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When the islanders eat the affected fish, which do not express any signs of contamination, they fall ill shortly after eating it. The ciguatoxin activates voltage gated sodium channels which induces spontaneous repetitive depolarisation causing the tingling sensation or parasthesiae in the extremities and lips. The ciguatoxin-producing organism is found most commonly in tropical waters of the Pacific and Caribbean, including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

However, it most heavily affects the Cook Islands. Fortunately it is not apparent in New Zealand, as the toxin host organism lives on dead coral. Which are the affected fish known to cause it? The ciguatoxin is found in over species of fish with many of the species found in the Cooks known to carry it.

This disease is confined to reef-dwelling species of fish. Pelagic or ocean fish do not contain the toxin as they do not live on the reef. What are the symptoms? Serious cases have resulted in the victim becoming permanently disabled with cerebellar dysfunction which causes unsteadiness, while others have experienced hallucinations. However, symptomatic effect is usually over after about six months. Most patients I reviewed were put on intravenous fluid to rehydrate them and rested until they were feeling better.

Medication such as paracetamol and amitriptyline which is given to reduce the pain, phenergan to treat itching as well as motion sickness, buscopan to treat stomach cramps and maxolon to treat nausea and vomiting are the most common treatments used in the Islands. What are the folk science detections? Some Cook Islanders believe they can identify the contaminated fish or make them safe to eat, with some unusual methods employed.

Because many Islanders grow their own fruit and vegetables such as taro, yam, banana, kumara, etc, which they then sell at the market for a few extra dollars as well as feed to their families they cannot afford to buy fish and therefore depend on catching it from the reef. Without fish, their staple food, they have been forced to migrate out of the Cooks and start a new life in New Zealand or Australia, resulting in the decline of the Island population, impacting the Cook Islands economically, socially and culturally.

On the plus side, the population of reef fish has increased greatly as fishing on the reef has declined to almost zero. As a result, snorkelling in the Islands has become even more magnificent, but the reduction of reef fishing has caused a greater demand for pelagic fish such as marlin which is already endangered and, if overfishing continues, certain species may become extinct.

The locals told me they are disappointed they can no longer enjoy the tasty reef fish and their children are missing part of their culture, no longer learning how to fish from the reef. What can be done? A majority of the Islanders have suffered from ciguatera and most are aware of the risks of eating the reef fish. It is difficult to eradicate the dinoflagellates which contain the ciguatoxin as they are present in such numerous amounts.

However, the proliferation of the algae that host the dinoflagellates can be reduced by stopping the draining of fertiliser and sewage into the lagoon. B Our designers work to your specific requirements in any style of your choice. Our expertise team will be pleased to inspire and assist you further with all your requirements.

It is advisable to employ a florist to supply the flower arrangements. Most of the work with the flowers is done the day before and the morning of the wedding when the couple and their families are at their busiest. Therefore unless the floral displays are very simple it is wise to have them professionally prepared by local companies. Decisions regarding the flowers should only be made once the wedding outfits have been chosen.

The style and colour scheme of flowers should be in keeping with the wedding and in particular reflect the personality of the bride. However many flowers do traditionally represent certain qualities and, if they match your colour scheme, could be selected on this merit.

For example orange blossom, symbolising purity and chastity, is frequently to be seen at weddings, as are lilies, symbolising majesty. Red roses, and chrysanthemums of course, represent love, as do tulips, while snowdrops symbolise hope, ivy is equated with eternal fidelity and the forget-me-not represents true love and remembrance. Lily-of-the-valley is worn for happiness, and myrtle for joy.

Find out the quantities you will be ordering flowers for, as you will need buttonholes for the bridegroom and best man and any ushers you may have. Some family members may also wish to wear one. They can be easily combined with other blooms to give you a wonderful creation. At the end of the day, you can choose to arrange it as complicatedly or simply as you like, depending entirely on your personal taste! Advise the florists of the colours you will be using and they will be able to suggest the appropriate flowers to compliment outfits, also taking into consideration the time of year.

For people with allergies, dried or silk flowers are a good alternative. With the range of dried flowers now available, you can have designed a magnificent bouquet, which is just that little bit different. Your table arrangements need careful thought. You need to know how many tables you require arrangements for, and how large they can be.

