distances between places south downs way england
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Distances between places south downs way england

All of those options were available along the South Downs Way as well, but they were far from the only choice. Things like avocado toast and salmon with scrambled eggs, washed down with good strong coffee, were a better way to start the day than several pounds of bacon and beans. Some of the pubs we stayed at offered a packed lunch option, typically if you ordered it the night before.

The Sustainability Centre cafe was also happy to bag up a sandwich and crisps potato chips to take away when I asked. The other lunches, and every dinner, ended up being at a pub. There were a few cafes and restaurants in the larger villages and towns, but given how nice the weather was, we much preferred to sit in the beer garden of a country pub instead.

As with breakfasts, the quality of the pub meals was generally higher than I was expecting. While a couple of places served up fairly generic deep-fried pub food, most put some real effort into their menus. Vegetarian options were always available, and often vegan ones as well.

Breakfast was always included in the nightly rate in BnBs, and most of the pubs as well. One of the Airbnb owners offered a light breakfast, and the other left bread, eggs, and spreads to make our own. Most pubs opened around 11 am, and almost all of were open and serving food by midday. Most of the village pubs stopped serving lunch by 3 pm, then closed for the afternoon until around 6 pm.

This affected our walking plans a bit, but was easy enough to manage. All of the pubs we stayed in did food as well, and when we were staying in other types of accommodation, a meal was never more than ten minutes away. South Downs Way Packing List Walking the South Downs Way in the middle of summer, and not needing to carry camping equipment or food, meant I could keep my gear list relatively small.

For me, that means everything I need to stay safe and comfortable, including water and snacks, needs to come in under kg. The one thing I would mention for now, though, is hiking poles. The amount of knee pain I get on steep, uneven downhills has dropped massively, and uphill sections are noticeably easier. I bought a pair of Black Diamond Trail Back trekking poles for the South Downs Way, which were a major upgrade from the single cheap model I had before.

Some of those paths would be quite dangerous in the wet without poles, but even in dry conditions, the poles made a huge difference to the amount of energy and pain I had at the end of the day. Prices for food, drink, and accommodation reflect the fact that many national and international visitors come to this part of England, especially in summer.

Thankfully, there are plenty of campsites for those looking to keep costs down. You can also camp there using your own tent or one of theirs, along with fancier options like camping pods. That said, the surface gets softer as you get closer to Eastbourne, and the last day was spent largely on grass.

By that point, it felt like walking on a fluffy pillow. Being up on the ridge also means you largely get to avoid busy roads for most of each day. Having such settled weather made the walking more flexible and enjoyable, and with the sun not setting until after pm, the only real deadline for getting in was whenever the pub stopped serving food.

On the shorter days, this meant a leisurely post-breakfast start, an unhurried lunch, and still arriving by late afternoon or early evening. Route Summary All distances are approximate. Day 1: Winchester to Cheriton, Winchester is a very attractive little city. We finally tightened our straps and headed off under glorious sunshine around pm, first alongside the river and then quickly out into the fields and countryside.

Short, mostly flat, and with several nice sections of grassy trail, this first section definitely lulled us into a false sense of security about what the rest of the South Downs Way held in store! We split off onto a public footpath in the corner of a field, and followed first an overgrown path, and then a small country lane, into what turned out to be an attractive little village. The owner was super-friendly and helpful, and put together a quality breakfast the next morning, complete with home-baked bread.

As a result we ended up at the Hilton Arms, roughly a minute walk each way. Total distance: The packs came off at a perfectly-placed patch of long grass, where we admired the views and basked in the sunshine for longer than was perhaps strictly necessary. Onward and steeply downward, but only as far as the picture-perfect village of Exton.

The guidebook had suggested the Shoe Inn as a good place to stop for a bite to eat, and one glance at the beer garden confirmed it. We stretched lunch out until the pub closed for the afternoon at 3 pm, before heading out for the final six miles. The views got even better, coupled with a long section in the woods along what felt like a dry, rarely-used creek bed. Back on track, we took the steeper, shorter path over Old Winchester Hill instead of the longer track that wound round it.

The views from the Iron Age fort at the top were more than worth the extra sweat. Still, the room was clean, the shower worked well, and it was about 25 steps to get to our table for an impressive dinner. I even had enough energy left for a walk around the village afterward to check out the year-old church.

