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In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled left to right to view all of the information. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning. Market Data powered by Barchart Solutions. Https:// Rights Reserved. Volume: The total number of shares or contracts traded in the current trading session. You can re-sort the page by clicking on any of the column headings in the table.

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Crypto language

Since its launch in , Java has become one of the top 3 programming languages and rightly so with over 9 million developers. C — An object-oriented language known to enable developers to build robust applications that run on the. NET Framework with at least 2M developers worldwide. C was developed back in Since its inception, it has become a popular programming language used to build powerful cross platform code that works over multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Blockchain projects written with C include: Stratis a Blockchain-as-a-Service provider backed by Microsoft, allows enterprises to build their own private blockchain systems. Javascript — Often abbreviated as JS, this is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, and imperative including object-oriented and prototype-based programming styles.

It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world used by at least 9. There is an estimated 7 million developers for SQL today. A blockchain project that incorporates SQL is: Aergo — An entreprise-ready blockchain solution developed by Blocko under their proprietary Coinstack technology utilizes SQL smart contracts.

The Aergo chain features a SQL-based smart contract platform that will allow enterprise entities to create and execute advanced smart contracts in commercial business environments. Golang — An open source general programming language loosely based on the syntax of the C programming language, Golang is easy for developers to learn, and for testers to understand.

This is exactly what happened to Bitcoin in that created Bitcoin Cash. In crypto, FUD refers to someone spreading negativity in order to cause the price of something to drop. A FUDster. Gas A unit of measurement used to calculate the amount of computational resources needed to facilitate a particular transaction on the Ethereum network. Genesis Block The very first block in a blockchain network that is hard-coded into the blockchain code.

Gwei A small denomination of ETH. Hash Output data that is the result of using a hash function. With regards to blockchain, the output data is the result of using a deterministic hash function; a function that ensures the same input data will always result in the same output data. Halving Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin with a finite supply of 21 million Bitcoin — making it a scarce commodity. Hot Wallet A wallet that is connected to the internet. For example, blocks could be validated by miners Proof of Work and validators Proof of Stake.

Immutability An inherent element of blockchains in which transactions, and their underlying data, cannot be altered due to consensus. Initial Coin Offering ICO A crowdfunding strategy used to assist startup projects to acquire capital in exchange for tokens.

Liquidity The availability of liquid assets to a market or company. Mainnet The chief network where real transactions and consequences take place. Mining The verification process in which blocks are added to a blockchain. The transaction block data is added to the public ledger, and each 1 MB group of transactions is called a block.

Blocks build on one another to form the blockchain network. MultiSig Multiple Signature A wallet that requires multiple digital signatures in order to attain access. Oracle An entity that acts as an aggregator of outside data to further communicate with a smart contract or network. Peer-to-Peer P2P The interaction between two parties without the reliance of an intermediary.

Private Blockchain A blockchain that requires permission from a centralized party to grant access. Private Key A secret number assigned to an account as proof of ownership. Proof of Work PoW A consensus mechanism that requires miners to solve a numerical problem in exchange for a block reward.

Protocol Regulatory guidelines set to manage the transmission and exchange of data on a particular network. Public Key An address that can be shared and used publicly to verify a digital signature. Rekt Borrowed from the gaming world , rekt is a good description of a bag holder. Relayer An intermediary that assists traders with executing transactions. Satoshi Nakamoto The pseudonymous individual or group who assisted in the creation of the Bitcoin core protocol. And a satoshi is the smallest fraction of a bitcoin, worth one hundred millionths of a Bitcoin.

Shill Every industry has shills. In the crypto world, this is someone who promotes an altcoin so they can personally benefit. Smart Contracts A program that automatically executes certain actions based on predetermined triggers on Ethereum. Solidity Programming language that is used to build applications and write smart contracts on Ethereum. Stablecoin A cryptocurrency that is pegged to a stable asset e. Testnet A simulation environment used to test the behavior of a developing application on the Ethereum network.

