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Premier league betting odds oddschecker

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Shown above is a comprehensive list of Premier League betting odds coming from reputable sportsbooks. Compare and find the best value odds and secure rewarding Premier League betting experiences with Bitcoin. Moreover, we also have other exciting European football league action for you, which includes La Liga betting odds and Bundesliga betting odds.

Premier League Moneyline Odds Moneyline odds are used to compare the total amount wagered on each team. Conversely, a negative figure shows a team who is considered to be a long shot. In contrast, if Sunderland were the favourites, their moneyline odds would be — Premier League Draw No Bet Odds Draw no bet odds are similar to moneyline odds but instead focus on whether a draw occurs between two teams.

Conversely, a figure of — shows a team who is regarded as being a heavy underdog. However, if West Ham were the favourites, their draw no bet odds would be — An under bet is the opposite. Premier League Second Half Odds The second half of a match consists of 20 minutes of play after halftime.

During this period, the teams switch ends of pitch. So, if you want to bet on the outcome of the second half, you should select a team that plays away from home.