You may also want to consider whether you want all the tables to be exactly the same, or whether you prefer to mark the top table out with a particular table display, letting the other tables still belong to the same colour scheme but using far simpler arrangements. Today, nearly anything goes: Strewn rose petals can replace formal centrepieces, and a single, perfect calla lily can function as a bridal bouquet.

You could also choose a lush profusion of varied blooms in brilliant colours. Whatever your vision, strive for something imaginative, playful, and clever. All floral decorations come from our own flower shop and we dress and decorate your venue as part of the service. Panache Wedding Hire in Jersey is unique because we tailor our services to suit your personal requirements, however big or small they may be.

We understand that each function we undertake is very special. Each client, each budget, each location and each brief is different and our creative skills allow us to take this and bring your vision of your special day to life. Web: www. The florist will want to discuss precise details around six weeks before the wedding. Some churches will not allow flowers to be brought in as the church supplies the floral arrangements and others will allow the couple to supply the flowers.

Because weddings take place in the Register Office most days, they are suitably decorated and will have at least one flower arrangement. Using flowers and plants, chair covers, lanterns and candelabras, we share your passion to achieve the perfect backdrop for your special occasion. The Guide to Jersey Weddings Feb 31 Photography Photographs and videos of the day are very important; therefore it is worthwhile spending a little time considering what you require, as you only get one chance to get it right!

Decide on your budget and then ask for some quotes and only use professional photographers, such as Stuart McAllister front cover pic , If you would like a memorable video of your big day there is no one better than Laurie Stewart. Try to book early as much as months in advance if you can!

Also if you want photos or a video to be taken during the service, you should check that this will be ok with the person conducting the service. F A professional photographer is one of the most important members of the wedding party, as it is their job to make sure that the day will be remembered forever, ensuring that every moment of your wedding day is captured so you will have an enduring set of beautiful images.

Photos will remain as tangible echoes of the day, long after the wedding day itself is over and done. They will be the things you look back on, show to family and friends in later years and use as proof of a day you will always remember. All of this means that a good set of wedding photos will be a joy forever, so do take your time making a final decision to be sure you make the right one. A good photographer will make you look like a star, but still capture the real you. Another factor in modern wedding photography is time.

And of course your album will be a genuine record of your wedding day. Here are some further ideas of what you may want to ask a photographer when you meet them: Firstly, find out if the person you are talking to will be the one who would photograph your wedding, and not just a representative from the firm.

You will want to have met your photographer at least once before the day itself, and if possible have communicated in some way far more. If you can find a photographer that you genuinely get on with, can smile with and even laugh with, the photos on the day will be more natural and far less stressful than can otherwise be the case. This person will be spending a fair amount of time with you on the day, so do try to find someone that you will be happy to have with you on your wedding day. Ask if you can see all the shots taken at a single wedding rather than or as well as a selection of the best from a few.

This will allow you to have a better idea of how many great shots you will get of your day. Find out if they have had an event at your location before. If so, they will already have some ideas about what works well at your location as they will have some experience with it. See how far they are willing to adapt to what you want: are they willing to accept a list of photos from you that you particularly want?

Are they happy to let others take photos at the same time as they are, or will this interfere with their work? If the event goes on for longer than expected, will they be willing to stay until the end? If yes, then at what extra charge? Ask which style they prefer to shoot in. The most popular styles today are the traditional wedding style, where the photographer will arrange groups of people in specific poses, to best capture portraits of people and family members, and photojournalism, where the photographer will be around throughout the day, usually from before the bride gets dressed up until the end of the reception, and will unobtrusively capture natural moments on film, creating a far more candid and natural look.

Just remember to have someone pick the cameras up at the end of the night! Stuart McAlister You will need to have a good talk with the chosen photographer to give him an idea of what you would like from your photographs, and ask to see samples of their work from previous weddings. After the ceremony you could visit an area of Jersey to have some scenic photographs taken.

Among some of the other things that need to be discussed are how the pictures are going to be presented to you, prices of the albums, how many photographs and copies you require, if you are going to have any framed and if so what size you would like them. Established since he has covered many weddings on Jersey and knows where all the best locations are for that ultimate unusual wedding shot. Life is made easy when choosing your final images for your album as they are all there to view on his website www.

Call Stuart on to discuss your requirements well before the happy day. Normal office hours are Monday - Saturday 9am to 5. Out of hours appointments can also be arranged. The style of reception will depend on the budget available and the number of guests as well as personal preferences. When deciding on what type of reception you are after, you should probably bear in mind that most people would prefer to have plenty of good food, than many fiddly little plates, fantastically decorated to within an inch of their lives!