Token A representative asset that is built atop an existing blockchain. Transaction Fee A fee charged to execute a transaction on a blockchain network. If a validator violates protocol, it can incur a substantial financial penalty through the staked tokens. Wallet An appointed storage device for cryptocurrencies that offers public keys for sending and receiving supported funds. A crypto wallet holds the transaction records of your buys and sells.

It can be a hard wallet an actual device like a USB stick ; or a soft wallet which can be stored on your desktop computer, on your mobile device, or online in the cloud. A paper wallet is simply a printout of your public and private keys. Web3 The next evolutionary stage of the internet where value transfer could be sent directly peer-to-peer without the need for an intermediary and in decentralized fashion. Whale A whale is a significantly large investor in Bitcoin , or another asset.

Picture a whale swimming through a school of fish. Here are the top known Bitcoin whales.

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Read the list over until you commit it to memory. Bad actors then interrupt the following blocks, essentially stealing from others. Airdrop — A free token distribution to designated wallet addresses. They typically act as a marketing campaign. Apeing — Diving headfirst into a new coin, NFT, or trading position. It is extreme, and usually entails going big or going home. Bag Holders — Slang for anyone who holds a large crypto position through the market cycles and refuses to let go.

Bulls are a sign of price strength, and bears are a sign of price weakness. CEX — A type of cryptocurrency exchange that is run by a centralized entity. Diamond Hands — Ability to withstand the bumps and bruises of the crypto price action, refusing to sell when others are fearful opposite of weak hands. Willing to hold forever. ERC — A designated label for tokens designed on the Ethereum platform. EIP — An improvement to the Ethereum protocol, will continue to arrive leading up to the implementation of Ethereum 2.

It is considered dirty in the crypto community. One of the most highly anticipated and debated future events in all of crypto. Gas — An Ethereum term, describing the fee developers, traders, and investors pay to operate in the Ethereum network. It is the fuel of the network. Hard Fork — A split in the blockchain that renders all previously invalid transactions valid, and vice-versa. HFSP — A snarky response designed to remind someone their investment strategy or lack thereof sucks.

ICO — A popular term that describes the crowdfunding of an early-stage crypto project. Lettuce Hands — The inability to hold onto your crypto position through volatility or bad news. Your hands are as strong as lettuce. Speculation Speculation is the idea of prices going up only as a result of lots of people buying them.

For example, Ripple has seen massive upswings not because it is being used by banks en masse, but because of speculation. Also, a person who buys and sells cryptocurrency to make profits based on the difference in price can be called a speculator. This is different to an investor, which is someone who buys and intends to hold for long-term, and believes in the specific business goals of the asset. Nissan Micra While some traders want to know when a cryptocurrency will let them earn enough money to buy a shiny new Lamborghini, others are just wondering when they can afford a compact economy car like the Nissan Micra also known as the Nissan March.

The Nissan Micra meme is a satirical take on the Lamborghini meme. For example, the term true vision was used during the bitcoin cash feud that occurred last summer. This comes from the asset known as Ethereum Classic. Ironically, Ethereum Classic is not the result of a hard fork in and of itself. That honor goes to what we know of today as Ethereum. Regardless, the term classic has been used in other currencies as well such as Zclassic and in the previously mentioned Bitcoin Clashic.

Shill A shill is someone who unapologetically promotes an altcoin on the internet. One person who is often accused of being a shill is Barry Silbert. Pumper While seemingly similar to a shill, a pumper is an accusation to describe someone who promotes an altcoin to get its price up, so they can sell their own holdings for a big profit. Maximalist Maximalist is usually used to describe supporters of bitcoin but sometimes other cryptocurrencies, and is someone who believes that there will only be one winner in the long term.

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Oct 27,  · The symbology of cryptocurrencies. Here are 4 easy and nice emoji to use: Whale: indicates a person who owns a large amount of a certain coin. Red triangle: indicates the . Although not very big in the cryptocurrency universe, Java is the world's most popular programming language according to the TIOBE index. See more. Dec 03,  · The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Terms & Phrases Address. In digital currency, an address is basically a destination where a user sends and receives digital currency. Altcoin. .