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Bitcoin baron

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But then, neither did the FBI. Fuck Prison, Fuck the System, Fuck all you officers and fuck you government. So how did he evade capture until someone simply tweeted out his name? On October 8th, Bitcoin Baron emailed Mr. In only a few hours, Bitcoin Baron issued a distributed denial-of-service DDoS attack on News2Share, taking down the site for not complying immediately with his demand. Fischer ended up uploading the site just to make the problem go away.

It received less than views. The channel is covered with various videos: threats against government agencies, terrible raps, and records of rudimentary DDoS attacks—many of the videos have been taken down in the past few months, without explanation.

The Baron continued threatening News2Share, but by then moved on to issuing threats against the site Counter Current News. From then on, he started ramping up his activity. With March being his period of peak activity, Bitcoin Baron took on the following projects: Demanded bitcoins from the city of Moore, Oklahoma to demand justice for a man who died in police custody.

Downed a number of IRC chat rooms for other hacktivists and gaming groups. Took down a municipal site in Texas to demand a local police officer be put in jail. The officer had already been jailed one year prior to the threat. Register on Coinsbaron Create an account on Coinsbaron. Creating an account takes less than a minute. You can sign in using Google, Twitter, or Twitch. Step 2. You can perform various tasks: taking surveys, watching videos, installing apps and many more.

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