Take your pick from the following venues: Elizabeth Castle - this beautiful castle is an ideal venue for a spectacular wedding. The Final touch to a perfect day! Our ultimate aim is to ensure your function is a well organised event and a memorable experience for you and your Guests.

Licensed for civil ceremonies, tailor-made prices and menus, entertainment, delightful function suites with friendly service. Depending on where your ceremony is to be held, if you choose to have a civil ceremony you may find that it is possible to have your reception at the same place.

If not then of course you will need to look at nearby hotels, heritage sites, halls or perhaps even pubs. To find out more simply telephone: , or email: weddings jerseyheritage. If your wish is to have another choice of unique venues Durrell Wildlife Park is the place for you.

Durrell work in partnership with Chique Events see page 15 who between them can offer you a wedding of your dreams. Their hotels are ideally situated in the centre of St Helier with easy access for guests. Les Charrieres Country Hotel offering tailor-made menus at tailor-made prices. Should you wish to stay the overnight the rates are very reasonable and include use of the Leisure Club facilities.

Telephone La Hougue Bie - small religious wedding ceremonies can be held in the historic chapel at La Hougue Bie. Civil weddings take place on the rose covered veranda with receptions held in a marquee in the shade of mature trees. Moulin de Lecq also offer a wedding retreat with character and charm from a 12th century mill.

Extensive grounds and large car park. Nestled along the popular waterfront promenade, the stylish Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Jersey is the perfect venue for your wedding reception Overlooking St. Radisson Blu Hotel They are licenced for civil ceremonies and their wedding co-ordinator will tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. St Brelades Bay Hotel The hotel is steeped in history and has been welcoming guests for many years.

The entire hotel was lovingly and lavishly refurbished in early to the highest standard. In January they opened a state of the art DW Health Club, with indoor swimming pool, relaxing spa pool and steam room.

Telephone Hotel Reception - where all the catering will be done in-house. Marquee Reception - but once this is booked you will need to get in touch with a caterer. Let them know how many guests are coming to the reception and let them know what your budget is, they can then come up with a selection of menus or buffets and the costings.

If you decide to put on an evening buffet you will need to cost for that also, not forgetting that there will be many more people at the evening function. The caterers can arrange the most elaborate of menus, with exotic fruits and fresh lobsters to the more traditional meals of roast meats and local vegetables, according to season.

Caterers need to be told of any special dietary needs, so check with your guests to see if any are vegetarians or diabetics as the caterers are more than happy to prepare something suitable. You will want to discuss the table arrangements with the caterer as they will be setting the tables. Have a table plan so they know where everyone is seated and have place cards printed. Most caterers provide the crockery and cutlery but you may need to arrange the hire of your wine and champagne glasses from a wine merchant.

Heritage sites - The backdrop to your special day plays such an important part in creating memories that will stay with you forever. The Restaurant, which can cater for up to 80 overlooks their stunning, award-winning gardens. Telephone Dolan Hotels As Jersey wedding venues go, the Somerville Hotel is the perfect choice for you and your guests.

The Somerville Hotel is a licensed Jersey wedding venue and their banquet and function rooms can all be transformed for your occasion. Telephone Small enough to care big enough to cope The Guide to Jersey Weddings Feb 35 Two Perfect Venues - One Special Day Choosing the right venue for your big day can prove to be one of the most time-consuming parts of wedding planning. Both hotels have award winning staff and facilities to guarantee that everything will go to plan with only the one Whether your dream wedding is small and intimate or large and elaborate, we would love to help you arrange your wedding with us.

The Greenhills Country Hotel and Restaurant is a charming 4 star country house hotel dating back to the 16th Century and an ideal venue for your wedding. The Golden Apple Suite can accommodate up to guests, and for smaller more intimate receptions you may like to consider the Orchard Suite or La Petite Pomme. The hotel is licensed for Civil Ceremonies in the elegant Beaumont Lounge, and the newly refurbished Restaurant and award winning gardens provide a delightful backdrop.

We are also fully licensed for Civil Ceremonies. With 31 comfortable bedrooms, we offer exceptional value rates for wedding guests. Contact Con ct us: us W:: durr durrell. New function room with private entrance, bar and terrace with views of the beach. Bespoke service to suit your requirements.

