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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https://bettingcasino.website/nfl-money/7156-easy-way-to-win-money-betting.php Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Akg k326 sports review betting

His feet can't be that huge. There's scant data available on any sort of foot-to-height average, but anthropometric data from the University of Rhode Island cites an average ratio of 6. For Jeff's 67 inches, we could assume his feet are But Bezos, one of the richest and arguably most powerful men to ever flap his footsie-wootsies across this humble planet, is no average man. Perhaps his body defies norms as well.

My working hypothesis at this point is that as a short-to-average height man, and a billionaire, he carries himself as if he's a much taller dude, but maybe his feet are disproportionately large compared to the rest of him, making them seem enormous in photos and eyewitness accounts.

We have to confirm via forensic photo analysis. In some, his feet seem very large. In other photos, the perspective changes, and his feet seem impossibly petite. One thing is for certain: the man fills out a pair of strappy sandals. I thought these were Birkenstocks, due to their iconic two-strap slide design, so I emailed a handful of Bezos feet pics to the Birkenstock company, hoping for some enlightenment.

A spokesperson replied within 20 minutes: "Hey Sam, they are not Birkenstock. A spokesperson there, while apologetic, was unable to give me any information. Reinvigorated with hatred for the rich, I turned to the foot fetishists of Reddit. Do they know anything about these elusive sweeties? If they do, they aren't telling. He asked me to send my own foot pics in exchange for information, which in a non-journalistic context might be a fair price to ask.

But according to Motherboard editor-in-chief Jason Koebler, trading quid-pro-quo foot pics with a source would "set bad precedent. The photos, it turns out, are owned by a firm called The Mega Agency. Rising Sun is a foot long superyacht, and has capacity for at least one "tender," the name for the little day-excursion sized boats that come with ships that big.

One of the wikiFeet photos from the St. Barth's trip is a group picture on a tender, seemingly exploring some sea cave, with Bezos front and center, barefoot. Most usefully for our investigation, his left foot is placed right next to a straight line of paint on the floor. If we knew the square footage of the floor area of this tender, we could potentially deduce the length of this piece of floor paint—and therefore, the foot.

But they still wouldn't give me anything helpful. Toler generously agreed to aid our investigation. We were heartened to hear from him that we were on the right track. Then he, too, suggested we find a photo of Bezos' feet next to an object we can measure. But while we were fixated on the photo of the Big Foot on the superyacht tender, Toler provided this crucial image of a Bezos photo opp in Battery Park.

Getty Images Here, again, we have more straight lines next to his feet, in the form of large, identical flagstones. This we could work with; if we could get down there and measure the stones, we could theoretically calculate a rough foot length. Before I headed out to wander Battery Park on a very cold February afternoon, Koebler, Maiberg, and I did some Google Street View exploring to find the exact location the photo was taken.

In the Getty photo, everything in the background is slightly compressed—a result of using a telephoto lens, as photojournalists capturing Bezos often use. But I had my landmarks: a distinctive bush, some columns, this gray monument building, and Castle Clinton. As I got closer to the spot we'd seen in photos, I saw the flagstones.

I moved slightly out of view of a park ranger and got to work taking measurements. Each stone is about 55 inches by I sent this data back to Maiberg's forensic photo lab Microsoft Paint and he set to work: If a little more than four and a half of Bezos' shoes fit in one of these stones lengthwise, that's around If you account for the shoe being a little bit bigger than the foot inside, and reference various shoe and foot size charts, one can assume his feet are around 11 inches long.

These measurements are obviously not accurate to the nanometer, but even by the widest margin, the length of Bezos' shoe is between 10 to 12 inches long. It is likely somewhere closer to the middle of those two extremes, and while we don't know for sure, we are confident that his feet are not notably large, and certainly not a daunting size At least in this respect, Bezos is just an average man. Maybe some things should remain mysterious.

Throughout this investigation, however, when I ranted and raved in dark hours to friends and loved ones about my week-long quest, several people asked, "Why? If the tagline of the newspaper Bezos himself purchased is to be believed, "Democracy Dies in Darkness. The feet of a billionaire should be no less subject to scrutiny than, say, the feet of a congresswoman.

When the boot is on your neck, measure it. Amazon did not respond to a request for comment on the size of Jeff Bezos' feet. Hoe gamificatie onze gamebedrijven naar een nieuw niveau tilt. Vlaamse gamebedrijven en start-ups, die zich focussen op cross-sectorale samenwerkingen, schieten dan ook als paddenstoelen uit de grond.

Met het stijgende succes, groeit tegelijk ook de kritiek op het begrip. Het leidt tot de vraag hoe de game-industrie duurzaam kan blijven inspelen op deze nieuwe trend. Wat is gamificatie? Hoe we naar gamificatie kijken, is grotendeels bepaald door Sebastian Deterdin. In zijn boek The Gameful World maakt hij duidelijk dat men het begrip niet kan reduceren tot gaming.

Deterding geeft daarbij als voorbeeld een game om mensen te laten stoppen met roken. Een gamedesigner zou zich daarbij als doel de positieve spelervaring nemen, terwijl een gamificator ook het lerend onderdeel in achting neemt.

Daar ligt volgens Deterdin een belangrijk verschil. Gaming focust zich uiteindelijk altijd op entertainment, terwijl gamificatie haar hoofddoel een gedragsverandering inhoudt. Gamificatie kent dus haar oorsprong bij games, maar focust zich op gamedenken en gametechnieken toepassen zoals badges, punten, levels en ranglijsten in een niet-game omgevingen om zo personen aan te spreken, te motiveren en te activeren.

Waarom is gamificatie een succes? Allereerst is er het effect van sociale integratie. On repor gn. P eter nd Pul. The roof s. And he M consders lhe prce rl«brgn. You got 0t wo p0c04 ol fngor lckn good Konucky Frod Chckon, colo slow ondo roll ol foro nly1. Olforgood hru Oecembc Vj y r tth e C o lo n ed l K«n 9 bcrz. Brmtnnj ng wth L c m Lj wth : Lncer. Kedy n Browrd. County FU H. L o lof f t: t eed by the uthortes there- You rc more bun tneshkc now nnd ctj hndle Tr b o u U. Prt«mW c, -.

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With the rubber covers, even 15 minutes under the helmet was WAY too long. The inline control being so close to the right ear was awkward at first, but it's getting better. I actually prefer having it on the right side instead of the left, since I have to use my left hand to make adjustments, so it's perfect for me.

Even though the buttons aren't distinctive, I can still hit the right button when wearing my gloves. One person found this helpful. The earbud has a rubber ring for that added snugness which you can replace with foam pads. My ears are not a fan of earbuds headphones and using the AKG K is no exception. Since this is an earbud type, I was not expecting superb sound reproduction but was surprised at the quality I got here. It was like I was using an in-ear pair of canalphones having those crisp and clear mids and highs that do not overpower but complements.

Sound isolation is almost non-existent here unless you set the volume high enough to overpower ambient noise.

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The K are an excellent in-ear headphone for individuals with active lifestyles. Whether jogging, lifting, or spinning, the K feature adjustable earclips that can adapt to the demands of any . Ultra lightweight ear buds, In-line microphone with volume control, Adjustable ear hooks for a comfortable and safe fit during sports, Ear hook design reduces cable noise, Carrying pouch . 8/28/ · Help choosing between AKG K and Sennheiser MX Discussion in ' Soundcards, Speakers HiFI & File formats ' started by crisis, Aug 28, crisis .