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Sports betting tips and strategies cours bitcoin 2022

Sports betting tips and strategies

The money usually comes from smart and professional punters. By finding outliers, you can consistently find value bets. Backing Heavy Favourites Backing heavy favourites is one of the most basic sports betting strategies. It essentially requires no real skill. Favourites are favourites for a reason. In some sports, such as Tennis or Boxing, favourites have ridiculously high odds of winning. In this strategy, you need a large bankroll in order to make any money from your bet, since you may only make 5 or 10 percent profit from each bet.

This strategy may seem solid, but still comes with a lot of risk. Even though the odds of losing are small, it can be hard to win your money back when you lose. The margins can be so small, that favourite betting might not even be worth it. Remember that bookies try to minimize losses, and since so many people are betting on the favourite, the odds are often unrealistically low. Betting Based on Winning Streaks Form and momentum are very important factors in determining odds.

If a team has won seven games in a row, odds are strong that they will win the eighth. Still, every team has to lose eventually, so sometimes betting on the underdog can be the smarter bet, especially if the odds are overly inflated. Arbitrage Betting The point of arbitrage betting or arbing sometimes called sure bets or miracle bets is to bet on both outcomes of an event, in order to guarantee a profit. The best way to do this is to find bookies offering opposite odds on an event.

By betting on both sides, you can win regardless of the outcome. This sounds too good to be true, and it usually is. You will have to be very fast when you find one. Hedge Betting Hedge betting is similar to arbitrage betting, since you are betting against yourself. This can help you in various situations. Usually it involves taking advantage of movement in odds, for bets you have already placed for example in outright betting.

Another example is with multiples. If you have an acca with only one leg left and you have won the previous legs, you can place a lay bet or opposite bet for the last outcome in order to guarantee a profit. Dutching Dutching has multiple meanings, and is sometimes used as an umbrella term for any set of bets that are guaranteed to give you a profit, if you win at least one of them.

This includes hedge betting and arbitrage betting. The term is also specific to horse racing , where you bet on more than one horse in a race or tournament. As long as at least one of your horses wins or places, you will have a profit. Dutching also involves adjusting your bet size, so you win the same amount, no matter the outcome.

You can make use of our Dutching Calculator to get more insight on that strategy. Hutching Hutching is similar to Dutching. However, instead of balancing your bets, you lean towards the outcome you think is most likely. Thus, you will win more depending on which of your bets you win. Betting software There are various kinds of betting software that you can use to become a better punter. There are software solutions that help you identify value bets and arbing opportunities, as well as solutions that help you see your overall betting record.

While there are plenty of paid options for the last part, a simple Excel file can be a good start to help you keep track of your betting record. Using statistical models Gathering statistics and calculating probabilities based on them is the task of any serious punter. While you could simply trust your gut, having actual math to back up your claim is the more profitable strategy in the long term. Two of the most commonly used models are Normal Distribution and Poisson Distribution.

Standard Deviation, Variance and Normal distribution One of the most important ways of predicting what an outcome will be is normal distribution. Sports results, such as number of goals scored in a game i. By calculating standard deviation and variance, you can see how likely and by how much results differ from the mean.

Poisson distribution Poisson distribution is another way of predicting the likelihood of a game score and outcome. How good is a player compared to his peers? Many leagues have an official ranking system, though anyone can create their own.

Chess uses the Elo Ratings System to create rankings based on the quality of opponents beat in official competition. The idea is that beating a stronger opponent will give you more points than beating a weaker opponent. A similar system was adopted by FIFA in to rank different countries in order to seed them for the World Cup.

You are free to create any system you want in order to rank the quality of teams or individual athletes, but Elo Ratings can be a great starting point. Following Tipsters Tipsters can be a great tool for finding smart bets. True tipsters are often successful punters who are so good that they are no longer accepted by bookies, or have their bets limited so they can only make a small amount of money.

