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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Keep track of crypto

You start by connecting its to every exchange you use they currently support 13 , but can also add the public address to any wallet that holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin and it will automatically read the balance and update it in your portfolio. Having its hands in all of this transaction data allows CoinTracker to essentially detect when you transfer crypto between different exchanges or wallets, which means it can keep track of the cost basis and capital gains of your whole portfolio, regardless of where your crypto is being held.

The existing features, which are syncing with exchange wallets, showing you your performance over time and collating your transaction history into one list will remain free for anyone to use. The service is by no means perfect, especially for those of us who have been involved in crypto since before and have transactions and coins scattered across dozens of exchanges some of which are now shut down.

The site also has a price list of the top coins basically an alternative to coinmarketcap. Then it imports your transactions, much like our favorite budgeting apps do with your general bank transactions. Altpocket boasts a sleek design that is easier to understand than many other altcoin and bitcoin tracking apps. You can also decide which display currency to use to value your current altcoin portfolio.

On the dashboard, you can see the total value of all of your coins, all your trades, and the current bitcoin price. The tool also offers tax return documents , which can ease the headache of altcoin investing at tax time. You can choose to enter your coins and trades manually, to upload them from various coin exchanges, or to use the automatic API importer. Blockfolio Blockfolio is another sleek-looking app created to help altcoin investors track various types of coins and trades on various exchanges.

It performs basic functions like tracking your current investments and creating charts from that information. But it also gives you push notifications when prices cross certain thresholds and gives you the latest bitcoin and altcoin news stories on its specialized newsreader. The feature is still in beta testing, but its already showing promise. Right now, you have the ability to track thousands of tokens across hundreds of exchanges with Personal Capital.

For more information check out our review of Personal Capital. With Coinbase, you can link your bank account and easily make transfers of fiat currency in and out of your Coinbase account. Through Coinbase, you can buy many different cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Coinbase also has an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of the changing values of each of your cryptocurrencies.

Coinstats Coinstats is an easy-to-use crypto tracker that can keep an eye on more than cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets for you.

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You can also monitor your loss or profits in real-time against your initial fiat investment. Overall, Coin Market Manager offers impressive features for a low price. It also has an easy-to-use, simple user interface, making it easy for you to get started without much of a learning curve. It automatically tracks and imports all your cryptocurrency investments from major exchanges Math lab tool that monitors all your balances, withdrawals, and exchange deposits In-depth trade analysis.

It shows average losses and wins, win rates, and the possible time for trading Real-time crypto reporting. You can track across all your connected exchanges, manage only one account slot per exchange, and get updates on your coin prices. The Altrady crypto portfolio management platform is an all-in-one crypto software with a cryptocurrency grid trading strategy.

It features efficient trading with a beautiful dashboard that allows you to see all your assets in different exchanges at one glance. Altrady automatically shows your crypto trade movement and the accurate value of your crypto assets on different exchanges and wallets.

It shows these changes in a custom time frame and lets you know everything about the changes. Altrady crypto portfolio management tracker gives you a detailed presentation of your portfolio, organized according to your asset distribution, per currency, and exchange. Key Features of Altrady Here are the key features of Altrady: A day free trial An organized way to present data Viewing your portfolio as a line chart, pie chart, or stacked chart Fast and powerful technology Comparing or exchanging between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies Real-time information powered by algorithms Fully customizable dashboard, allowing you to set it up and configure your alerts Learning opportunities from experts in the communities to help you grow your crypto portfolio Pricing Altrady offers a day free trial, after which you have to choose a plan that best meets your needs.

It has a basic plan, essential plan, and premium plan. Altrady also has the option of signals only, where you can only pay for signals. CoinTracking lets you see how much you have in each of your connected cryptocurrency exchanges and check how well your crypto assets are performing in real-time with just one glance.

It also allows you to track lost coins, incomes, and much more. The gains you can track include Airdrop incomes, mining incomes, and interest incomes. You can also track gifts and donations. Its unique tax reporting features help you deal with your tax issues by generating reports on your balances, gains, and task declarations. Key Features of CoinTracking Here are the key features of CoinTracking: Interactive charts and the historical data of all your investments A personal portfolio analysis where you can see the value of your portfolio in cash or Bitcoin Syncing your crypto portfolio with over wallets and exchanges.

This allows you to import trades directly from popular wallets and exchanges such as Ledger, Coinbase, Binance, etc. Accuracy in calculating crypto taxes. It supports tax reporting for over countries and uses 12 tax methods. Pricing CoinTracking offers a free-to-use plan for basic features. It allows you to track up to trades.

It allows users to easily import crypto transactions, calculate gains and income, and prepare tax returns. ZenLedger helps crypto traders or investors to stay compliant and aggregate transaction integration into one simple dashboard. This is done across thousands of wallets, exchanges, and tokens. The main aim of the ZenLedger tracker is to supply crypto taxes.

This crypto portfolio tracking app has free and paid plans. The free-to-use ZenLedger trackers allow you to analyze your portfolio performance. It also allows you to view your crypto coins and their exchange allocation insights. But only for expensive plans Tax calculation. But unfortunately, localized tax forms are only available in the United States Pricing ZenLedger pricing ZenLedger has a free plan which allows up to 25 transactions. With this plan, you cannot access its DeFi, margin trading, or staking.

It helps you to keep an accurate track of your crypto portfolio market value, the performance of your investments, and taxes in one place. Once connected, CoinTracker starts tracking your deposits, withdrawal, trade, and other transactions. You can also view your wallet balances, trading details, and the value of investments and changes within your account. CoinTracker calculates your capital gains and losses and makes reporting and tracking easy with a single click.

It has a simple-to-use and intuitive user interface. In every other country, it is partially supported Easy-to-use, modern, and intuitive interface Syncing your crypto trades and investments. It gives you a clear overview of how much your crypto portfolio is worth.

Kubera allows users to track net worth and investment returns for all major investment classes. You can track crypto coins, global currencies, stocks , precious metals, and even assets like cars, houses, URL value, and private equity. Kubera portfolio management app assesses all these to monitor and track your assets.

You can create as many crypto or financial portfolios as you want Global financial integration. Different cryptocurrency portfolio trackers have different sets of features, and no one tracker does everything perfectly.

What to Look for in a Crypto Portfolio Tracker Unfortunately, not every crypto portfolio tracker is equally useful and secure. Though every portfolio tracker will offer its own individual niche to appeal to a certain group of traders, every choice you consider should have at least these 3 basic features.

Safety and Security The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exceptionally difficult to track and trace. This makes it especially important to choose a tracker that places an increased emphasis on security. A single hack or data leak can leave your wallet vulnerable, so look for security features like two-factor authentication and multi-layer encryption.

A Clean and Clear Layout The purpose of having a portfolio is to quickly view all of your assets and see how the value of your portfolio changes. A good portfolio tracker shows you the total value of your portfolio on its front page or with 1 or 2 clicks. Also, if you want this to be available on your phone without having to go to an internet browser and signing in, choose one of the crypto portfolio tracker apps available on your phone.

Look for a tracker with a crisp, clean layout that you enjoy looking at and using. This will save you time, stress and eye strain when using your portfolio tracker.

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Jun 23,  · Whether you are logged in on the mobile app or the website, you can track past and real-time crypto prices for all your invested coins. Moreover, the crypto exchange allows . Fastest live cryptocurrency price & portfolio tracker with historical charts, latest coin markets from crypto exchanges, volume, liquidity, orderbooks and more! UA Cryptocurrency . Jan 10,  · CoinStats is a popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app that lets you track and grow all your crypto, DeFi, and NFT assets. You can manage your entire .