A short walk. The strong coffee helped get me out the door before 9, on a warm, cloudy morning that again burned off and became bright blue skies by lunchtime. The first stop of the day came at the Sustainability Centre. The trail runs directly past it, and never being ones to walk past a cafe at the best of times, we headed inside for a coffee. The staff were happy to wrap a couple of sandwiches to take with us as well, a nice touch that allowed an impromptu picnic among the wildflowers at the top of Butser Hill a couple of hours later.

The Queen Elizabeth Country Park was a particular highlight, full of wooded trails with plenty of welcome shade. Lauren was taking it slow due to blisters, so she sent me on ahead for a while. It was worth the extra walking — the Five Bells in Buriton was a beautiful old village pub, with outdoor tables that ensured nobody else had to smell me. Lauren had passed me again thanks to that pub stop, but we met up just before the turnoff to South Harting.

It was a slow walk down to the village, and the glorious 16th-century White Hart that was our stop for the night. The pub itself was all exposed beams and low doorways, but the accommodation out the back was modern and stylish, and the food was once again exceptional.

Before the tough stuff started, though, the first couple of hours of walking were some of the best so far. The climb out of South Harting started with a lovely section of forest, then opened up into spectacular views as we wandered up toward Beacon Hill. Because of course there are. Even better than the views, though?

The grassy trail that went with them. Hailed as the perfect introduction to long distance walking, this easily-accessible path along the rolling chalk downs of Sussex and Hampshire has just the right amount of challenge and serenity.

Highlights along the Way include: Cheesefoot Head, a prehistoric site with breathtaking views; Beacon Hill, a national nature reserve that supports rare plants and butterflies; Old Winchester Hill Iron Age fort and nature reserve, a picturesque haven of history and wildlife; Harting Down, one of the largest areas of ancient chalk downland in Britain; Beacon Hill, which affords lofty views; Chanctonbury Ring, an ancient hillfort that boasts sublime views and paranormal activity; epic panoramas from Ditchling Beacon; and the mighty Seven Sisters cliffs.

People have been using the paths and tracks that have been linked to form the South Downs Way for around 8, years and the evidence of ancient cultures — dating from before the Bronze Age, through Roman times, and to the present day — is everywhere you look. The Way was officially opened as a national trail in In this Collection, I have divided the route into eight stages of between miles km.

Each Tour finishes close to accommodation and somewhere for food and drink, with the exception of stage 7 where I have given easy and brief travel instructions. However, places to stay are not always abundant so be sure to plan ahead and book in advance. Of course, you can divide the Collection into as many days as you are comfortable with.

It is also possible to walk individual stages. Public transport can be sparse in some areas but the majority of the trail is relatively well-served. This part of the UK can be fairly busy.

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Be prepared for some great food when you walk the South Downs Way! In fact, due to the low-lying land surrounding the hillside, the horizon seems to go on for miles. Butser Hill is the highest point along the trail at metres. For a more remote viewpoint in Hampshire, try Old Winchester Hill.

One of our favourite walks in Hampshire. One of the best viewpoints in Sussex is from Firle Beacon. From this position, you can see along the coastal plain to where the beach meets the English Channel.

You can also see inland to the town of Lewes and its surrounding countryside. The red and white structure set down in the waves is something of an icon for the trail and is not to be missed. These mounds of earth are actually Bronze Age Barrows where important figures were buried around 3, years ago.

Most people who walk the South Downs Way will want to get that iconic shot of the Lighthouse! Deer, pheasants, sheep, grouse, and songbirds all make appearances along the trail. Keep your eyes on the skies for the forked tail of a red kit. These predatory birds, once endangered, have enjoyed a successful reintroduction to the downs where they use the coastal updrafts to glide over the hills in search of prey.

The paths are clearly signposted with directions and distances to aid navigation. The symbol for a National Trails walking path is an acorn. You will often find this emblem on trees, gates, and signposts indicating the direction you need to walk. Effectively, you can forego the use of maps and simply use acorns and signposts to guide you along the route!

When the trail does reconnect with a road, it can then be another couple of miles to reach a town or village that contains any shops. Fortunately, there are several public drinking taps along the walking path. For those with a high level of fitness, days will be ideal for anyone who is short on time. For those wanting to explore the area of the South Downs Way, you can choose to cycle slightly less miles in a day and take your time to visit the beautiful countryside around you.

You may also want to take days off so you can plan accordingly to length the route to your needs. Camping on the South Downs Way If you plan to go camping in the South Downs to explore the route at sunrise and sunset, there are a range of options. Wild camping on the route is tolerated, but make sure you do your research as to where exactly. Or just use your phone.

Make sure you take a battery pack. Hiking poles will help with the terrain. Take a comfortable and well-fitting backpack too.

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