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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https://bettingcasino.website/nfl-money/7156-easy-way-to-win-money-betting.php Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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3 betting poker term under the gun

I suspected Margaret had a good draw, but the river card was a blank, so I bet again. Also " rag ". Compare to " brick ", " bomb ". I won that large pot with my kings, but then I bled it all off over the next hour. Was popular in California before legal rulings made traditional stud legal there. Ted had to make a move soon or he would be blinded away in three more rounds. The board was A23 but with my pair of fives I held two blockers to the straight.

Compare to " dry ace ". It looked like Jim and I were both drawing for a flush. I missed and he bet, but I figured the pair of nines I caught along the way made a bluff-catcher, so I called. If another spade hits the board, I'll have to fold. The set of face-up cards of a particular player in a stud game. Zack's board didn't look too scary, so I bet into him again.

The set of all face-up cards in a stud game. I started with a flush draw, but there were already four other diamonds showing on the board, so I folded. Named for its resemblance to a boat structure; the pair making up the bow and stern, and the three of a kind as the hull. Compare to " blank ", " rags ". For example, in Texas hold'em with the cards on the board, a player holding has the bottom end straight, while a player holding or has a higher straight.

Also " idiot end ". Compare second pair , top pair. You've been in the box for an hour now; don't you get a break? Most house rules treat a boxed card as if it didn't exist; that is, it is placed aside and not used. Different rules cover cards exposed during the deal. Fish: A poorly skilled player with little understanding of poker strategy. Fit or Fold: A style of poker characterized by only continuing post-flop with a hand that matches the board in some way.

Flat Call: Or flatting. To call a bet when a raise might have been expected. Float: To call a bet with a hand that has little value with the intention of taking the pot away later with a bluff. Fold Equity: The amount of potential non-showdown money a player can win by betting or raising and having his or her opponent fold. Free Card: Being allowed to see a card on the turn or river without having to pay a bet. Gap Concept: The concept of needing a much stronger hand to call with than it does to raise.

See initiative. Going South: When a player removes chips from his stack during play in order to reduce the amount of money he can lose in a single hand. This behavior is considered bad etiquette and is prohibited in most card rooms. Gut Shot: Any straight draw that only includes the possibility of four out, i. Hand Range: The potential hands a player can hold at any given time during a hand. Hand range information can be absolute in the case of your own raising range, or it can be an informed guess based on your history with an opponent.

There are both pre-flop and post-flop ranges that may widen or narrow, depending on the way a hand plays out. Heads Up: When a pot is being played between only two players. Hijack: Abbreviated as HJ. Seated two to the right of the dealer, the Hijack is the 2nd player to act pre-flop in a 6-handed game. Hollywooding: To pretend your holding is stronger or weaker than it actually is by either delaying the game before folding or raising or by a feigned physical mannerism meant to fool the opposition.

Hotkey: Setting up a specific button on the keyboard to execute one or more functions to make playing poker more efficient. HUD: A graphical numeric statistical display that provides information on what opponents are doing at the table. It is an acronym for Heads-Up-Display. Implied Odds: The potential future money that can be won if a card comes to improve a holding. Usually refers to having a draw and is used to justify a call when the direct pot odds are not sufficient.

Initiative: The player who was the aggressor on the previous street is said to have initiative. Often the raiser can play a much wider range of hands than a caller. See gap concept. Jam: To shove all in. Keeping the Lead: When the player who has been the first bettor during one betting round continues to be the first bettor in the next betting round. Most commonly this is referred to with regard to continuation betting. This is a style of play indicative of playing a wide range of hands, mostly in position.

A LAG player looks to exploit the overly tight tendencies of his opponents with well-timed bets and raises that represent different ranges. Leak: A play that is consistently made by a player that is -EV. Light 3-betting: To 3-bet with a non-value hand with the intent of exploiting a wide open raiser.

Light 4-betting: To 4-bet with a non-value hand with the intent of exploiting a wide 3-bettor. Limp: To call the big blind only pre-flop. Lockdown Mode: To play conservatively while waiting to leave a table in order to protect your earnings. Loose: Used to describe a player who frequently enters a pot and can be expected to have a wide range of hands.

Made Hand: When you have a pair or better and do not need to improve further to have a chance of being the best hand by the showdown. Made Hand: A pair or better. A hand that does not need to improve further to have a chance of being the best hand by the showdown. Maniac: A maniac plays super aggressive with a wide range of hands.