Stunning selection of rooms and suites for you and your guests. Outdoor swimming pool and landscaped gardens. Please pop in for a look around or call us on to discuss how we can make your day truly special. Visit www. This ensures that they will be aware of any possible problems the site may present. Marquees are usually erected two or three days before the wedding day. FabuLasVegas is a fantastic The Weshill Country Hotel is the ideal location for your special day and is set amongst 5 acres of award winning gardens.

Highly trained and immaculately dressed croupiers will run your roulette, blackjack and poker tables for 2 hours and at the end of gaming will call in the chips and write out dollar cheques for all those who have won or cheated!

The winner receives a bottle of champagne. All prices are inclusive of delivery, set up, professional croupiers, gaming for two hours and get out costs, plus GST. They also have Rat Pack music and background scenic flats, either of these at no extra cost. One telephone call to will do everything and you will be guaranteed a wonderful time. Lara Szabo is a harp player whose versatility equals that of her instrument.

She has M. Piano, Music Theory in Practice and many years of live performance experience. For smaller civil ceremonies and dinnerss to chic receptions intimate dinner sparkling parties and spar kling par ties ffor o or up to guests; our sole aim is making the perfect dayy ffor have perf feect da o or yyou. All yyou ou ha ave to arrive time.. Call or email: events. The hotel has witnessed the union of many happy couples and takes pride in creating magical memories that last a lifetime.

The 30 bedroom boutique hotel, at the foot of enchanted woodland, is a converted five hundred year old Jersey manor house which boasts charm and character in abundance. Whether the day is a small intimate gathering of six, or a larger celebration for 65, the Manor provides the perfect setting for the ceremony, the reception, and of course the all important photographs. Wedding receptions can also be held in either the bright and more open surroundings of the Garden Room max 65 persons or the intimate and beautifully furnished Bateman Room for a smaller affair max 24 persons.

We appreciate that every wedding is truly bespoke. With the three options of rooms at Longueville Manor all catering for different tastes, sizes and requirements, the perfect wedding you have always dreamed of can be made a reality. Stunning location aside, Longueville Manor offers delicious award-winning cuisine, impeccable service and a comprehensive wine list to ensure your guests have the time of their lives too. Menus can be tailored to suit your personal preferences and should you have any specific requests the Longueville Manor team will be delighted to discuss these with you.

To find out more about the hotel visit their new website www. Start as you mean to go on. Marryy at Longueville Manor. A With three different rooms having been approved to host the ceremonies, there is something to suit all sizes of wedding; Decorated in a classic, traditional style, La Petite Pomme is the perfect setting for an elegant intimate wedding with the scope to accommodate a maximum of 40 guests. Please note that there is no disabled access to La Petite Pomme.

For a slightly larger scale wedding, which maintains a feeling of intimacy, the Orchard Suite can cater for up to 70 guests while The Wharf Suite can accommodate a maximum of people. After the wedding ceremony, the party can move to a host of different suites for the wedding breakfast. The Golden Apple Suite is the perfect venue for your reception, seating up to people and including a private bar and dance floor.

Special touches include the ceiling lighting, which can be set to change the colour of the room to complement with your colour scheme. The room also features an integrated sound system giving you the option of hiring a DJ or bringing your own iPod to dock and control from the computer giving you the freedom to create your own playlist and run your own disco. The Golden Apple Suite also features giant screens on which photographs, video messages or family movies can be shown.

Bands are licenced to perform until while a disco can continue until All wedding packages also include a tasting session giving you the opportunity to enjoy a sample of each dish selected for your wedding breakfast menu. For , he has decided to make it available as a wedding venue following requests from visitors who have been charmed by the setting. On entering the garden, you are first struck by the foot fishpond filled with more than coy carp.

A waterfall provides a magnificent backdrop to the pond when a bridge at the midway point provides a beautiful setting for photographs. On the other side is a path lined with rhododendrons which cre- 42 The Guide to Jersey Weddings Feb ates a wonderful entrance to the amphitheatre.

It is the amphitheatre which has been licenced to hold weddings with the ceremony itself taking place in a covered theatre opening off the amphitheatre. The covered theatre can accommodate up to 50 guests while a further can sit in the amphitheatre which was built four years ago and has hosted concerts and carol services. After the ceremony, couples can make the most of the beautiful grounds as the setting for their reception with a dining area that can seat people. The garden has barbeque facilities and would also make a lovely backdrop for picnics.