They usually sell their tips as a subscription service. Of course, you should be wary of phony tipsters, who sell bogus tips. Matched betting Matched betting is a betting strategy, which punters use to take advantage of the various bookie promotions on offer. It is very unpopular with online betting sites. Many bookies offer free bets or deposit bonuses. By taking a free bet and then placing a lay bet at an exchange betting site , or simply placing the opposite bet at a different site, you can have guaranteed profit, no matter the outcome.

Of course, bookies are on to this, which is why most free bets or welcome offers have very complicated terms, involving accumulators or requiring you to wager your bonus multiple times. Expected Goals Expected Goals are a useful tool in football betting , as well as most other ball sports. Essentially, they show how well a team should have performed, based on the chances offered to them. There are plenty of advanced metrics, which can help predict a match outcome. Draw betting Betting on draws is often one of the best sports betting strategies, especially in football.

Most punters naively bet on their favourite team to win and ignore draws completely. Thus, there is often great value in draw betting. Staking plans A staking plan is a system that tells you how much of your bankroll to place on each bet. We have already discussed the Kelly Criterion as a relevant system for sports betting. At the same time, there are plenty of sports bettors who use staking plans that were actually designed for casino games like roulette.

Fibonacci Betting System The Fibonacci betting system is a negative progression betting system. The idea is to increase your stake after a loss and decrease it after a win. The idea is that if you bet more after a loss, you can recuperate money that you lost on previous bets. The bet size follows the Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,… , with each bet the sum of the previous two. It is a lot like the Fibonacci system, except that it is slightly more complicated. You start with writing down a sequence of numbers.

Your bet is always the sum of the first and last number. Ankit Kanaujia Wed Aug 31 Sports betting is a popular activity, and the Internet makes it easy to access the best sportsbooks available. As with any type of gambling, however, there are certain strategies that can help you improve your chances of winning. Advertisement Advertisement Professional bettors study every aspect of their chosen sport, looking for trends and patterns that can provide an edge over the bookmakers.

They also use advanced statistical analysis to help them choose which bets to place money on. Join Now Understand the Importance of Value When placing a bet, it's important to understand what value means. Value is how much you're getting in return for your money. You can find great value in the betting markets by looking at odds and lines.

Odds are used when placing wagers on single events, while lines are used when placing wagers on multiple events. Follow Trends in Sports Betting Markets To be successful at sports betting, you need to know how to read the market. It means you need to see what bets are popular, which ones aren't and why certain bets keep winning repeatedly.

You also need to pay attention to how much money has been placed on each team. Also, how much money is still sitting on the sidelines waiting for one team or another? It's important that you know all of these things because they will help you make smarter decisions about which games will be worth your time and effort. You can also use this strategy on any online casino or bookie site, such as Betwinner , giving you a huge advantage over other players unaware of this trick.

To use this strategy effectively, all you have to do is go through the history of past games. Look at which teams have been performing well against each other, and place your bets on them. Be Flexible With Your Betting Strategy One of the most important things to remember when betting on sports is that there's no such thing as a perfect system or strategy that can guarantee profits every time.

You need to be flexible to change course quickly and move on when things go wrong. If you only pick one team or event to bet on, you're limiting your chances for success. Instead of just picking winners, look to hedge your bets by betting against the favorite in an event.

A betting strategy is a blueprint for success, but it's not set in stone. Adapting to changing conditions requires flexibility. If you're looking for a guide on how to bet successfully, it's important to know that gambling has no guarantees.

The best way to approach sports betting is with an open mind and the willingness to adapt your strategies as needed. Consider a Parlay A parlay involves placing two or more bets on one game or event with the hopes of winning them all at once. If you're successful, you'll get paid out at much higher odds than if you had placed each bet separately! You can opt to place your bet by joining your favorite site or downloading an app. With a betwinner download , you can conveniently place your bets.

For the bet to be considered a "parlay," each game must be on different teams, and at least one of them must have a point spread. If any of them loses, you will lose all three bets and won't get any money back.

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