They live to play a testosterone war with anyone who dares play a pot with them. It is possible to be a pre-flop maniac or post-flop maniac. However, most true maniacs are aggressive on all streets. Maximize: To choose the line of play that wins the most long-term profit.

Min-raise: To raise the absolute smallest amount possible in the form of a raise or reraise. Pre-flop, a min-raise open is 2 big blinds. For reraises, you double the raise made above and beyond the amount already bet that round and add it to the initial bet, if applicable. Monster hand: An ultra-strong holding that is unlikely to lose by the river.

Mouse: A timid poker player who plays tightly after the flop. Muck: To fold face down so that no one else knows what you were holding. Multi-way: Any pot that has more than two players involved. Naked overs: To have two overcards to the board, but no outs otherwise.

Nit: A derogatory term used to describe a player who is risk-averse. They generally need a strong hand to commit their chips to a pot. These players are notorious for playing fit or fold poker post-flop. Nitty: Describes the play of a nit, or overly tight player.

Non-Showdown Winnings: The net amount of money won by a player when he or she does not see a showdown. Nut Camping: To wait around for premium hands before committing large amounts of money. Nut Peddler: A person who is a nut camper. Nuts: In absolute terms, it is the best possible holding that you can have that has no chance of being beaten on the current street. Sometimes strong players will refer to a non-nut hand as the nuts when they are absolutely positive they have the winner.

JT on a Q9 board. Over Bet: A large bet, usually bigger than the pot. OverPlay: To overvalue a holding and invest so much into the pot as to make it -EV. Passive: An approach to the game of poker that involves checking and calling much more frequently than betting and raising. It is the frequency that a player raises before the flop. Limps and calls do not count toward this percentage, only raises. Play Machine: A player who is consistently looking for the most flashy or fancy play at the poker table.

To act last after the flop is to be in position. Post-Flop: Once the three community of the flop hit the board, any action that occurs is considered to be post-flop. Pot Control: To take a passive line in order to allow marginal made hands to see a showdown more cheaply. Pre-flop: Any action that occurs before the flop hits the board is considered pre-flop. Pressure: A fundamental component of strong poker in which a person consistently plays with aggression in an attempt to force his or her will upon the opposition.

Protecting a Hand: To bet with what may or may not be the best hand so as not to allow an opponent to cheaply draw out on you if he is behind. Rainbow: When the board has no matching suits and does not allow for the possibility of a flush draw. Raise: To increase the dollar amount of the current bet. Rake: The money that the poker room takes from a pot as a part of its share.

Rakeback: The percentage of money given back to a player periodically for loyalty to a poker room. Some poker rooms automatically give rakeback, and others give it to a player via an affiliate which markets the poker room in return for the rakeback deal. Read: A bit of information gathered in the past that makes one able to make more appropriate decisions versus a particular opponent. Recreational player: An unskilled player that typically only plays for fun.

Regular: A player who plays particular stakes for extended periods of time. Reload Bonus: A bonus occasionally offered by a poker site that gives bonus money to existing players who deposit. Resteal: To reraise a steal. Reverse Implied Odds: The possibility of making your hand on a future card and still having the second best hand and losing the pot.

Risk of ruin: The probability of a player losing so much of his bankroll that he cannot continue playing. For two streets, you multiply the number of outs by four; for one street, you multiply the number of outs by two. Runner-Runner: To improve to a strong holding after getting fortunate cards on both the turn and river.

Most often a scare card is one that completes an obvious flush or straight, but can also be the appearance of an overcard such as an Ace. Semi-Connector: A holding that is not made up of consecutive cards that can still make a straight with three community cards.

For example, J9, T7, 96, and 84 are all said to be semi-connected hands. Set: Three of a kind with a pair in your hand using one card on the board. Showdown Winnings: The net amount of money won by a player when he or she sees a showdown. Site Staggering: To alternate poker sites over multiple sessions. Slow Rolling: To delay before showing down a sure winner. Small Blind: Abbreviated as SB. Seated one seat to the left of the dealer, the small blind is the 5th player to act pre-flop and the first person to act after the flop in a 6-handed game.

Squeeze: To reraise after there has already been a raise and call.

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Jun 03,  · In poker, the “under the gun” player is first to act. It means that he or she has the least information to go on, and is required to speak before everyone else in a betting round. . Under the Gun Origin. The idiom "under the gun" means to be under great pressure. In poker, the player who is under the gun faces Disadvantage of Being Under the Gun. First to act pre . Feb 15,  · It’s often shortened to “under,” so someone might say “I have three under” instead of just saying “three cards.” The “under the gun meaning origin” is a poker term that .