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A better place glen campbell chords rhinestone

Campbell added to the number's poignancy with a riveting guitar solo. Campbell, 69, wearing a white cowboy shirt and dark jeans, added just the right touch of heartache to make the ballad work. I used say, 'Oh, he's so cute. He started to sing "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" for the second time, when the band stopped playing because Campbell had previously performed the song. I've got a list over here, anybody as forgetful as I am needs a list," He then reached down for a set list.

Long before he became a star, Campbell was known as one of the best guitar session players in the music business. He can still rip into the instrument, but there is personal pain. Last week Campbell said in a telephone interview that he loses feeling and experiences pain in the little finger on his left hand.

That's the finger he uses to play chords on guitar. Since its release, it has become the official anthem of Galveston Island and Galveston, Texas. While the song is certainly uptempo and catchy, the subject matter written by Webb is a little less happy: Sung from the point of view of a soldier, a man from Galveston thinks of his love that he's leaving behind in the coastal city, remembering her how her dark eyes glowed even as he prepares for battle.

Webb saw a solitary lineman working on top of a pole, and it evoked such an imagery of loneliness in the songwriter that he mentally put himself in the lineman's shoes. He imagined what he himself would say atop the pole, phone in his hand -- and "Wichita Lineman" was birthed from that imagined story. However, Campbell himself has said that Webb drew on his own broken feelings of wanting a woman who married someone else. Not only did this song peak at No. After a heartbreaking breakup, Webb was inspired to write this track, which hinges on fantasy and in the realm of "what might have been," after a man leaves a woman that he's tried to leave time and time again.

After all, he was raised in a tiny Arkansas community -- a small-town boy at heart -- and turned into a massively successful and recognized celebrity. In this song, he goes back to his roots, acknowledging that while he may have grown business-savvy and successful in the big city of L. It was a No.

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