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Neuro-navigation uses pre-registered magnetic resonance images MRI and stereotactic coordinates, but can become unreliable as the brain shifts during surgery 5. Intraoperative MRI is gaining in popularity although the high cost, surgical delay and surgically induced contrast enhancement detract from its utility 6 , 7. Oral administration of 5-ALA, which leads to the synthesis and accumulation of fluorescent protoporphyrin IX PPIX , has been used with fluorescence-guided surgery to directly visualize gliomatous tissues.

The latter is likely due to uptake in white matter and peritumoral regions associated with infiltrating inflammatory cells 8 - FET is transported into glial cells by the LAT1 transporter, independent of blood brain barrier disruption FET has superior sensitivity and specificity in distinguishing glioma from normal brain tissue and is better at isolating the extent of infiltration than MRI 15 - The use of FET for diagnosis and surgical planning of glioma surgery has been advocated but its use in an intraoperative setting has yet to be investigated.

Cerenkov light is generated when a charged particle, such as a positron, exceeds the speed of light in a dielectric medium The emitted short wavelength light is easily scattered and absorbed by a few millimeters of overlying tissue and therefore the detected CLI signal originates predominately from the surface of the tissue.

This provides higher spatial resolution, at the expense of poor depth penetration, thus making it suited to detection in the surgical environment. Charge-coupled devices also detect light at higher spatial resolution than scintillation crystals and photomultiplier tubes for PET detection. The clinical feasibility of CLI has been demonstrated recently, although the advantages of this technology over conventional intraoperative techniques remains to be established 20 - These projects allowed students to explore architecture, a practice which relies hugely upon the collective ethos of working together with colleagues, tutors, craftspeople and clients.

Students designed, fabricated, installed and performed interventions that emerged from their readings of these sites — the hidden stories and qualities of a place, forgotten events or even the imagined alternative realities. If a place were a person, how would you listen to their feelings and memories?

A square is a place that can enable, encourage and host all sorts of unplanned, unforeseen experiences for a group or an individual. We therefore explored ways to connect people together. The first phase helped to understand the scale of the city and the building in relation to the body. In the second phase students were asked to design a micro-building, while connecting their vision to the larger area. Students were encouraged to imagine radical possibilities for how the city could be, with new ways of building enabling new ways of living.

Guildhall Yard, a historic civic space which lies empty most of the time, is temporarily filled with performance and sound to re-enact memories of its past. Theatre, costume and sound are intrinsic to Guildhall Yard, which was built upon a Roman amphitheatre as the ceremonial centre of the livery companies of London. The yard is a tabula rasa ready for imprinting. Through performance, movement of the body, costume and sound are united and enable the memories of the yard and its history to resurface.

A public square can be seen as a void or tabula rasa; often they are contested spaces and not in public ownership. The project recorded fragments across a series of study sites in 2D and 3D. These took the form of scaled models, castings of details and edge conditions and translations of elements from the site into another material or form.

Built on the site of the Peckham branch of the Grand Surrey Canal, Peckham Square was crucial in handling cargo brought to London via canal in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Boats would deliver raw timber ready to be processed and squared for construction.

These beams were carried by canal workers lumpers , who transported wood from the barges to the timber warehouses, which have since been replaced by a modern leisure centre and drama school. The performance brings the movements of the canal workers to life through the physicality of the connection to the timbers at the forefront of the choreographed movements.

The actors carry timber planks gusseted by concertina fabric. By way of these movements the surfaces expand and contract, accentuating the postures, rhythms and struggles of the lumpers as they haul the unprocessed timber through the docks. Queen Square commemorates Queen Charlotte, whose statue overlooks the surrounding hospitals where she would visit her husband, George III.

The installation reinvigorates the historic remnants of the square, returning the focus of the site back to the Queen herself. Through the use of forced perspective on a prescribed bench in the square, the royal procession interacts with a small region of the square, reinforcing the intimacy the Queen and her husband shared. An armrest, foot stool and ergonomic cushion come together to direct the viewers towards the statue of Queen Charlotte.

In the procession, actors enter two by two and set up installation pieces, as well as three fabric screens that frame and dress the statue in a fitting makeover of royal blue. Arnold Circus stands on the site of the Old Nichol slum, demolished in the 19th century. The installation uncovers long-buried structures by reimagining the architectural and domestic elements in the Victorian slum.

Even in the present day, Arnold Circus is a contested space challenged with protecting its heritage. The community is invited to enjoy this window into the past, remembering the collective memories of what was there before. Historically a site for warehouses, it is now a theme park for tourists to explore.

Despite its small size, the yard juggles public, commercial and residential activities, leaving little space or need for new interventions. Instead of adding to the packed space, the installation reflects upon its existing qualities. Due to its similarity to a stage set, the performance directs attention to the highly curated nature of the space. Drawing on existing characteristics, four mechanisms are created — the gatekeeper, the barista, the botanist and the lovers — each exploring the gestures and exchanges of the yard.

Each prop encourages participation, with one leading to the next, taking the causal passer-by from a passive member of the audience to an active contributor. A collection of found, temporary objects — cans, bottles, lighters and canisters — are displayed underneath a cloud of fabric draped around the fountain. The ghost of the river rises above, illuminated by the torches beneath. Architectural designers have to understand place, location and area.

The essence of a place, made up of magic, memories and ideas, must be personally interrogated. Over the course of the year, students learn to listen to sites, identifying key aspects that will be heightened, changed or reconfigured through design.

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