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Crypto tax attorney

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Crypto Tax Solutions Crypto Taxes for Individuals All cryptocurrency transactions are taxed in Canada, including selling crypto, buying goods and services, giving crypto as a gift, or trading one cryptocurrency or another. Crypto Taxes for Businesses Taxpayers who frequently trade cryptocurrency may benefit from operating a cryptocurrency trading business as a CCPC Canadian-controlled private corporation to reduce their crypto tax bill.

A cryptocurrency lawyer in Canada can help with crypto tax planning and finding tax advantages. What Our Clients Say "I had been looking for crypto tax advice for sometime, however, because it is a relatively new subject it was difficult to source credible information. This all changed when I spoke to Kevin at taxpage. He was very knowledgeable and was able to give me exceptional personalized advice. Would recommend!

Thorough analysis was done and good recommendations were made. Overall good service. A cryptocurrency tax lawyer has Canadian tax expertise in the taxation of crypto currency and NFT's and can help you with all of the tax consequences of crypto transactions as well as with crypto tax planning to reduce taxes owing from your crypto portfolio. David J.

Rotfleisch is not only a certified specialist in taxation lawyer but also a chartered professional accountant in Toronto with expertise in cryptocurrency transactions and your tax and reporting obligations. What can a crypto tax lawyer do for you? A cryptocurrency tax lawyer will help you determine how your crypto or NFT transactions should be reported and taxed.

If you have unfiled taxes from crypto transactions, if you are being audited or the CRA is taking collection actions against you a cryptocurrency tax lawyer will stand up for your rights and will provide tax planning advice. Whether you are new to NFTs and cryptocurrency or you are catching up with your tax obligations, a crypto tax lawyer will help you navigate the process and save money. What crypto tax services are available?

Unlike accountants, crypto tax attorneys specialize in the reporting of digital currencies. Hiring an attorney who specializes in crypto tax law is your best bet if you want to be sure that everything is reported correctly. The first thing that an attorney will do for you is to walk you through the entire process of filing your taxes. An attorney can help you with the entire process, from understanding the law to filing your taxes correctly.

An attorney can also help you resolve any issues that may arise as you file your taxes. The first thing that you need to do is to determine how much money you made from your crypto transactions. You can do this by calculating the net gains and losses from each trade.

You then add all of your net gains and subtract all of your net losses to get one final number. This is the amount of money that you made from your cryptocurrency transactions last year. You then need to report this number on your taxes. Here are the different types of things that you need to report on your taxes: 1. The amount of money that you made from your crypto transactions. The amount of money that you spent on buying and selling your cryptocurrencies. This includes the cost of purchasing your mining hardware and electricity costs.

Any hardware, software, or other equipment purchases that you made to support your mining activities, if applicable. Any mining pool or other fees that you paid to support your mining activities. They can guide you throughout the tax filing process to ensure that you include all necessary information related to your crypto assets. In general, though, any profits you make from selling crypto will be subject to capital gains tax.