There are also on-site cooking facilities if required. Couples are welcome to have music, either in the form of a choir or live band. Guests young and old will be enchanted by the fairy garden which is home to over fairies and features a large toadstool house and there is also a film show facility to keep younger guests entertained.

Oliver Norman and Berenice Westwood first visited the garden a year ago and were charmed by its beauty and character. We wanted to have a wedding in a venue that was more personal than a hotel which neither of us had ever visited or stayed in. Following its purchase in by the firm of A. By the late s the building was little more than a store and, neglected for the next twenty years, fell into such a state of disrepair that it was in danger of collapse or demolition.

Even the paint and wallpaper are based on analyses of paint samples and fragments of wallpaper salvaged from the property. The paintings adorning the walls are also authentic representations of the Island during the Georgian period, many being on loan from Jersey Heritage. In the early nineteenth century, 16 New Street was renovated in the Regency style. This work included the installation of new windows to the front of the building, a revision to the shape of the roof and the introduction of a marble fireplace to the drawing room.

They have also helped numerous couples to fill their wedding services with music avoiding those embarrassing moments where the congregation falls silent as the vicar announces the next hymn to be sung. Therefore, it is important to keep our programmes fresh and exciting. And we will always throw in a surprise or two for the bride! By choosing The Harmony Men to take part in the ceremony, the whole service is lifted.

As well as carrying the hymns during the service, we will also entertain the congregation during the signing of the register. To choose the songs which are most appropriate for your ceremony, once you have booked The Harmony Men, To book The Harmony Men for your wedding, please contact choir secretary Peter Routier by e-mail at proutier live. With its hand-grained panelled walls, period furniture and working fireplace, the room has the capacity to seat approximately thirty five for an intimate candlelit ceremony, accompanied by music from a grand piano.

Afterwards drinks may be served by the fireside in the Regency Drawing Room, with the option to host a wedding banquet for a dozen guests subsequently. Please note that this venue is not suitable for guests less than 25 years of age. For further information about all these properties, please telephone Chris Addy on or e-mail chris nationaltrustjersey.

Whatever your type of event, a marquee can be provided to suit the occasion! Traditional marquees, starclothed linings, chandeliers, dance floors, themed interiors and various floorings. They can also help you with venue recommendations. Niche Events. Tel: and ask Trudy for further details and a wedding pack or look at their website www. E-mail nicheevents yahoo. It sounds like an obvious point, but if you can only offer your guests one choice of meal, or even one of two, do try to make sure there is something there that most people will be willing to eat, not just something that looks and sounds impressive.

Most places will include a basic reception drink for each person on arrival, such as Bucks Fizz or sparkling wine, one or two glasses of house wine and a glass of champagne for toasts. On top of this you will need to think if you want to provide anything else a soft drink, for example, more wine, beer or whatever you think best. With the meal most people serve wine white wine for starters, white meats, fish and salads; red wine with red meats.

White wine should always be served first as otherwise red will overpower the palate. For the same reason, a dry or medium wine would generally be served with a main meal in preference to a sweet one. Another option would be to set up a tab behind the bar, which would be picked up at the end of the night, the problem with this being that it is almost impossible to budget for.

If the evening will end in a disco, it may be a good idea to provide plenty of soft drinks for those who want to quench their thirst. This may also cut down on the amount of alcohol consumed. You may also want to find out before the day how the reception venue is usually decorated, and if you will want to add any further decorations yourself.

Flowers have obviously already been mentioned, but also decide if you want any further decoration. Balloons, banners, ribbons and photographs of the two of you could all be considered if you do wish to decorate the hall further. Will you spread confetti on the tables, or use feathers and tea lights on the tables?

If the event will last into the evening, lighting may be a further consideration. How is the The Cake venue usually lit and are you happy with the atmosphere this creates? If not, depending on the style of your wedding you might think about bringing more candles in for the tables, hanging fairy lights around doors and windows, putting reflective surfaces like mirrors on the walls to create the effect of more lights, or putting disco lights and a disco ball up.

As always, the options are many and varied so the choice will be completely up to you. As a final thought for this section, do also consider what type of entertainment you will want at your reception. Would you prefer a DJ, who will be able to play a large selection of recorded tracks and may be able to act as Master of Ceremonies throughout the reception, or a live band, playing your favourite type of music?

