cricket betting in indian rupees
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Cricket betting in indian rupees btc eth bittrex

Cricket betting in indian rupees

Step 4. Wait for the game to be over to collect winnings — most reliable bookmakers offer the option to cash out your bet even before the match has ended. Step 5. Check Cricket predictions - if you are new to betting, check the predictions provided from sites like ours. How do betting odds work? Betting odds look complicated, but they are really very simple! Online bookmakers define them on the basis of two aspects.

The probability of an outcome for which they employ their experience, use the past data and make some suggestions. There are three main types of odds in online betting: Decimal, Fractional and American. Decimal odds show the total amount you will receive if your bet wins for every 1 unit you stake. The Decimals will include the initial stake in the total winnings rather than just the pure profit. Important to note is that when using decimals , your stake is calculated into your potential total winnings.

To breakeven you should place your bets on odds 2. Because the return total winnings will double your stake. Decimal odds below 2. Rates above 2. Which cricket tournaments can I bet on? Betting online on cricket is limitless.

You can practically place a bet on almost any tournament that the market offers. Online sites take cricket gambling to a higher level, providing instant access to all of the most exciting cricket tournaments and series. One of the most exciting competitions in the world of Cricket. The next event from this tournament will be held in India in T20 World cup - Probably the cricket tournament with the biggest sixes.

The T20 tournaments have always offered high intensity and lots of surprises. Cricket fans from all over the world are always thrilled to watch this kind of game. Ashes Series — As if the several types of World cup tournaments were not enough, here we have the biggest clash between two continents and two nations - England and Australia.

Even if you are not a resident of any of these countries, for sure you will fancy placing your bet on the Ashes series. IPL is can probably compete with any cricket world cup tournament in terms of public interest inside India. All the best players from the world to participate in thrilling T20 matches. Choose any of our betting websites to place your bets on the IPL.

You can find the best betting tips for IPL with us! Prepare for one of the most popular ODI tournaments on a national level. Test Matches - This is the longest high standard cricket series. The high-class cricket matches are exciting, which makes them perfect for betting.

You can be sure to expect more tournaments available for betting in the future such as Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazara Trophy. How we are evaluating the Top Indian Betting Sites for cricket? With so many betting sites to pick from in India, it can be difficult to work out which is the right one to join. After all, they all claim to be the very best and hype themselves up.

Finding an unbiased opinion can be a challenge, but this is where TheTopBookies comes in to help out. TheTopBookies can be trusted to tell it like it is, giving you all the details you need to decide which betting platform s to join. Here are some of the top factors we consider when putting together our free reviews.

What criteria are most important to us? Deposits and Withdrawals in Indian rupees: Indian users need to be able to place bets in their currency. Otherwise, there is a chance they could fall foul of the restrictions on currency conversion in the country. Deposits and withdrawals need to be available in rupees if we are to be able to fully recommend cricket gambling websites to our readers.

Indian Players are accepted: We make sure that top cricket sites can be accessed in India. It is surprising just how many cricket websites say that they are open to Indian users when this is not the case at all. Check our full list of Betting Sites in India. Convenient Payment Methods: A range of payment options are demanded by Indian sports fans these days. We check out the banking options that are on offer at top cricket sites. For more details check our online payment methods guide page.

A variety of sports betting options: There is not much point in joining an online betting site if there is not a good choice of things to bet on. Both a range of sports and a good spread of markets is important. There should also be a solid selection of in-play betting markets too. Therefore, only betting sites in India that accept Indian rupees can be considered completely legal. Thankfully, the best betting sites in India meet all these requirements! Gambling Laws in India Before we can truly understand the legality of betting sites in India, it is important to look at the existing gambling laws in India.

These are the laws that govern any gambling activities in the country and sets the guidelines for what is considered legal and what is considered an offense. What are the existing Gambling Laws in India? As of yet, there are no country-wide laws adopted by India when it comes to betting and gambling. When the Constitution of India was drafted, betting and gambling were concerns that were put into the State List, allowing every state to take their own call on the legalization and regulation of betting and gambling.

However, most states follow the principles of the Public Gambling Act of , albeit with a few amendments. Under the Public Gambling Act, gambling is not an offense and it becomes one only when it takes place in a common gaming house or a public place.

This means that online betting and the use of online casinos are NOT considered illegal in India. Since only gambling in a common gaming house is considered illegal, Indians can safely use betting sites! But be sure to stay away from physical gambling houses. Gambling in public gambling houses is considered illegal in most Indian states and is counted as a criminal offense.

In such a case, a person may get arrested, fined, and even imprisoned for up to three months! Instead, we recommend that you safely bet online from the comfort of your homes and using the many betting sites in India! Online Betting in India - Chance vs Skill The gambling laws in India have divided betting activities into two major types: Games of Chance So what are these two types of gambling?

Let's take a deeper look into them! In India, betting on games of chance is largely considered illegal, barring a few states like Sikkim and Goa. So what exactly are games of chance? Games of chance refer to betting on an outcome that the player has no control over. Let us explain that with an example. Say you are at a casino and would like to play on a Slot machine. You take your seat, put in your bet, and start playing.

However, the outcome of your bet is purely based on your luck! No amount of skill or knowledge on your part can help you win your wager on a Slot machine or similar games such as Roulette. In a game of chance, only luck decides whether you win or you lose! As per Indian law, most states consider games of chance to be illegal and thus, there are no physical casinos in India. However, Indian law does not expressly forbid online casinos!

In a landmark judgment in , the Supreme Court of India had ruled that horse racing was a game of skill and thus, considered legal in India. So what are games of skill? Games of skill refer to betting on games where your chances of winning can be made better if you gain more knowledge and skill on the subject matter. We will again help you understand with the use of an example. Say you want to bet on horse racing.

If you are a novice who has no idea about the game, you are less likely to win your wager as opposed to an experienced punter, who knows what he is doing. The experienced punter may study the conditions of the horse and the form of the rider in order to make a calculated choice and wager his money based on skillful deduction. Card games such as Rummy and Teen Patti are also considered games of skill!

As of now, sports betting has not been recognized as a game of skill in India. However, there have been more and more states that have now started contemplating legalizing sports betting as an experienced punter who knows a lot about a particular sport can dramatically increase their chances of winning a wager. Thus, sports betting must be considered a game of skill! And it is all thanks to the Indian passion for wagering on fun card games as well as our undying passion for sports such as cricket!

So what does the future of online betting in India look like?

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