bet that links two or more bets/individual bets into one full bet. In order to win, an accumulator requires all bets to win . 2 days ago · Parlay: This betting style involves putting two or more sides on one wager and all sides must win, so the risk is higher but so is the reward. A $ bet on a four-team parlay at .