Might you want a themed dance, such as an Irish ceilidh or a salsa night? Either way you will probably want to think about this as soon as possible since, as with many other things, good bands and DJs will get booked up far in advance. Your patisserie will recommend the best options when it comes to design and size, taking into account the number of pieces you require, which will obviously dictate the size and how many tiers will be on the wedding cake, and whether the top tier will be needed for that special christening event in the future.

The softer fondant icing is becoming increasingly popular. Some couples choose other cakes such as suitably decorated sponge or chocolate cakes, possibly designed to fit in with the colour scheme of the wedding, where there is one. If you prefer you could decide to be that little bit different by choosing carrot cake, banana cake or another more unusual flavour for your wedding cake!

You may even decide to have the top layer as a fruitcake, then the other layer s in a different flavour. It will be up to you to decide how traditional or unconventional you want to be. You may also want to consider whether you will want to serve the cake as dessert, if you will want to eat it later in the evening or if you would prefer to simply give people slices to take home.

This should be decided before the day as it will have implications for when the cake will need to be cut by and how it will be presented once cut. If you will as is very likely be cutting the cake at the reception, try to remember to check whether or not the venue has a proper cake stand and cake knife.

T You should allow eight to ten weeks when ordering the cake. Your hairdresser will advise and in most cases will be able to supply the product. If you want to treat yourself, you could also have a facial yes, both brides and grooms if you wish and are comfortable with the idea at a salon about a month before the wedding and again about a week before. Women who want to do so should wax their legs and pluck their eyebrows at least four days before the wedding day, to allow time for the redness to go down, as should men who wish to have their eyebrows tidied.

Men may also I want to do a thorough wet shave after a shower or bath to soften the bristles and make the process easier the morning of the wedding, or possibly the night before if you feel this would be safer! Both members of the happy couple should probably remember that a lot of people will be wanting to look at their hands on the day itself to see the rings, so you may decide to treat yourselves to a manicure, or just look after your hands a little more carefully in the run up to the wedding by pushing back cuticles with a towel after washing your hands and putting on hand cream.

On the day itself, men who usually pay little attention to their appearance may consider putting a little light hairspray or gel into their hair no one will be able to tell! Just experiment a little earlier to make sure you know how much to put on to keep it in place throughout the day, or using soft wax if they will be wearing hats, as this is malleable enough to be simply pushed back into place once the hat is removed.

It is the day that she wants to shine and be at her most beautiful. As a make-up artist and holistic health and beauty specialist, I meet with many brides in the weeks before their wedding day. Usually the first time we meet is for their make-over trial.

I see very differing skin types and skin problems and with many brides to be feeling anxious about how their skin will be on the big day. With the correct preparation, care and make-up application, your skin can be at its best and most beautiful on this exciting day. Bearing in mind that the skin is the largest eliminatory organ of the body — any toxic build up or burden in the liver, kidneys etc is going to create strain on the skin and cause blockages in the excretory system in the body.

With this in mind, I have put together a few very useful pointers to ensure you are beautiful inside … and outside too on your big day. This stimulates the lymphatic system to clear out loosened impurities and toxins. Opt for facials using organic products as most other products on the market are loaded with chemicals which make their way into our bloodstream.

Choose organic products to cleanse and moisturise. It also greatly improves the texture of the skin for the make-up application on the big day and aids the make-up in staying on properly. Tel: or maria earth-beauty. If you are suffering with stress which affects our skin treat yourself to a few therapeutic treatments in the weeks before to keep you calm and well. Why not visit Tropical Tanning at 48 Don Street to help achieve a sun kissed look for your special day and prepare your skin for a honeymoon in warmer climes.

After following the above steps, you should be glowing on your big day and the make-up will glide on easily. This luxurious salon has upright and lie down, turbo powered, fast tanning sunbeds and is a member of the British Sunbed Association. Drink most of this in the mornings to really flush out the toxins and set you up for the day. Cut out all deep fried, salty and spicy foods if you have a lot of redness or spots on your skin the eastern world know these foods increase heat in the body and burden on the liver.

A natural looking tan can be achieved in just one session with your skin being enriched with Aloe Vera for a softer smoother skin. The salon will provide you with safe, hygienic and a totally responsible way to achieve the look you desire for your wedding day.

C Call in or telephone their friendly highly trained consultants who will be delighted to advise you on all the aspects of your tanning requirements for that very special day. With an inspirational collection of classic and vintage cars, Style Hire will ensure that the magic of the day starts from the minute you step into the car to travel to your ceremony. You will have a tremendous amount of photographs taken, and as we all know we can look very different on film, so have a couple of trial runs of putting on all the make up and taking a couple of photos, that way you can see if it looks alright.

Anything you are not so keen on you can change, and if you go to a beauty therapist they will do a full trial first. Try not to be too heavy handed with the blusher as with the excitement of the occasion and champagne flowing, you could end up looking very flushed. It is always wise to go for the classical look with your make up, that way it will not look dated when you look at your photographs in years to come. Some further precautions and tips listed below are necessary to enable you to prepare yourself in advance of the wedding day are as follows: Do not forget to protect your skin from the drying effects of the wind and the sun.

Do not go in the sun a couple of days before the wedding, as you do not want to glow red on the big day. If the weather has been good, make sure you sort out any stray strap marks or other tan lines that will show once you have your dress on. Cleanse your skin thoroughly every day using warm water and a mild facial wash finishing with a splash of cold water to close the pores and patting your face dry with a towel, trying not to pull the delicate skin around the eyes.

Massage your face and neck with 50 The Guide to Jersey Weddings Feb Each car has been lovingly restored and maintained by owner and self-confessed car enthusiast Mark Salisbury whose passion for the vehicles is immediately obvious. Do not squeeze spots as this causes scarring. Drink plenty of water normally up to eight glasses per day to prevent dehydration and to assist in the elimination of toxins. If you smoke, try giving up, many have and feel far healthier because of it!

Use a good moisturising conditioner every time you shampoo if you can. Do not blow dry your hair with excessive heat and brush your hair regularly as this stimulates circulation. Nails are similar to hair in composition and rely on nutrients from the blood stream for their health and growth especially calcium. A regular manicure will keep your nails and cuticles looking neat.

Remember above all regular exercise will stimulate your circulation, which will nourish your skin and scalp. Getting plenty of sleep especially during the two weeks prior to your wedding is very important and if you feel you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals in your normal diet, consider taking a supplement.

Consider whether you want your hair worn up or down, or whether you will be wearing flowers woven into the hair. Browse through some wedding hair magazines or books to give yourself an idea of what you want, as the hairdresser can always tell you whether a particular style would be suitable for your hair. It is always important to have a dry run with the style you have decided on, not only to make sure you like the style chosen but also to give you an idea of the time it took to do.

That way you will know how much time to allow on the actual day. Have a trial run at the hairdressers a week or two before the big day. Take along your headdress and veil and even a Polaroid or Digital camera to make recreating your wedding hairstyle easier. Blades Hairdressing and Beauty have five salons to choose from in St.

Helier and St. They are happy to offer free wedding consultations and have a range of beauty and hair specialists to give you advice on your special day. The coachwork is white while the seats are red leather with burr walnut wood surrounds. It also features full airconditioning, guaranteeing that the bride will arrive in comfort whatever the weather.

This is a navy Limousine which features a spacious and comfortable cream leather interior. Cream with a black leather interior, the car also has a folding roof and clip-on sides to protect you from the elements if necessary. When transporting the bride to the ceremony, we keep the roof up but weather permitting, we remove the roof when taking the bride and groom from the ceremony to the reception.

They are driven by a carefully-trained team of chauffeurs all of whom are professional drivers who have been trained by Mark to ensure that no detail is overlooked. All cars are decorated with white ribbons, bows and a silk flower arrangement. Other colour ribbons can be supplied to complement your colour scheme if desired. Each booking guarantees you the car for three hours, which provides transport to the ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception.

The package is also designed to allow time for a 30 minute drive for the bride and groom and photo opportunities. For all booking enquiries, and to arrange a viewing of the fleet, please e-mail Mark at marks jerseymail. You can also telephone Mark on or but please note that the landline is on answer phone during office hours so please leave a message and Mark will respond to you in the evening.

The groom should select his formal wear based on the formality of the wedding. Traditionally, weddings took place in the morning so the groom and his groomsmen wore morning suits, evening suits being worn if events went on into the evening.

Today weddings take place at all times of day and the rules have become far more relaxed, as many feel the elegance of a morning suit to be ideally suited to weddings, regardless of the time of day. If the style of the wedding is formal, then this may well be the way to go. If the idea of a morning suit does not appeal, there are many other options to consider.

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